Absolute Great Teacher
256 This Is My Treasure. Those Who Touch It Shall Die!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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256 This Is My Treasure. Those Who Touch It Shall Die!

Zhang Qianlin was in no hurry. He could afford to drag things out.

But the problem was… who had entered this place?

Everyone had formed temporary groups to track down that eight-gate cloud and had traveled for quite a bit after it. In the evening, they had completely lost track of its traces.

Left with no choice, everyone could only split up to increase the efficiency of the search.

“I remember that the ones who traveled in the same direction as me are Gu Xiuxun, Zhou Shanyi, Duan Meng, and Yi Jiamin. Out of the four of them, there’d be at least two who’d come in, right?”

The reason Zhang Qianlin could find this place, other than because his luck wasn’t bad, was also thanks to an ancient spirit rune. It was something he had discovered and learned from an ancient manual.

After the user wrote a question based on what they really wished for at the moment, then they would tear the spirit rune to activate it. There’d be a 10% chance to get a correct answer.

Zhang Qianlin’s question was on where he could find the eight-gate cloud. He had then followed the path guided by the ancient spirit rune and found a cave. He had walked all the way and come to this place.

Of course, some parts of this cave were extremely hard to walk in. Some parts even required Zhang Qianlin to use violence to smash them open.

If it wasn’t because the temptation of the eight-gate cloud was too great, Zhang Qianlin would have really given up halfway.

Then, he had sensed that the spirit qi was getting stronger, causing him to become more spirited. He had thought that he’d be able to find a spirit stone vein but hadn’t expected to come across an altar.

However, this altar was clearly bigger than a spirit stone vein.

“The spirit crystals that I saw on my way here couldn’t have been formed because of you, could it?”

Zhang Qianlin suddenly thought of this point.

“As an ant, your recognition isn’t bad,” that voice replied.

Zhang Qianlin then asked with a little more respect in his tone, “Please allow me to revere your great name!” “I’m the ancient elemental king, one that wields the power over wind and freedom. The places where the wind blows are all my domains. The living creatures who hear the sound of the wind are all my people!”

When the Wind King said this, his voice was vast and heavy, having the pressure that could make one’s heart palpitate.

A feeling of respect rose in Zhang Qianlin’s heart.

This sealed ancient king was far too powerful. Moreover, after several hundred thousand years, the sealing formation was also slightly damaged, which resulted in the spirit qi of the ancient king leaking out, radiating this land. As time passed, the Spiritwind Canyon was formed.

Why were there spirit-winds in the Spiritwind Canyon?

They were all formed after being affected by the leaked energy from the Wind King’s body. It was also the cause of the weird and multi-changing spirit qi tides.

“I can help you break the seal, but what benefit can you give me?”

Zhang Qianlin decided to probe things a little.

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“Benefits? What an ignorant ant. Even the spirit qi that I blow out casually could help an ant like you level up. Did you really just ask me what benefits I can give you?” The Wind King sneered. “Hehe!”

Zhang Qianlin laughed coldly. (To be using something trivial like this to dismiss me. Do you think I’m a fool?)

“I can bestow you with a pair of Wind Wings. When it is spread out, it will allow you to catch up to the moving clouds in the horizon, as well as the currents from gushing waterfalls!”

The Wind King’s tone was filled with the feeling of bestowal.

“Will I be able to fly?”

Zhang Qianlin was a little agitated.

“An ant would dare to have the wishful thinking of wanting to fly?”

The Wind King sneered.

“Is there anything else?”

Zhang Qianlin licked his lips. “Ant, keep your greed to yourself. There isn’t just one human who has appeared in my Wind King Hall.” The Wind King sneered. “I have many options!”

“Who else is there?”

Zhang Qianlin asked.

“Why don’t you make a guess?”

The Wind King laughed loudly. “Even if I’m sealed and have no choice but to work with an ant, I’ll choose a powerful ant. So fight and kill each other. Only the victor will have the right to talk to me.”

Hearing this, Zhang Qianlin’s ears moved and he turned his head abruptly, looking toward the hall’s entrance. “Who is it? Scram out here!”

Sun Mo walked in.

Their gazes met and their killing intent intensified.

“Sun Mo?”

Zhang Qianlin was stunned. He never expected to encounter Sun Mo here.

“Teacher Zhang!”

Sun Mo greeted.

“No need with the fake courtesy.”

Zhang Qianlin drew his longsword. In this place, gaining something would allow a clan to rise and become prosperous for 1,000 years. Therefore, Zhang Qianlin had to get it for himself no matter what. “Teacher!”

Ying Baiwu walked in. She stood next to Sun Mo, wanting to fight alongside him. “There’s two more. Stop hiding. Do you really think I’m a small fry?”

Zhang Qianlin sneered.

“Damn it, we’ve been seen through.”

Li Ziqi felt a little displeased. Her initial intention was to let Ying Baiwu come out to confuse Zhang Qianlin while she and Lu Zhiruo hide and find a chance to launch a sneak attack. It was a pity that their battle tactic had been discovered.

“You guys, leave this place. Go to the earlier hall to wait!”

Sun Mo ordered. This was a life and death battle, and if there were no accidents, this enemy should be the strongest he had encountered after coming to Jinling.

Zhang Qianlin hesitated. By right, to keep things a secret, he should kill everyone here. However, he was a great teacher after all, and it was hard for him to harm students.

However, Zhang Qianlin immediately thought of a solution.

