Absolute Great Teacher
258 A Sword Breaking Ten Thousand Stances
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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258 A Sword Breaking Ten Thousand Stances

“Things are set now.”

Fang Wuan heaved a sigh of relief. His tensed emotions began to relax.

He had wanted to fire another arrow. However, chaining five arrows in a string of attacks would consume too much of his spirit qi. He had to rest a little. Upon thinking of this, Fang Wuan lowered his head and glanced at the bow in his hands.

This was a battle spoil he picked up after killing a spirit-wind overlord. This bow didn’t need arrows. As long as one pulled its string and released spirit qi, arrows would be formed automatically. Also, the arrows were half-transparent. It was very tough to discern them under the light.

Fang Wuan’s archery skill was pretty good; hence, it was considered quite troublesome for Sun Mo.

“The winner of this round will be me!”

Fang Wuan felt extremely delightful.

He had tracked the eight-gate cloud all the way to here. When he was searching the surroundings earlier, he heard the sounds of combat and sneaked over, not expecting to witness a life-and-death battle between Sun Mo and Zhang Qianlin.

Honestly speaking, Sun Mo’s performance was very shocking, causing Fang Wuan to want to describe him as formidable. But so what of it? If he had to die, he had to die.

“When the mantis stalks the cicada, it’s unaware of the oriole behind.” (Today, I’m the man favored by the goddess of luck!)

Fang Wuan rushed out from his hiding place and lunged toward the three girls. Not a single one of these people who knew the secret of the Wind King Hall could be spared.

Fang Wuan calmed his breath. He raised his bow and aimed at Ying Baiwu. This girl had the highest combat strength, so he must kill her first. If she was to escape, it would be too troublesome to find her.

Spirit qi streamed forth from his fingers, condensing into an arrow. Just when Fang Wuan was about to fire it, the scene happening before Sun Mo caused him to be completely dumbstruck. He almost bit his tongue off from the shock.

Sun Mo, who had lost his balance, could no longer avoid the arrows. The only thing he could do was raise his arms to protect his heart and head. However, such a method was merely used to console oneself. Arrows shot from the Spirit King Bow had enough power to blast holes through a body, making one feel the phrase ‘a cool breeze gusting by your heart’.

But when Sun Mo was doing his utmost to struggle, a silver trajectory akin to a shooting star shot past and appeared before him.


The arrows slammed into it and vanished after



Sun Mo fell onto the ground.


The five people on the scene had stupefied looks on their faces.

A silver-colored cloud floated in the air, and its external appearance was in the form of the eight-trigrams! It was none other than the eight-gate cloud ranked #10 on the mysterious species list, the so-called extremely rare treasure that one might not encounter once in a thousand years! “Wh…why?”

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Fang Wuan felt like his brain had turned to mush. Why did the eight-gate cloud block the arrow for Sun Mo? Could it have submitted to him?

No, that shouldn’t be the case. If not, Sun Mo wouldn’t have that shocked look on his face!

The papaya girl’s red lips parted in the shape of an ‘O’.


Li Ziqi regained her senses. Her guess was right; the eight-gate cloud had been hiding somewhere nearby to spy on them. Evidently, it was very interested in Sun Mo’s Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands technique and wished to experience the feeling of comfort. “Why?”

Sun Mo didn’t understand either. But after feeling started for a bit, he didn’t bother to think of the reason and directly rushed toward Fang Wuan. The power of his bow was extremely great, and Sun Mo couldn’t allow Fang Wuan to fire any more arrows.

A close-range attacker vs. a long-range one. Sun Mo would obviously be the one at a disadvantage.

Fang Wuan’s reaction was also extremely fast. He notched his arrow and turned away from Ying Baiwu, aiming it toward Sun Mo again.


The half-transparent arrow vanished from the eyes of the crowd. It was so fast that its speed was unfathomable.

Sun Mo widened his eyes, doing his utmost to determine the trajectory of the arrow. However, even before he could react, the eight-gate cloud rumbled and flew toward him.


The arrow slammed into the back of the cloud and disappeared. It was unknown where the arrow went to.


Fang Wuan cursed. Although he was using a saint-tier bow, he tossed it away with no hesitation and pulled his sword out.

“Go to hell!”

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Fang Wuan roared and pierced forth with rage. This strike wasn’t fanciful. It was a simple stroke filled with his maximum strength and speed.


A wound appeared on Sun Mo’s face from this strike. But when Fang Wuan wanted to change his move and slice off Sun Mo’s head, a wooden blade along with its immense might smashed down on Fang Wuan’s shoulder.


Fang Wuan staggered backward from the impact.


Fang Wuan silently cursed. If he hadn’t spent too much time to handle that spirit-wind overlord and exhausted plenty of his strength. He could have killed Sun Mo in a head-on fight.

Sun Mo seized the opportunity to counterattack.


Fang Wuan smiled malevolently. “The wisest decision you could make is to run away!”

Breaking blade stance! Swish! Swish! Swish!

Fang Wuan’s sword slashed over ten sword shadows in a single instant. As the younger brother of Fang Wuji and someone highly regarded by Headmaster Cao, this fellow’s combat strength was truly strong.

What was a genius?

It was someone on the path of wanting victory. Despite being in a predicament, he was still filled with boundless battle intent.

Fang Wuan could have stealthily retreated and gotten his elder brother to come with him here. However, he had chosen to come alone to fight against Sun Mo, feeling that there was no way he would lose.

Sun Mo’s expression turned heavy. He could sense the powerful aura emitting from Fang Wuan. It was self-confidence, strength, and pride!

“Kill, kill, kill!”

