Absolute Great Teacher
259 A Transaction with an Ancient King
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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259 A Transaction with an Ancient King

After Sun Mo looked at Fang Wuan’s data, he surmised that this fellow had an 80-90% chance of fighting all the way to the death.

Although his Immemorial Vairocana was a saint-tier cultivation art, its main purpose was to hit out the cultivation arts of others. In terms of attacking prowess, it was one level lower compared to other saint-tier cultivation arts.

Hence, Sun Mo had used himself as the bait, depending on his Invulnerable Golden Body to block his opponent’s ultimate move. After that, he used ‘Paying someone back in their own coin’ to retaliate.

The Invulnerable Golden Body diminished a portion of Fang Wuan’s sword might. Hence, Sun Mo’s inner organs were fine, and he had only suffered a huge wound on his chest. However, Fang Wuan was in a much dire state, his inner organs were destroyed by Sun Mo’s blade.

One died, while the other was heavily injured. No matter how Sun Mo looked at it, he had profited.

Naturally, after this battle, Sun Mo needed to recuperate for a month or two before he could fully recover.

“As expected of someone with an extremely high potential value. He is too difficult to handle!”

Sun Mo started to reflect on himself. He mustn’t feel proud or complacent just because he won against a person like Zhang Qianlin. He understood that a true genius had strength beyond his imagination!

Ying Baiwu didn’t know first-aid, so she was so anxious that she paced around. Luckily, Li Ziqi knew a little and she was helping to treat Sun Mo with the papaya girl as her assistant. They soon stopped Sun Mo’s bleeding and dressed his wound.

Pitter patter!

The three girls kept crying. Their tear stains were all over their faces.

“I’m fine. I won’t die!”

Sun Mo consoled them. “Baiwu, search his body and take the bow over!”

That bow was a peak-grade weapon.


Ying Baiwu didn’t move but used her gaze to hint at Sun Mo. He must be careful not to be sneak-attacked by that eight-gate cloud.

The mysterious species of darkness hadn’t left. It floated tens of meters away quietly, watching as Li Ziqi and the others treated Sun Mo.

“Don’t mind it, I don’t think it has any hostility.”

Sun Mo spoke. He wanted to lift his hand to greet it, but it was too painful to do so. “Teacher, I think it is interested in your Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands!”

Li Ziqi hurriedly told her discovery to Sun Mo.

Sun Mo started. But after that, he realized that it was logical. After all, the cloud before him was an intelligent spirit. “Thank you!”

As Sun Mo spoke, he activated Divine Sight.


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The senses of the eight-gate cloud were extremely sharp. It immediately rushed into the great hall and hid itself, leaving behind a silver arc in the air as though it was mocking Sun Mo for his ignorance.

Sun Mo was only curious about a lifeform like this and wanted to sate his curiosity.

In the past, Sun Mo had wanted to capture it, but he had abolished all thoughts about that right now after he was saved by it. Sun Mo had no intention of repaying kindness with enmity.

Ying Baiwu walked in the front, while Li Ziqi and Lu Zhiruo were supporting Sun Mo as they entered the great hall.


Little loachie used its teeth to gnaw on the papaya girl’s clothes, not wanting her to proceed inside. Because the Wind King was too dangerous. However, who would be willing to give up such a huge treasure trove?

The four of them walked onto the altar. Before they could speak, a voice already rang out.

“Those were honestly two fascinating battles. Congratulations to you, victor!” The tone of the Wind King was extremely lofty. It was as though he was a noble watching the fight between peasants held at the Rome Colosseum.

“How long have you been imprisoned here for? 10,000 years? 100,000 years?”

Sun Mo mocked.

Li Ziqi was unable to restrain a smile. ‘When one beats a human, one doesn’t beat his face.’ However, her teacher was very ‘excellent’, directly addressing the most heart-pricking issue straight off the bat.

“Ant, do you know who you are speaking to?”

