Absolute Great Teacher
255 Go Sleep, Everything Exists in Dreams!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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255 Go Sleep, Everything Exists in Dreams!

“Little loachie says that it’s best to not go around recklessly. This place is a little dangerous!”

Lu Zhiruo translated. “Especially below!”

“Ziqi, what do you think?”

Sun Mo fell silent.

“We should at least find out the reason why the spirit qi is so dense, right?” Li Ziqi’s curiosity was about to burst. “Didn’t little loachie say that the spirit qi surges up from below? Then let’s go down to check it out!”

“Alright, but you guys must listen to me. When I say retreat, there mustn’t be any objections!”

Sun Mo instructed.

The spirit qi roaming dragon didn’t wish to go down to this palace’s lower level, but since Lu Zhiruo wanted to go, there was nothing it could do. To prevent them from taking the wrong path and encountering danger, it could only continue to lead the way.

The deeper they went down, the stronger the spirit qi and the more spirit crystals were formed on the walls. The light that they emitted was sufficient to illuminate the path, and the blue light made them feel as if they had entered a fantastical place.

Sun Mo and the other three had already thrown away their fire.

A five-meter-tall spirit-wind passed by them aimlessly.

“It’s so big!”

Lu Zhiruo, who was hiding behind a wall, patted her chest, her heart throbbing.

Unlike the spirit-winds above, although the numbers here were lower, they were all mutated versions. Not only did they have tremendous sizes and were strong, but their appearances had also undergone great changes.

Their bodies were condensed from blue spirit crystals, but their joints were connected by many tornadoes.

As they emitted light, when they moved, they were like a gigantic human-shaped lighthouse.

The spirit qi roaming dragon was extremely sensitive toward spirit qi fluctuations and thus could sense and avoid such elemental lifeforms.

On the way here, Sun Mo had come across many lifeforms. However, as these ones had been living in a place with such dense spirit qi over the years, they had all undergone mutation.

Almost all of them had grown spirit crystal shells.

“All of this is money!”

Ying Baiwu’s eyes gleamed and she had a strong urge to sweep up the entire place, taking down all of them and their corpses to sell.

“This place doesn’t feel right!”

Sun Mo suddenly stopped in his footsteps.

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“What happened?”

The papaya girl was perplexed.

“It’s been quite a few minutes since we’ve encountered any lifeforms. This is abnormal. We might have entered the territory of a species of darkness.”

Sun Mo had just said this when two red lights suddenly lit up around the corner in front. Then, a crab that was a lot bigger than a tank swung its pincers and crawled out showily.

Sun Mo immediately activated Divine Sight.

“Mutated rock crab. Mediocre battle prowess, but due to the mutation of its shell, it is extremely sturdy, as if it had put on a layer of heavy armor.”

Note: Intelligence is significantly below average. It has a fiery temper and is carnivorous. Its lower chin is its weakness.

“Teacher, should we retreat for now?”

Li Ziqi asked.

“No need to panic!”

After all, Sun Mo wasn’t a native to the nine provinces and his train of thoughts had yet to adapt to this place. At the sight of this mutated rock crab, his first reaction was the thought of how much it could be sold for if he were to bring it back.

If it was a female crab, then how much crab roe would there be in its stomach? Moreover, by the looks at the two big pincers, they must be filled with meat. If paired with garlic paste sauce and huangjiu [1], it’d absolutely be delicious.

The mutated rock crab started to accelerate.

Sun Mo took out the Flame Explosion Rune and tore it.

First, a few sparks flickered, then they extended into many lines of fire, entangling together. They formed a fireball the size of a coconut within a few seconds, and then with a swoosh, shot out toward the mutated rock crab.


The big fireball hit the mutated rock crab’s body. The scene was like how a rocket-propelled grenade hit a tank and erupted on the spot.

Pala! Pala!

The shattered crab shell burned and fell, releasing densely-packed sounds.

The mutated rock crab’s defense was truly outstanding. Even after being hit by such a powerful exploding fireball, it still didn’t die. However, it couldn’t run anymore and it was banged into the wall.

Ying Baiwu sniffed. “It smells a little good.”

“System, can a mutated rock crab be used as an ingredient for the spicy fragrant crab burger?”

Sun Mo asked.

He now had a dark recipe for the spicy fragrant crab burger.

The spicy fragrant crab burger, when prepared according to the recipe, would induce agitation and fury to a person when eaten, causing the person to become irritated, violent, and easily angered. Their battle prowess would rise substantially for about three minutes.

Using an analogy, it’d be like berserk potions in games. After eating the crab burger, one would be able to experience a wave of eruption.

“I’m not your mother. Can’t you study it yourself? Don’t ask me every time you have a question!” the system said.

“Are you on your period? Why is your temper so bad?”

Sun Mo wasn’t willing to take this and retorted back.

Ying Baiwu was about to go pick up the corpse, but she stopped after taking a few steps. It was because another big group of rock crabs had gushed out from the corner. Although they weren’t as big as this one, there were too many of them.

Clank clank!

With the rock crabs surging over, if someone with trypophobia were to see this, their scalps would definitely turn numb and they’d die on the spot.

“What are you thinking about? Quickly run!”

Sun Mo picked Li Ziqi up and ran off with great speed.

Zhang Qianlin felt that things hadn’t been going well for him recently. It felt as if the entire world was going up against him.

