Absolute Great Teacher
264 Return from A Rewarding Journey
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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264 Return from A Rewarding Journey


Ying Baiwu had wanted to help. But after seeing this, she put down her Wind King Bow. For a weak chicken like this, be it in a battle of wits or strength, he was inferior to her teacher. Even if her teacher was only using one hand, he would be able to win for sure.


Sun Mo caught hold of White Bird while he asked in passing, “Is it painful?”

“Painful your mom!”

Yi Jiamin roared, his expression contorted. Other than pain, he felt even more angry and despondent. He also felt a sensation of helplessness that he didn’t wish to admit.

Sun Mo was a few years younger than him, yet he was already so powerful. In a few more years, Yi Jiamin wouldn’t even hold a candle to Sun Mo.

Yi Jiamin wasn’t even a 1-star great teacher. Honestly speaking, he was just a teacher who taught three years more compared to Sun Mo. How large could his aspiration be?

However, Yi Jiamin did have some capabilities, or he wouldn’t have been recruited by An Xinhui.

Li Ziqi mocked. Actually, she was a virtuous lady and wouldn’t usually use such language. However, in order to make Yi Jiamin lose his rationality, she began to be toxic. Nevertheless, it didn’t feel very good to scold people like that.


Sun Mo rolled his eyes. He didn’t catch the longsword earlier because Yi Jiamin might take that chance to attack him. But who would have guessed that this idiot would be so foolish to try and knock the sword away instead of attacking?

But to be fair, in the eyes of the vast majority, a metal sword would have a higher attacking prowess compared to a wooden sword. In a life-and-death battle, wouldn’t one want to swap their wooden weapon for a metal one?

Hence, Yi Jiamin had thought that as long as Sun Mo didn’t catch that longsword, it would be his victory.

This was the disparity in their combat intellect. Let alone a combat genius like Fang Wuan, even Zhang Qianlin wouldn’t do what Yi Jiamin had done by changing his focus to the sword. In his position, they would have hastened their attacks on Sun Mo to force him to step away from the sword.

Yi Jiamin’s combat experience was simply too little. Since there was such an apparent flaw, if Sun Mo didn’t make use of this, he would simply be letting himself down. “Going back on what you said? You are not fit to be a teacher!”

Yi Jiamin coldly mocked. However, he was now panting. Sun Mo’s attacks were simply too fierce.

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The eighteen sword attacks all hit their target. Although Yi Jiamin’s vitals weren’t injured, the aching pain from his flesh as well as the wet sensation of bleeding caused him to feel a sense of panic that quickened his heart beat.

Sun Mo suddenly halted. His left hand covered his mouth as his expression turned to pain. Through the gaps of his finger, blood could be seen flowing out. “Teacher!”

The three girls called out in shock.

Upon seeing this, Yi Jiamin laughed uproariously. “Haha, I know you are strong on the outside but weak on the inside. Go to hell!”

This made sense. After being so heavily injured, how could Sun Mo still attack so fiercely? He must have forced himself.

Just when Yi Jiamin was preparing to rush out and slash off Sun Mo’s head, an intense pain suddenly erupted from his back. After that, a sword directly pierced through his heart, exiting from his chest.


Yi Jiamin coughed out a mouthful of fresh blood. There was a lack of understanding on his face.

“Because my teacher’s intellect is higher than yours. Idiot!”

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》