The Wind King roared.

“Retract your arrogance. If you want to go out, you can only depend on us. If not, just wait for death here!”

Sun Mo sat on the ground. “Can you tell us the price you are willing to pay?”

“The bow in that girl’s hand is the Wind King Bow, a saint weapon. The user only needs to channel their spirit qi into the bow and arrows will form constantly. Also, since the arrows are semi-transparent, it’s very useful for long-range attacks,” the Wind King spoke

“Saint weapon?”

“Unlimited arrows?”


The three girls exclaimed. Among the weapons in the Middle-Earth Nine Provinces, spirit weapons were already considered very rare. Saint weapons were even rarer, and thus they didn’t expect to see one here. Even the name of the weapon already sounded impressive. “I know it even if you didn’t answer.”

Sun Mo observed it with his Divine Sight. This bow was an inferior saint-tier weapon and was considered quite good. “Baiwu, take it.”


Ying Baiwu didn’t reject it. She recalled her teacher telling her before that she was proficient in archery and should work hard to become an archery goddess instead of a sword dancer.

The iron-headed girl took the bow with her left hand and pulled the bowstring with her right. As expected, as she released her spirit qi, a semi-transparent arrow was formed.


An arrow flew out. Its speed was as fast as a shooting star, and it instantly blasted into the wall.

“How swift!”

Lu Zhiruo praised.

The spirit qi roaming dragon felt its scalp turning numb. The mysterious species of darkness were the most afraid of long-ranged weapons. “Ziqi, you should use this sword then!”

Ying Baiwu took White Bird off her waist and passed it to the little sunny egg.

“With my combat strength, it would be useless even if I took it!”

Li Ziqi bitterly smiled.

“That’s why I passed it to you. You can simply imbue your spirit qi in it to release a white bird that can attack your enemies.”

Ying Baiwu forcibly passed the sword to Li Ziqi.

Seeing the modesty between martial siblings, Sun Mo was very satisfied. At the very least, he didn’t need to worry about them falling out and becoming enemies when they saw some top-tier items.

“Wind King, just by hearing the name of the bow, everyone would know it has a connection with you. So, don’t tell us that you don’t have a cultivation art to complement the bow with. Why don’t you give the art to us?”

Sun Mo ‘extorted’ the Wind King.

“Haha, I naturally have. But that would depend on how much you guys could learn!”

The Wind King laughed uproariously. A moment later, the spring water at the center of the altar gushed forth. They then condensed into the shape of ‘Ying Baiwu’. After that, the water Ying Baiwu executed the Wind King Divine Art while reciting the oracular formula of the art.

Sun Mo immediately activated ‘copy’ and stared at the stances and movements of ‘Ying Baiwu’.

Twenty minutes later, ‘Ying Baiwu’ finished executing the cultivation art. Its form then dissipated, turning back into the water.

“How about it? Have you memorized it?”

The Wind King taunted.

The entire set of the Wind King Divine Art consisted of over 1,200 words. Because the language used was the ancient language of the Nine Provinces, so not only was it profound and cryptic, but it was also tough to enunciate the words.

Even if great teachers were here, they wouldn’t dare to say they had memorized it because they couldn’t understand it.

Sun Mo wanted to shoot back verbally. (Who knows what kind of bird language you just spoke?) Ying Baiwu and Lu Zhiruo both had stupefied looks on their faces as well.

“A tiny and inconsequential ant…”

The Wind King was very complacent. It just wanted to say, ‘As long as you guys do things according to what I say, I will impart this cultivation art to you all’. However, who knew that the little sunny egg, whose chest was as flat as lotuses in a pond during early summer, suddenly spoke out.

“Che, do you want me to recite what I memorized for you?”

Li Ziqi ridiculed.

“Sure, I’m waiting to hear it!”

The Wind King seamlessly surveyed Li Ziqi. She was about 13 to 14 years old. It meant that she had already learned the Four Books and Five Classics of Confucianism. Could she understand the ancient language at all?

