Absolute Great Teacher
252 From Today Onward, Call Me Lu Ouhuang Lu Zhiruo
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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252 From Today Onward, Call Me Lu Ouhuang Lu Zhiruo


Lu Zhiruo bustled with energy as she rushed over, entering Sun Mo’s tent. “Teacher, I’ve found a hot spring. Let’s go and soak in it!”

“Mn? You went out?”

Sun Mo furrowed her brows. Although the Spiritwind Canyon was basically safe during these few days, it was still very dangerous for a young girl to go out at night. Naturally, Sun Mo was also moved. He had merely said ‘it’s good if we can soak in a hot spring’, and the papaya girl immediately went to find one.

Even if he had a daughter, his daughter might not go to such an extent.


Lu Zhiruo lowered her head, and her eyes averted to the side, evading Sun Mo’s gaze.


The endearingly silly papaya girl didn’t even know how to lie.

“In the future, just don’t go out at night.”

Sun Mo reminded.


Lu Zhiruo nodded.

“You’ve worked hard!”

Sun Mo rubbed the papaya girl’s head. “It’s not tiring at all. It’s very easy to find the hot spring. Little loachie helped a lot!”

After Lu Zhiruo spoke, she wanted to take the loach out of her bag.


The loach continued to hide in the bag, refusing to come out.

“It helped too?”

Sun Mo furrowed his brows. “Yeah!”

Lu Zhiruo didn’t want little loachie to be boiled in soup. Besides, she wanted to prove that she didn’t waste one spirit stone on buying it; hence, she credited it for her achievement.

Truthfully speaking, although Lu Zhiruo was a little silly and stupid at times, her senses were extremely sharp. She knew that without the help of the little loach, she wouldn’t be able to find the hot spring so quickly

The loach was pulled out from the bag by Lu Zhiruo. It could only bare its teeth at Sun Mo.

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“Little loachie, you cannot be so fierce to Teacher, alright?”.

Lu Zhiruo used her finger to dab little loachie’s head, reminding it.

Upon seeing such an intelligent loach, Sun Mo decided to activate Divine Sight and observe it. He felt that even if the loaches here on Darkness Continent were different, they shouldn’t be sentient. However, when his Divine Sight revealed the name of the creature, he almost choked to death on his saliva.

“Sp…spirit qi roaming dragon?”

Sun Mo had a face full of disbelief. He rubbed his eyes to ensure that he didn’t see it wrongly.


The spirit qi roaming dragon, whose appearance looked almost completely identical to a loach, focused on Sun Mo. It looked like it was preparing to attack.

Spirit qi roaming dragon, 99 years old, at the adolescent phase.

To creatures of the dragon-species, if they weren’t 100 years old, they would be considered at the adolescent-stage.

Sun Mo continued peering at the information below for more details.

“It’s very sensitive to spirit qi fluctuations and loves to build its nest in locations where spirit qi is in abundance. It can be said to be an innate mine-finding expert.”

“After it reaches the adult-stage, its combat strength will rise rapidly.”

Note: After being injured, it will shed its dragon form and begin its second-stage transformation to avoid being hunted.

“So this is the case!”

After seeing the information, Sun Mo understood. Everyone in the Spiritwind City knew about this spirit qi roaming dragon. This indicated that it had met many enemies before and had been injured badly. If it wasn’t for it transforming into a loach to flee, it would have died.

Such a racial ability was equivalent to lizards breaking their tails to leave. It belonged to the life-saving category.

It was also ranked very highly on the mysterious species list. It was very rare, and the number of people who had seen it before was also very few. This was why only not a lot of people knew of this racial ability of the spirit qi roaming dragons.

“I heard from Ziqi that you used one spirit stone to buy it. Is it right?”

Sun Mo looked at Lu Zhiruo. Right now, she was shining golden in his vision, brimming with the aura of extreme luck.

A random loach that she bought off the street was a spirit qi roaming dragon ranked #36 on the mysterious species list. If the papaya girl said that her luck was number two in the world, who would dare to claim that they were number one?

“Em, I saw it being abused and was very pitiful. Hence, I saved it!”

Lu Zhiruo explained. She was deeply afraid of being punished. It was her compassion and kindness back then that made her buy the loach.

Some girls were like this. When they saw the little rabbits in cages, they would feel it was too cruel to eat them. But when the rabbits were cooked in a spicy stew and served to them on a plate, they would eat it faster than anyone else.

“The three students who sold it are from Ming Lan?”

The three male students would go crazy if they learned that they had handed a spirit qi roaming dragon away for one spirit stone. “Mn!”

Lu Zhiruo nodded. This was what Li Ziqi told her.

The little sunny egg took special note of this because those three fellows had dared to threaten her junior martial sister to extort one spirit stone. She had noted down this debt and would definitely repay it via revenge in the future!

When Sun Mo looked at how Lu Zhiruo was acting, he knew that she still hadn’t discovered the true identity of ‘little loachie’. He wanted to remind her to quickly establish a soul contract with the spirit qi roaming dragon, but after hesitating a bit, he gave it up. Maybe, the loach decided to follow the papaya girl because of her pureness. If a soul contract was mentioned, it might be frightened away instead.

“Forget it, I’ll just let nature take its course!”

Sun Mo patted Lu Zhiruo on her head. “Go and inform Ziqi and the others. We shall take a



Lu Zhiruo ran off.

“System, open the chest!”

Sun Mo instructed.

The golden chest clicked open, leaving a glowing sheepskin parchment.


