Absolute Great Teacher
254 Fifth Level of the Blood-Ignition Realm
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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254 Fifth Level of the Blood-Ignition Realm

Sun Mo was very happy. This trip to the Darkness Continent was a very bountiful one.

If he were to dig out all these spirit crystals, he’d be able to sell them for an exorbitant price. Of course, Sun Mo wouldn’t sell them. He was going to use them to nurture his disciples.

“Zhiruo, go ask that loach why the spirit qi here is so dense?”

Li Ziqi felt curious.


The papaya girl mumbled for a while before turning back to report. “It says that the spirit qi comes gushing up from below, but as it’s too dangerous, it has never gone down before.”


Li Ziqi looked toward Sun Mo, her meaning very clear. (Should we go down to check it out? If we’re going to use this place as our base, then we must ensure that the surroundings are safe and there aren’t any hidden dangers.)

“No hurry!”

Sun Mo planned on going down by himself. It was too dangerous to bring the girls with him.

The spirit qi roaming dragon knew that its secret had been exposed and thus couldn’t be bothered to hide. It swung its tail and slithered around in the air. It then darted into a gap.

Not long later, little loachie came out. It moved up to Lu Zhiruo and spurted out five spirit diamonds that were the size of cherries. Each of them was gleaming with a strong blue color.

“These are spirit diamonds!” Li Ziqi gasped. Spirit diamonds, as their names suggested, were spirit qi diamonds. They were the most precious part in a spirit stone vein. The spirit qi they contained were the highest quality nourishment and not only could they be used for cultivation, but they could also wash off the impurities in one’s body, increasing the cultivator’s absorption of spirit qi.

If the spirit qi limit that a cultivator’s body could absorb was at five, then after the expansion from the spirit qi diamond, this limit could be raised to at least ten. If the cultivator’s aptitude was good enough, it could even increase by three times or more.

“Little loachie, thank you!”

Lu Zhiruo patted the spirit qi roaming dragon’s head and then picked up the spirit diamonds, running over to Sun Mo and offering them to him with both hands.

“This is what it has given you. Keep them for yourself.”

Sun Mo didn’t take them.

Lu Zhiruo looked at little loachie. Seeing that it didn’t object, she insisted. “Teacher, this is my present for you!”

Squeak squeak!

The spirit qi roaming dragon also cried out at Sun Mo, indicating for him to take them. Weren’t they just a few pieces of rocks that had a higher level of spirit qi? It’d be able to bring back quite a lot of it after going one around on the higher floor of the Darkness Continent.

Of course, the higher floor would also be more dangerous.

Sun Mo was still hesitating and the spirit qi roaming dragon couldn’t take it anymore. It darted into another gap. Not long later, it came flying back, spurting out another five spirit diamonds.

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Squeak squeak!

The spirit qi roaming dragon coiled its body up and sat down firmly on Lu Zhiruo’s head.

“Eldest Martial Sister, Younger Martial Sister, here, these are for you!”

Lu Zhiruo took two spirit diamonds and gave them to the two girls respectively.

“I can’t take them. They are too precious!”

Ying Baiwu refused. Ever since she had the chat with Sun Mo the other time, she had changed a lot and tried to control her money-loving impulses. “Keep them and use them in the future.”

Li Ziqi also refused.

“Awww, are you guys treating me as an outsider?”

The papaya girl pouted and looked at the three of them with tears in her eyes. (Teacher doesn’t want, my martial sisters don’t want them either. You guys definitely don’t treat me as family.)

In the papaya girl’s view, good things should be shared with one’s family. Only then would it be meaningful.

“Don’t cry!”

Sun Mo rubbed Lu Zhiruo’s head. “I’ll accept



Lu Zhiruo broke into a smile and looked toward Li Ziqi.

“Thank you for your present!”

Li Ziqi also did what Sun Mo had done and patted Lu Zhiruo’s head.

“Then what are you guys still waiting for? Quickly use it now!”

Lu Zhiruo urged. They’d definitely have no problems leveling up if they were to use the spirit diamonds.

“You guys can break through. I’ll stay on


After saying that, Ying Baiwu walked to the door and guarded the hole. It was because she had just leveled up a few days ago, and it was best for her to stabilize her cultivation level before striving for the next one.

Since it was his personal disciples’ display of filial piety, Sun Mo wasn’t planning to stand on ceremony. Moreover, after coming to the Darkness Continent, facing the strange and changing environment, it was naturally better to have high battle prowess.

Putting other things aside, if someone were to recognize the spirit qi roaming dragon and wanted to snatch it, as Lu Zhiruo’s teacher, he’d have to help her, right?

“Is this considered killing someone and earning a pet?”

Sun Mo shook his head and discarded all the distracting thoughts in his mind. Then he looked for a secluded position in the hall and sat down. After wiping a spirit diamond, he tossed it into his mouth.

He circulated his cultivation art and absorbed spirit qi.


The spirit qi essence that had been accumulated for god knows how many years immediately erupted in his mouth, entering his body. They were like a great river and big waves, raging through and bringing away the impurities in his body with them.

Due to the ancient massage technique, Sun Mo’s understanding of the human body could be said to be as masterful as a butcher was in dismembering an ox. Therefore, he immediately felt the spirit diamond’s benefit.

It was a pity that only the first use would have the greatest effect. Later on, as one used more, the effect would get worse. After all, there was a limit to it.

Sun Mo tried his hardest to control this massive spirit qi, making them flow through his energy channels, forming a cycle. However, there was a bit of a pity. If someone were to perform the ancient massaging technique on him right now, the effect of the absorption would be even better.

