Absolute Great Teacher
257 Teacher, Be careful!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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257 Teacher, Be careful!


Zhang Qianlin knocked against the wall and coughed up another mouthful of blood. He held on strong and wanted to stand up to start his retaliation, but Sun Mo continued to attack again.

“F*ck your mom, aren’t you tired? Even if you aren’t tired, can your spirit qi depletion and stamina keep up?”

This was like a 100-meter run. Dashing once might not be a problem, but continuing to run at this speed for 1,000 meters would definitely be impossible. And right now, Sun Mo’s condition was akin to running 1,000 meters with the speed for a 100-meter dash.

When this thought dashed into his brain, Zhang Qianlin received another punch to his head.


Zhang Qianlin fell to the ground. He bore with the intense pain and slapped the ground fiercely, stopping the flying and falling momentum. He planned on drawing his distance to make adjustments and then take action after Sun Mo’s momentum had ceased. Retaliation?

Don’t be kidding.

In this situation, before he could even retaliate, he’d get bashed up by Sun Mo.

Sun Mo kept a close chase, not giving Zhang Qianlin a chance to rebalance himself.

“All hail Teacher!”

Lu Zhiruo saw Sun Mo suppressing Zhang Qianlin and was so happy that she shouted out. The spirit qi roaming dragon also felt that this human was very amazing and had the right to be the papaya girl’s teacher.

Li Ziqi and Ying Baiwu weren’t as innocent as Lu Zhiruo. Their eyes and mouth were agape as they watched the battle. It was as if a battle cruiser had smashed open the national borders, and they saw a whole new world.

Could a battle be fought like this?

Sun Mo’s actions had overthrown the two girls’ common sense.

The fighting and killing between cultivators could be aggressive, with each attack drawing blood. They could also be very gentlemanly, seemingly fluttery and cool to the extent that the one watching would feel extreme euphoria.

However, Sun Mo’s version was too bizarre!

Sun Mo was using his body to his utmost advantage, and it should be the right way to do things, but he was too extreme. For example, an ordinary person would definitely swing their sword to put up a block when they received a killing slash. However, in Sun Mo’s case, he could abandon his blade and use his elbow or knee to attack.

“Ziqi, a sword or blade stance’s prowess should be greater than that of one’s hands or legs, right? But why is Zhang Qianlin the one being suppressed?

Ying Baiwu knew that Li Ziqi had a good brain and thus asked her.

Li Ziqi fell silent, her eyes opened wide as she observed Sun Mo. She couldn’t understand either.

In fact, the reasoning was very simple. Sun Mo relied on the Grand Universe Formless Divine Art’s copy. Before Zhang Qianlin made his move, Sun Mo would interrupt him one step ahead.

Sun Mo naturally could block with his wooden blade, but in such a close-combat situation, it was easier to use one’s fist, legs, elbows, or knees to attack the opponent.

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The one who hit the other party first would be the one to get the advantage.

Sun Mo had watched too many combat movies, and his trail of thoughts was unlike that of the natives in the nine provinces.

To Sun Mo, what mattered was to bash up the enemy regardless of the method used. However, most of the time, the nine provinces’ natives would use the ultimate techniques that they excelled in because they saw them as a killing move that could decide the victory.

This was the case for Zhang Qianlin whose face was badly bashed up. He kept trying to look for an opportunity to use his ultimate move and retaliate, but things weren’t that simple!


Zhang Qianlin was sent flying and falling again, landing on the altar. This time around, his nose bridge had shattered, and a large part of his chin sank in. Blood kept oozing out.

“Aren’t you at the fourth level of the blood-ignition realm? Why are you so strong?”.

Zhang Qianlin stared at Sun Mo and questioned him sharply. He felt that heaven must be playing a joke on him.

“Oh, that was in the past. I have just used spirit diamonds to level up in a big hall above. I’m now at the fifth level of the blood-ignition realm.”

Sun Mo shrugged. He was too tired and needed to take a breather.

“Fifth level?”

Zhang Qianlin frowned and then felt some regret. (I should have thought of this. There are spirit crystals everywhere, so there’d definitely be spirit diamonds as well. It’s very normal for Sun Mo to have gone up by one level. If I wasn’t that greedy and had come down after leveling up, it wouldn’t have been so difficult for me to fight against Sun Mo.)

(No, I’m a genius. Even if we’re both at the fifth level of the blood-ignition realm, I’ll still be able to win against him.”)

Zhang Qianlin was cheering himself on, telling himself that he couldn’t just think of relying on his cultivation base to crush others. In the past, he had always been challenging those with a higher cultivation base and had overthrown quite a number of strong opponents.

“Sun Mo, die!”

Zhang Qianlin bellowed and suddenly darted toward Sun Mo. Since he couldn’t win in a battle of attrition, then he’d perform his ultimate move and decide the victor in one hit, leaving life or death to fate.

Northern Swallow Returns!


Spirit qi gushed out from Zhang Qianlin’s body, and the longsword in his hand trembled intensely, releasing a piercing sound. He seemed to turn into a northern swallow that came flying through.


Two of them crossed each other. Pa! Pa!

Zhang Qianlin couldn’t stop the inertia and stumbled a few steps forward before lowering his head, looking at his right hand that was holding onto the sword. He then turned back and looked toward Sun Mo.

“I can’t accept this!”

Zhang Qianlin’s voice was like a cuckoo crying out in such agony until blood was flowing out from its mouth.

His blissful life plan hadn’t started, but it was already going to end. Why? At this moment, Zhang Qianlin felt as if heaven had made a fool out of him.