“Congratulations on obtaining the Spirit Rune Drawing Technique – Flame Explosion. Proficiency level: expert-grade. Once this spirit rune is activated, the user can release a giant fireball to blast his enemies. The effect is like a rocket launcher from an RPG game!”


Sun Mo scratched his ears.

The system naturally wouldn’t reply to such a boring question.

Sun Mo then crushed the parchment directly.


The sheepskin parchment turned into a beam of light that shot into Sun Mo’s forehead. An instant later, data germinated in his mind, imprinting deep inside it.

“Congratulations on learning the Flame Explosion Drawing Technique. Proficiency level: expert-grade.”

As the notification rang out, Sun Mo took out his spirit rune tools and started to draw, wanting to complete one.

Li Ziqi’s group arrived. However, Sun Mo got them to wait. About half an hour later, he completed the flame explosion spirit rune.

Sun Mo walked out of the tent and informed Li Ziqi. “Let me inform Teacher Jin first.”

Because Zhang Yanzong and the others wanted to catch the eight-gate cloud, Gu Xiuxun was worried about their safety and decided to follow them. Hence, the only teachers in the camp right now were Jin Mujie and Sun Mo.

“Alright, remember to pay attention to safety.”

Jin Mujie didn’t reject it. Right now, her impression of Sun Mo was too good. He wasn’t like other teachers who treated the mysterious species of darkness as something more important than the students.

Ding! Favorable impression points from Jin Mujie +30. Friendly (260/1,000). “Many thanks, Teacher Jin!”

Sun Mo then gathered with his six students and told Lu Zhiruo to lead the way to the hot spring

After 20 minutes, everyone arrived at a ravine with strange stones everywhere. After many turns, they finally arrived at a hot spring about half the size of a basketball court.

“Zhiruo, how did you find such a remote


Tantai Yutang glanced at the huge strange-looking rocks around them and felt very speechless. If ordinary people came here, they would definitely lose their way. “Alright, start to soak. Girls first, the boys will wait outside!”

Sun Mo instructed.

Ying Baiwu leaped into the pool. After that, she frowned. “The spirit qi here is very ordinary!” Sun Mo used his senses to probe. Indeed, even if one were to soak themselves for half a day here, it wouldn’t be significant.

The spirit qi roaming dragon curled its body up and rested on Lu Zhiruo’s head. It didn’t have any intention to get into the water. The spirit qi here was too little, and it disdained to soak itself inside it.


Lu Zhiruo stretched her hand up and patted the spirit qi roaming dragon. “Little loachie, is there still another hot spring with a denser concentration of spirit qi?”


The loach cried out and used its tail to point toward the south.

“Little loachie says there is one, but it is quite far away!”

Lu Zhiruo reported.

“What are we waiting for?”

Ying Baiwu urged. From her point of view, if the spirit qi in the water was dense enough, it should be enough to make up for the time they wasted in coming here.

The group of seven set off again. This journey lasted for a total of three hours.

“Where are we heading to?”

Tantai Yutang was speechless. (I’m a sickly person, alright? By tormenting me like this, are you guys worried that I wouldn’t die fast enough?)

“We will reach it after a little while more!”

Lu Zhiruo explained in a low voice.

“Ignore him!” Li Ziqi spoke. Her eyes kept glancing at the little loach on the papaya girl’s head. It seemed that this fellow was the one leading them.

All of a sudden, Xuanyuan Po and Ying Baiwu stopped. Their sharp perception told them that the gust of the night wind contained some spirit qi within. The spirit qi here was indeed much denser.

As they continued walking, their spirits were lifted. The spirit qi in the air was already so dense to this extent. How much denser would it be in the hot spring?

About tens of minutes later, a hot spring appeared in the eyes of everyone. The temperature wasn’t too hot, but there were bubbles on the surface. After the bubbles popped, spirit qi could be felt leaking from them.

“At least, this wasn’t a wasted trip!”

Tantai Yutang was a doctor. Just by looking at the water, he knew that soaking in this hot spring was equivalent to soaking in a peak-grade medical bath. The spring water here not only contained spirit qi, but there were also all sorts of minerals that were highly beneficial to one’s body.

The spirit qi roaming dragon sniffed the air and then jumped into the water with a splash. After that, it floated up and seemed to glide through the water’s surface.

The girls entered the water first. As expected, the experience was much better compared to earlier. They could feel that even their skin cells were eagerly singing as they absorbed the content of the spring water.

Sun Mo tossed a giant medicine packet into the water.

The spirit qi roaming dragon found it strange and took the initiative to swim over. Its tail fiercely smacked into the water giant.


A part of the giant exploded, transforming into spirit qi that enveloped the spirit qi roaming dragon, causing it to cry out in comfort.

“This hot spring seemed to be a spring mouth?”

Li Ziqi discovered the reason why the spirit qi here was so dense.

After the girls were done, it was time for the guys to soak themselves. Sun Mo tossed another giant medicine packet in.

“Teacher, that loach…”

Li Ziqi walked over and spoke in a low voice.

“There’s no need to concern yourself with it. Just pretend you don’t know.”

Sun Mo reminded.

“Alright then.”

The little sunny egg decided not to ask anymore.

“Teacher! Teacher! There’s another even better location. Should we go together?”

Lu Zhiruo ran over and pulled on Sun Mo’s hand.

The spirit qi roaming dragon had a helpless look on its face. (I told you about it to repay your kindness, why are you telling it to this fellow?)

[1] Ouhuang is a term in chinese slang that denotes an extremely, extremely lucky player

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