Approximately three minutes later, the spirit qi on Sun Mo’s body suddenly erupted.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Waves after waves spread out and even shattered the nearby stalactite crystals with their impact.

Spirit diamond cleansing the body, fifth level of the blood-ignition realm, complete!

After leveling up, Sun Mo’s hearing and vision were both very clear. The world he saw seemed to have become clearer than it was before.

“Congratulations, Teacher!”

The three girls immediately went up to offer their congratulations.

“Which of you will go first?”

After asking them, Sun Mot then shared his experience with the spirit diamond with Li Ziqi and Lu Zhiruo, preventing them from taking a detour.

“Elder Martial Sister can go first!”

Lu Zhiruo said politely. Out of all the martial siblings, the papaya girl was the most respectful one toward the little sunny egg.

“Then I’ll trouble Teacher.”

Li Ziqi sat down cross-legged, putting the spirit diamond into her mouth.

When the spirit qi essence gushed out and started surging in her body, Li Ziqi cried out in pain.

There was no helping it. Compared to other people, she moved too little, causing her constitution to be too weak. Therefore, such a massive spirit qi cleansing was a torment to her.

Sun Mo immediately performed the ancient massaging technique.


The genie appeared, using his both hands to rapidly massage various parts of Li Ziqi’s body. There were even countless afterimages appearing

Atta! Atta!

The genie even let out strange cries.

However, Li Ziqi immediately felt a lot better.

Lu Zhiruo watched from a distance. Suddenly, her ears twitched and she looked in the 3 o’clock direction.

“What’s the matter?”

Ying Baiwu asked and tightened her grip on her sword. “The feeling of being snooped at is here again!”

Lu Zhiruo frowned slightly.

Li Ziqi’s breakthrough went perfectly without any problems. With a peak-grade spirit diamond, Sun Mo’s escort, and considering that little sunny egg’s aptitude wasn’t bad either, it could only be said that her luck was extremely bad if she could still fail under such conditions.

“Zhiruo, it’s your turn!”

Sun Mo didn’t rest and wanted to make the best use of their time.


Lu Zhiruo said worriedly, “I keep having the feeling that something is spying on us.”

“Is it the same as the previous few times?”

Li Ziqi asked. Previously, she had also considered the possibility that it was the spirit qi roaming dragon that was snooping on them in the dark. But now that the little loachie was by Lu Zhiruo’s side, what else could there be?

Wait a minute, it couldn’t be that eight-gate cloud, could it?

“Teacher, Zhiruo, hold on!”

Li Ziqi stopped the two of them and then thought hard. Regardless if it was the eight-gate cloud, why were they snooping on Lu Zhiruo on multiple occasions?


No, it could be that she wasn’t the only one being snooped on. It was just that her senses were stronger, and she was the only one who had noticed it.

Moreover, since something had been following them all this while, it meant that they had something that could attract this thing. Judging from the appearance, locations, and time…

Li Ziqi recalled how every time Lu Zhiruo said that she felt something spying on her, it was when Sun Mo was giving everyone a massage. That thing hiding in the dark couldn’t be curious about the Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands, could it?

“Teacher, when you give Zhiruo a massage, please do the entire set and display the charm of the Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands perfectly.”

Li Ziqi suggested.

Sun Mo was baffled, but it didn’t matter. Anyway, the main job would be done by the genie. As for him, he would only have to deplete some spirit qi and it wouldn’t be tiring.

Lu Zhiruo started to strive to level up.

Li Ziqi focused her attention and observed the surroundings but didn’t notice anything.

“Was my guess wrong?”

The little sunny egg felt perplexed.

Lu Zhiruo’s impetus when striving to level up was really world-shaking.

By right, the spirit qi essence contained in the spirit diamond would be enough for someone at the blood-ignition realm to level up, let alone someone at the body-refinement realm.

However, this theory didn’t apply to Lu Zhiruo. In the beginning, when she started to strive to level up, all the spirit crystals in the entire hall were affected. The spirit qi they contained started flowing out like they were engulfed by a whirlpool. It then gushed into the papaya girl’s body.

Sun Mo was so nervous that he was sweating buckets.

If an ordinary person were to absorb so much spirit qi, they’d have exploded like a stretched-out balloon. However, Lu Zhiruo was completely fine.

Ten minutes had passed, but it wasn’t over yet.

The mind of the papaya girl, who had been fully focused earlier, started to wander off as well. “Teacher, that thing is still there!”

“Ignore it!”

Sun Mo was troubled. What on earth was going on with the papaya girl’s body? That mustn’t do. After they returned, he must go talk to An Xinhui and then check up information from his grandfather’s private library collection.

Even if he couldn’t resolve Lu Zhiruo’s problem, he should at least figure out the reason why she was absorbing so much spirit


Thankfully, other than absorbing a tremendous amount of spirit qi, no other accidents happened. After another five minutes passed, she leveled up successfully.

Sun Mo let out a big sigh of relief.

“Teacher, shall we go do some adventuring?”

The papaya girl was very excited. She felt that she had gotten stronger and even if they were to encounter any danger, she’d be able to handle it.

Sun Mo hesitated.

“Teacher, let’s go. We’ll first check out the surroundings and get a grasp of the terrain here. We might even be lucky and pick up some treasures!”

When Li Ziqi said this, she threw a glance at Lu Zhiruo. As long as they were to follow the papaya girl, their luck wouldn’t be bad.


Ying Baiwu also looked at Sun Mo with a strong yearning in her eyes. (Who wouldn’t want to go search for treasures?)


Sun Mo had wanted to check out the place as well. This was like playing a game. One would definitely take a look around when they came to a new place, right? Otherwise, what fun would there be?

“Zhiruo, ask little loachie if there are any places worth exploring.”

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》