Was this a joke?

Li Ziqi began to recite. After that, she didn’t pause a single moment until she recited everything

“Wow, our eldest martial sister is so awesome!”

Lu Zhiruo was full of worship. She was clapping so hard that even her palms turned red.


Ying Baiwu was also filled with envy. The intellect of the little sunny egg could suppress the majority of people.

The Wind King fell silent. It didn’t say anything for a long time.

“What? Can it be that I memorized some parts wrongly?”

Li Ziqi asked.

“Have you learned the ancient language before?”

The Wind King inquired.

“Nope. The ancient language has long since died out in the Nine Provinces. The current era of people only knows a smidgen of it.”

Li Ziqi explained.

“Then you…”

The Wind King couldn’t understand.

“She only memorized the intonation of the syllables spoken earlier.”

Sun Mo explained.


The Wind King could be considered an old monster that had lived for over a million years. But when it heard this, it was still dumbfounded. Was this something that a human could accomplish?

The main point was that Li Ziqi’s intonation wasn’t wrong! It was like a Chinese man memorizing a piece of text. There would be some with good memories that could completely memorize the text. However, what if the text was written in a foreign language? Let alone memorizing it, even reading it out loud would be a problem. Also, the difficulty of an ancient language was multiple times higher in comparison. Li Ziqi was truly a genius. “My eldest martial sister has an eidetic memory. Her brains are very impressive!”

Lu Zhiruo boasted.

“Is the cultivation art you revealed earlier


Sun Mo was worried.

“Hmph, no matter what, I’m one of the ancient elemental kings. Would I lie to ants like you?”

The Wind King ridiculed. It had felt that it didn’t need to play tricks because they wouldn’t be able to understand the language. Who would have anticipated that there would be a small monster like Li Ziqi?

But this girl might really be the key for it to leave here.

“I will admit that there’s no mistake in your memorization. But can you understand the meaning though?”

The Wind King laughed. What it meant was simple. (Without my explanations, even if you guys obtain this saint-tier cultivation art, it would be useless). “Do all the spirit-winds outside obey your orders?”

Sun Mo’s question was brainless, and it caused the Wind King to be puzzled.


The Wind King was very sure.

“Hey, can you not boast? If you can control those spirit-winds, you would have long since lured humans here to help you unlock the seal.”

Li Ziqi directly saw through the hole in the Wind King’s words. “Let me guess. It would surely be an extremely troublesome matter to release you, and it’s something not ordinary humans could achieve. Hence, you have to wait.”

Sun Mo guessed, “If the human is too strong, you will be worried. But if they are too weak, you can’t use them. Hence, your level of strength now must surely be weaker compared to the past.”

The Wind King didn’t dare to say anything anymore. (I didn’t even say anything much relating to the main topic of releasing me, yet you guys already guessed so much? Can you show some mercy?)

Sun Mo wasn’t mistaken. The Wind King could cause a huge commotion and draw those seven great teachers or even a secondary saint over, but what could it do then?

After they broke the seal, they would surely think of all solutions to enslave it. But if it lured newbies over, the Wind King was worried that they might fail and make things even worse.

“Wind King, since both of our parties want to cooperate, it’s better to lay our terms honestly on the table and negotiate.”

Sun Mo suggested.

“What do you wish to discuss?”

The Wind King tried to sound composed.

“Since you are worried about those saints, why don’t you personally nurture human talents to help you break the seal?” Sun Mo counter-asked.

“You are saying to impart knowledge to you?”

The Wind King coldly laughed. (Wanting to cheat me of my cultivation art? No way!)

“Not me. But to my student, Li Ziqi!”

Sun Mo didn’t have any interest in being an old scholar researching ancient knowledge. His purpose was to educate people. But Li Ziqi was fond of it. As a lady who loved to read, she was fond of studying all sorts of knowledge.

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