Fang Wuan roared in anger. Each of his attacks was quicker than the last.

For the first time ever, Sun Mo’s Immemorial Vairocana was suppressed. Although it was a saint-tier art, it was useless if it couldn’t hit the target’s body.

Fang Wuan didn’t have excessive hopes that he could block all attacks. Hence, he decided to exchange injuries for injuries.

This was a ruthless man!

Sun Mo activated Divine Sight and looked at Fang Wuan.

Fang Wuan, 23 years old. Sixth level of the blood-ignition realm.

Strength: 28. Although he doesn’t have innate divine strength, his body is strong and fit.

Intellect: 26. His combat wisdom is first-grade.

Agility: 27. Don’t even think about using agility to suppress him.

Will: 29. Wise mentality knows how to let go. He has enjoyed countless victories since he was young, causing him to build up a strong and proud heart state.

Endurance: 27. Even if he can’t kill you, he can exhaust you to death.

Potential value: Extremely high!

Note: His desire to win is overwhelmingly strong, and he doesn’t like to admit defeat. If it wasn’t for Fang Wuji being too outstanding, Fang Wuan could definitely replace him as one of the twin annulus of Jinling. The cultivation art he is using consists of nine stances. It is an inferior saint-tier art.


His sword slashed past and left a wound on Sun Mo’s arm.

“Daring to be distracted when fighting against me? Are you looking down on me?”

Fang Wuan coldly snorted. After that, his hand moved as he threw the longsword in his hand forward.

Hidden sword stance!

Fang Wuan began his retaliation. He then rushed toward Sun Mo and fought with his bare fist.

“What the hell?”

Ying Baiwu directly exclaimed. Was this fellow committing suicide? Since she was watching from the point of a spectator, she wasn’t able to experience the terror of the hidden sword style.

In front of Sun Mo, there was no sword in Fang Wuan’s hands, yet the pressure was even greater compared to when Fang Wuan had a sword. Moreover, the sword that was tossed away seemed to be controlled by an invisible hand and kept piercing forward from bizarre angles, trying to catch Sun Mo unawares.

Bang! Sun Mo’s fist slammed into Fang Wuan’s. However, Fang Wuan’s attacks didn’t stop. His sword suddenly pierced upward from below, aiming for Sun Mo’s neck.

Dotting Crimson Lip.

Sun Mo narrowly avoided the tip of the sword by the skin of his teeth.

“Haha, you are about to die!” Fang Wuan laughed loudly. This victory seemed secure on the surface, but he was actually a little anxious. Sun Mo’s defense was very impressive, not allowing Fang Wuan to break it despite having attacked it for a long time.

The fearsomeness of the hidden sword stance lay in its sudden and traceless attacks. Opponents would feel like they were walking through tall grass with poisonous snakes hidden within; there might be a poisonous snake darting outward at any moment. When you saw it, its fangs would have bitten you.

However, Sun Mo could always react instantaneously, unleashing a move to block his sword.

Wasn’t his battle instinct a little too good?

Sun Mo temporarily starved off defeat because he depended on ‘copy’ of the Grand Universe Formless Divine Art. If his vision didn’t have the slowing effect, he wouldn’t have been able to react in time.

As the two fought, countless after-images flashed. The three girls could no longer track their movements.

(This can’t continue on!)

Fang Wuan’s body trembled. He was almost at the breaking point just from enduring his injuries. The wound caused by his fight with the spirit-wind overlord had split open and become even wider. Hence, he had to end the battle as soon as possible.


Fang Wuan suddenly stretched his hand out and grabbed his sword. The entirety of his spirit qi circulated fiercely as he unleashed his ultimate attack.

“A sword breaking ten thousand stances!”


Fang Wuan’s aura instantly rose to the limits, and he slashed out with his sword. Even Li Ziqi and the other two, who were tens of meters away, felt the sword might envelop them. There was also a bone-cutting chill that caused their bodies to turn cold.

Sun Mo didn’t evade. He held his wooden blade and defended head-on. “Paying someone back in their own coin!” Swish!

Fang Wuan’s sword slashed down, moving from Sun Mo’s right shoulder to his left rib. As for Sun Mo’s wooden sword, it wasn’t polite at all. A few breaths later, it slashed through Fang Wuan’s body.


A lot of blood spurted out from Sun Mo’s wound, directly drenching his teacher robes red.


The three girls were so frightened that their faces turned pale. They immediately ran toward Sun Mo.

“Gr…Gra… Grand Universe Formless…”

Fang Wuan stared at Sun Mo in astonishment, never having expected that Sun Mo would know the ultimate divine art of the Skyraise Academy. If he knew this in advance, he would definitely not unleash his ultimate attack so easily.

“Step further away from my teacher!”

Ying Baiwu shouted and slashed her sword out.


Spirit qi gushed out, forming into a White Bird that blasted into Fang Wuan.


Fang Wuan fell onto the ground.


Ying Baiwu was stunned. (What? How is he so easily killed?) She had already prepared herself for a fight to the death.


Lu Zhiruo ran over and supported Sun Mo who had fallen down. His blood splashed onto her.

“Zhiruo, remember. If this happens again, the first thing you should do is neutralize the enemy completely first!”

Sun Mo had wanted to touch the papaya girl’s forehead. But when he saw that his hand was drenched in blood, he decided not to do so.

Li Ziqi, who was moving slower, also ran over. However, she immediately pulled out her dagger and stabbed toward Fang Wuan’s wound to verify that he was truly dead.

“He died just like that?”

Ying Baiwu furrowed her brows.


Sun Mo exhaled a breath of turbid air. This time, it was truly a thrilling victory.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》