(Since you don’t wish to let me obtain them, then don’t let me meet An Xinhui, don’t let me enter this Wind King Hall! You’ve let me see them but don’t give them to me. This is very brutal.)

Splash! Splash!

Blood flowed out from the hole in Zhang Qianlin’s chest.

“What last words do you have? I can help you pass them on!”

Sun Mo felt that although there were minor flaws in Zhang Qianlin’s character, he was still a qualified teacher. At the very least, he hadn’t thought of taking a hostage to threaten Sun Mo. Instead, he chose to duel fair and square.

Hearing this, Zhang Qianlin was stunned for a moment. He then looked at Sun Mo with envy in his eyes. In the end, his envy turned into a request.

“Teacher… Teacher Sun, you must give Xin… Xinhui… happiness!”


Zhang Qianlin fell to the ground.

Ding! Favorable impression points from Zhang Qianlin +30, prestige connection initiated. Neutral (30/100). “Teacher!”

The three girls came running over, feeling happy for him.

“What are these favorable impression points?”

Sun Mo was perplexed. (I’m the one who has just killed you, so why did you have a favorable impression of me before you die? Are you a masochist?)

“Firstly, it’s because you’ve never conducted yourself in an imposing and arrogant manner. Secondly, it was a duel that Zhang Qianlin was genuinely convinced he would win. Thirdly, by asking him if he had any last words, you showed your kind intentions and he could feel it. Fourthly, it’s about An Xinhui. He hopes that you can give her happiness.”

The system explained.

Sun Mo was speechless. Was Zhang Qianlin’s act considered to be an ultimate attempt to curry up to someone? (You’re already dead, yet you don’t show concern to your family. Instead, you’re hoping that An Xinhui could be happy. You have my respect because there’s no one else like you. But I’m sorry. For now, I don’t feel anything toward her!)

As a single man, what was love fpr Sun Mo? He didn’t know it at all. Right now, the type of woman he liked was someone like Jin Mujie, someone with a peach-like butt.

“Teacher, can we go in and negotiate with that Wind King now?”

Ying Baiwu was a little agitated. It was an ancient elemental king. How many good things could they squeeze out of it?

“Younger martial sister, stay calm!”

Li Ziqi shared a small secret. “The more you appear calm, having no desire whatsoever, the more the other party would feel nervous!”

Sun Mo and the other three had reached this vicinity long ago but hadn’t found this altar. It was only after having heard the Wind King’s voice that they had come rushing over. They had actually planned on ambushing Zhang Qianlin, but their traces had been exposed by a word from the Wind King.

“Let’s go in and negotiate!”

Sun Mo’s countenance remained calm, but he was feeling very agitated inside. This trip had been extremely fruitful. Would it be possible for him to contract the Wind King and let it become his spiritual beast?

Just as Sun Mo was lost in his thoughts, thinking about how he should go about with the negotiations, he suddenly heard the screams from Lu Zhiruo and Ying Baiwu.

“Teacher, be careful!”

The two girls were wearing shocked expressions as they pounced behind Sun Mo.


A semi-transparent arrow shot over rapidly, so fast that it seemed as if it could catch up to a shooting star on a summer night.

Lu Zhiruo had the feeling as if someone was spying on them again. Thus, she had looked around and happened to see this arrow. On the other hand, Ying Baiwu was purely being very careful and had a strong sense of possessiveness. She didn’t wish to have someone coming up from behind them and thus had been surveilling the surroundings.

When the two girls saw the arrow shooting out toward Sun Mo, they came pouncing over without a hint of hesitation, wanting to block the arrow for him.

“Move away!”

Sun Mo let out an explosive bellow.

Under this situation, he, as the one with the strongest battle prowess, would definitely be the first one to be attacked. Therefore, where he was would be the most dangerous place.

But neither Lu Zhiruo nor Ying Baiwu stopped in their footsteps!

West River Moon, Broad Cold Autumn [1]!


Spirit qi erupted from Sun Mo’s body like a typhoon, blowing away the papaya girl and Ying Baiwu. At the same time, he twisted his waist and swung his arm, blocking with his wooden blade.

Late Fragrance (1). Ding!

The semi-transparent arrow was brushed by the wooden blade and slightly avoided the vitals on Sun Mo’s back. However, the power and speed of the arrow were too great; thus, it still sank into Sun Mo’s shoulder.


Blood spurted out and Sun Mo was sent flying back, losing his balance.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Another three semi-transparent arrows came shooting over consecutively. “Teacher!”

Li Ziqi was feeling so anxious that she was crying, running over to him.

“Don’t come here!”

Sun Mo let out an explosive bellow and a layer of golden light enveloped him.

Invulnerable Golden Body.

Earlier, Sun Mo could only shake the two girls away in time. He hadn’t had the time to perform Invulnerable Golden Body. However, even though he sustained an injury, he had no regrets. Seeing the two girls risk their lives for him, Sun Mo would prioritize saving them even if it meant he had to die.

“Damn it! I brought it upon Teacher!”

At the sight of this scene, Ying Baiwu sank in self-reprimand. If Sun Mo hadn’t bothered about her, he wouldn’t have been injured.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Sun Mo crushed a semi-transparent arrow, but there were still two more. They hit him and smashed the Invulnerable Golden Body.


The golden light on Sun Mo’s body disappeared.

Although the Grand Universe Formless Divine Art’s second level had quite a good defense, it wasn’t invincible or immune to damages. It would still shatter if the attack was beyond its tolerance level.

“F*ck, that’s impressive!”

Sun Mo was sent flying and falling from the three arrows, completely losing his balance. And at this time, the fifth arrow came shooting straight for his chest.

[1] Names of techniques derived from real-life poems

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