After going out to study for three years, he had finally returned with achievements. He felt that his mastery in the study of spirit runes would at least be in the top five of the Central Province Academy even if it wasn’t in the top three. What followed would be him displaying his outstanding capabilities, and his reputation would surge. When that happened, he’d become the most famous teacher in the Central Province Academy. What Liu Mubai? Go eat shit!

When that happened, he’d propose to An Xinhui, and she’d also agree to this wedding out of admiration for his talent and handsome looks.

Thereafter, An Xinhui would give up her position and become a female assistant to support him. And he would become the Central Province Academy’s headmaster, leading this school back to the pinnacle amongst the Nine Greats.

Due to these great achievements, the school would fork out the money to forge a bronze statue for him. They’d place the statue at the front of the school gate for all the students to admire.

Look, how perfect a life this would be!

Zhang Qianlin had everything planned out, but he had just taken the first step when he sprained his ankle. No, it wasn’t just spraining his ankle. It was as if his leg was almost broken.

A newly employed teacher called Black Doggy Sun had messed up his plans.

God Hands?

This reputation was really too great, so much so that he felt despair. Just as he wasn’t willing to admit defeat and wanted to use the study of spirit runes to recover some lost ground in the competition, he discovered to his horror that Sun Mo’s mastery of the spirit runes was higher than his. Spirit runes potted plants, simplifying spirit runes, rapid drawing, as well as drawing spirit runes that he didn’t recognize…

These things that could be done easily by Sun Mo were all things that he couldn’t do.

Zhang Qianlin was completely defeated. He felt that he had become a stepping stone and that his beautiful dream was being smashed. In this lifetime, he probably had no hopes of marrying An Xinhui and stomping down on Sun Mo.

However, there was a good saying that every cloud had a silver lining. Who wouldn’t have a meal of dumplings during the new year?

Zhang Qianlin looked at the ancient altar in front of him and could no longer hold back the agitation in his heart. He laughed out loud.



This feeling was as if the lucky goddess had taken the initiative to take off her panties, crawled onto him, sat down, and was planning to move by herself.

The reason Zhang Qianlin was so proud was because he had some capabilities.

He had read many books from a young age. With his father, Zhang Hanfu, holding a position in the Central Province Academy, in addition to him also being talented and smart, the old headmaster had liked him a lot. Therefore, he had many opportunities to get guidance from the old headmaster. He could even go to the old headmaster’s private library to borrow books to read.

Zhang Qianlin didn’t recognize the altar in front of him, but this didn’t obstruct him from making a deduction.

Though the infrastructure style, the designs of the totems, and the age of the stone materials, Zhang Qianlin deduced that this should be an ancient sealing formation.

“No matter what is sealed here, from today onward, it shall be my slave!”

Zhang Qianlin was very proud.

An ancient sealing formation like this must have a very powerful mysterious species of darkness sealed in it. If the other party was willing to sign a soul contract to become his slave, then he would help to release it.

Think about it. Would a mysterious species of darkness who had been sealed for several thousand years or even several ten thousand years be able to bear with the enticement of freedom?

It wouldn’t!

Zhang Qianlin would never dream that the eight-gate cloud he had been chasing would run to this place. This was really a blessing in disguise.

“Can you hear me? If you can, then answer me!”

Zhang Qianlin shouted.

This altar was forged from bronze and carved with mysterious and profound totem runes. However, the center of the altar had caved in and was about the size of about two basketball courts.

Zhang Qianlin stood at the borders and took a glance. He realized that other than blue spring water, there was nothing else there. However, spirit qi kept flowing out from the spring water. The spirit qi was so dense that it made one feel intoxicated.

At the thought of this, Zhang Qianlin felt happy again. Even if he didn’t get any treasure, just the dense spirit crystal was already a great fortune.

His clan was going to rise for sure!

There was no reply, so Zhang Qianlin shouted even louder. He even threw a large piece of rock into the spring water.


“Is there anyone there? If there isn’t, then I’ll be leaving!”

Zhang Qianlin frowned slightly. (Could it be that I’ve guessed wrongly?) Just as he was feeling a little anxious, a dignified and majestic voice that seemed to come from the ancient era rang out.

“Insignificant bug, who gave you the courage to disturb the deep slumber of an ancient king?”

Zhang Qianlin became spirited. To be honest, he felt a little cowardly, nervous, and scared when he heard this voice. However, these emotions then turned into agitation and excitement.

“There’s no need to be afraid. This is an ancient sealing formation, and it won’t be able to escape. Otherwise, if an ancient king like this were to appear in the world, it’d long have since turned the entire Darkness Continent upside down.”

Zhang Qianlin consoled himself and started to consider how he should go about with the negotiations to be able to bring him the greatest level of benefit.

Zhang Qianlin was really very capable. At this moment, he was brave and meticulous, calm and wise. He was starting to scheme against an ancient king.

“Hehe, is it a deep slumber? It looks to me that you’re confined to this place and are unable to break free!”

Zhang Qianlin sneered. “Only I can help you to leave this place and regain your freedom!” The entire hall fell silent once again.

Zhang Qianlin frowned. It’d be better for the other party to be enraged than to be silent. When it was silent, it was hard for him to assess what it was thinking!

“But this time around, I must become a winner.”

Zhang Qianlin swore, “Sun Mo, just you wait. After I’ve subdued this ancient king, you’ll be the first one I kill after I get out of this place!”

[1] Huangjiu, meaning yellow wine, is a Chinese alcoholic beverage.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》