Absolute Great Teacher
263 Killing You? A Single Wooden Blade Is Already Enough!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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263 Killing You? A Single Wooden Blade Is Already Enough!


The Wind King Hall was such a vast place, so there was no need for them to find many concealed locations. After tens of minutes, Li Ziqi found a remote smaller hall and designated this place as where the teleportation gate would be set up. Little Silver seemed to inhale. Its body that was in the shape of the eight-trigrams suddenly expanded. Rumbling thunder sounded out as it exhaled. It spat out a small fluffy white cloud. The shape of the cloud looked like the character ‘M’ and once it landed on the ground, it formed into a gate.

The gate wasn’t large, just the normal size of a bedroom door, looking simple and unadorned. Other than the material that constructed it being cloud and mist, there was nothing magical about it. However, there was a silver light screen above the door. If one touched it with one’s finger, it would ripple like how the water surface of a lake rippled when a stone was tossed into it.

“Could this be the Gate of Resting of the eight-trigrams?”

Li Ziqi asked.


Little Silver elongated its body and became a ‘tick’.

“This teleportation gate can only be sensed by Little Silver. When it needed to use the gate, it would summon it out. Usually, the teleportation gate would be in a transparent state and vanish into the air. Naturally, even if someone walked past it, they wouldn’t feel anything,” said Sun Mo.

“This is truly too magical.”

“So many spirit crystals. This is enough for me to cultivate to the legendary realm! No, it’s enough for all my descendants in the future too.”

Yi Jiamin slashed the spirit crystals from the wall and grabbed them. After that, he tossed them up the ceiling and simply stood by to hear the sound of them hitting the ground.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Too wondrous. Even celestial voices were merely so-so compared to this.

(In the past, I actually felt that the sound of a woman moaning in bed was the nicest sound in the world. How shallow of me. Clearly, the sound of spirit crystals colliding together is the best.)

What was this?

This was wealth.

This was his dream life.

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This was everything he wanted! (What is the Central Province Academy? A fart? If this daddy has so many spirit crystals, I will immediately buy you guys. Not convinced? Just tell me a price!)

Yi Jiamin who was immersed in his own world felt like he was stung by a scorpion when he heard their voices. He directly jumped in fright.


Yi Jiamin roared as he pointed his sword over in anger.

“Teacher Yi!”

Lu Zhiruo was too pure. She actually didn’t understand the current situation and even greeted Yi Jiamin.

“Sun Mo?”

Yi Jiamin’s eyes immediately turned to Sun Mo. It was like he had seen his natural enemy. The expression on his face sank as his countenance became as dark as a wok.

(Damn, how did this fellow appear here?)

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》