“If you guys are willing to come under my wings and swear not to speak a word of what will take place here, I can spare your lives.” This solution wasn’t bad. Li Ziqi’s status was very dignified and even though her motor skills were bad, it didn’t matter. It was fine as long as her backing was strong enough. As for Ying Baiwu, she was a genius that even Fang Wuji valued in high regard. Under Zhang Qianlin’s guidance, she’d definitely be able to soar and have her reputation spread across the nine provinces.

As for Lu Zhiruo, Zhang Qianlin threw a glance at her and immediately had a disdainful gaze. Other than having big boobs, there was nothing good about her!

Forget it. He would just treat it as a buy-two-get-one-free promotion.

“Wait till you wake up before you sleep talk!”

Li Ziqi’s retort was very graceful, but it wasn’t the case for the stubborn young girl.

“Pui! Teacher Sun will be my only teacher in this lifetime!”

Ying Baiwu spat out saliva, held onto the White Bird, and was prepared to fight. It was true that she couldn’t kill Zhang Qianlin, but she could hurt him and it’d increase the chances for Sun Mo victory. In her mind, that would be enough. “Teacher won’t lose!”

Lu Zhiruo was very angry. Where did this guy get his confidence from?

“Before I kill Sun Mo, you guys have about five more minutes to consider!”

Zhang Qianlin stood on the altar and looked down upon Sun Mo from a height. As the corners of his lips curled up into a smile, he exerted force in his legs.


Zhang Qianlin was like an arrow that had left the bow, shooting out toward Sun Mo. In a blink, he appeared before Sun Mo.

A hint of cold gleam appeared and pierced at Sun Mo’s forehead.

The most effective battle technique was to attack Li Ziqi and force Sun Mo to save her. However, Zhang Qianlin felt that he was strong enough, so he didn’t care to use such methods.

(If I’m going to win, I’ll defeat you fair and square.)


Sun Mo dodged with a flash and appeared beside Zhang Qianlin, slashing his wooden blade down.

Colors of Autumn!


Zhang Qianlin was surprised. How could Sun Mo’s speed be so fast? It was so fast to the extent that Zhang Qianlin almost couldn’t see it clearly. He instinctively wanted to dodge, but when that blade came slashing down, he had a feeling that it was unavoidable.

Right now, Zhang Qianlin felt as if he was standing on a grass plain that was about to turn yellow. The autumn vibe before his eyes was very intense, pressing down overwhelmingly. “What technique is this?”

Zhang Qianlin had no other way but to take it head-on.


The wooden blade and sword clashed and the immense counteracting force caused Zhang Qianlin’s wrist to feel a little numb. His initial plan was to take the chance to counterattack, but Sun Mo’s next attack had come slashing down.

Golden Jade Hibiscus!

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

A golden hibiscus bloomed before his eyes. The flower petals were formed from blade shadows, as if they were going to slash him up into minced meat.

Zhang Qianlin backed off and then saw the blade’s tip gushing down like a heavy rainstorm toward him.

Ding! Ding! Ding! Zhang Qianlin did his best to block the attack, but a blade suddenly brushed past his sword and pierced at his throat.

“This is bad!”

Zhang Qianlin erupted with brute force. He used his sword to flip the wooden blade while turning his head at the same time. However, at this moment, the wooden blade was like a venomous snake hunting for food. It twisted mysteriously, caught up to him, and tapped his forehead.


Zhang Qianlin leaned backward and felt an intense pain to his head. This caused him to feel a terrifying fear. If he hadn’t dodged fast enough, his head would have exploded from this attack.

“Teacher, go for it!” Lu Zhiruo cheered him on.

“That mustn’t do. I must counterattack. Otherwise, I’ll lose.”

Zhang Qianlin didn’t expect that Sun Mo’s battle prowess was so great. He didn’t dare to hold back anymore. He performed his ultimate attacks, twisting his body and dodging the wooden blade precariously, getting closer to Sun Mo.

Zhang Qianlin’s assessment was very accurate. Sun Mo’s cultivation art was very amazing and could be a saint-tier one. Moreover, his body was also terrifyingly powerful. Zhang Qianlin wouldn’t be able to defeat him by facing his attacks head-on.

Sun Mo was using a wooden blade and going by this fact, Zhang Qianlin should have an advantage. However, this wasn’t the case at all. “If Teacher were to use a steel blade, that guy would have been slain!

Ying Baiwu pouted. “He’s almost fallen to a wooden blade!” Li Ziqi smiled.



Zhang Qianlin drew out the dagger from the back of his waist, wanting to pierce Sun Mo’s chest. However, Sun Mo’s left fist punched out one step earlier.


Zhang Qianlin’s left face received a firm punch, and he was almost in a daze from the impact.


Sun Mo grabbed Zhang Qianlin’s left hand and then leaped up. His knees attacked in succession, colliding into Zhang Qianlin’s body.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Zhang Qianlin flew increasingly higher, instantly surpassing Sun Mo’s head. However, before he landed, Sun Mo suddenly leaped again. He raised his right leg high and performed an ax kick on Zhang Qianlin’s head.


Zhang Qianlin’s head smashed fiercely onto the ground. Blood spurted out very far from his mouth and nose.


The three girls were stunned. What kind of attack was this? They had never seen it before! However, it was filled with violent beauty.

Zhang Qianlin was angry and anxious. He had received formal martial arts guidance since young and hadn’t met an opponent like Sun Mo who defied conventional thinking. He would use fists, legs, elbows, and knees, anything that he could put to use.

Zhang Qianlin had initially been wary against Sun Mo’s wooden blade and hand, so he hadn’t expected Sun Mo to be sending out his knee.

The most important thing was that Sun Mo’s explosive prowess was very strong. Zhang Qianlin had seen it, but before he could react, he had been struck.

How the hell was he supposed to defend like this?

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》