Absolute Great Teacher
265 Peak-grade Medicine Packet, Complete Recovery!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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265 Peak-grade Medicine Packet, Complete Recovery!


“Why are you in a daze? Quickly remove your clothes!” Seeing that Sun Mo actually wanted to reject it, Jun Mujie smacked her palm on his head. “My time is very valuable, don’t waste it, okay?”

Jin Mujie was just teasing him, wanting Sun Mo to relax. After all, to suddenly tell an inexperienced young man to be nude in front of a woman would make him feel some pressure.

After Sun Mo heard this, he felt that something was wrong. (Why does it feel like this is a scene of eating fast food?)

The so-called fast food was a term he heard from one of his university classmates. During Christmas, that fellow saw the male students in the dorm going out with their female partners. The richer ones went to hotels, and the poorer ones went to motels. He was the only one remaining in the male dormitory. Loneliness was like ice rain, ruthlessly pouring down, smacking his face!

That student directly ran to buy beer. After that, when he passed by an alley, he was stopped by an older sister, and he decided to head to the hair salon she recommended.

What happened then wasn’t too good to describe. However, that male student was very satisfied and from then onward, he would frequently visit that salon.

At that time, Sun Mo would often hear that student saying the hair salon’s older sister’s set phrase. ‘What do you mean the whole night? My time is very valuable, okay?’. “What are you thinking about?”

Jin Mujie frowned. “Quickly, your wound has to be treated as soon as possible!”

Sun Mo self-mocked. Now that he counted, he was a single-dog for two lifetimes. In the past, he didn’t have a house and his wages were low. Even when going for match-making sessions, he would be despised by the girls. And as for now, he was still single.

Speaking of which, should he woo Gu Xiuxun? Actually, Jin Mujie wasn’t bad as well.

Upon thinking of this, Sun Mo subconsciously looked forward. After that, he saw this young woman sitting there, helping him to dress his wounds.


Sun Mo hurriedly turned his head.

“Are you modest or intentionally pretending to be muddle-headed? Just with your fame as the God Hands, it’s unknown how many female teachers would want to chat with you. But let me warn you, you better not fool around with them. This is especially so for the female students who worship you. You must not overstep the boundaries.”

The first half of Jin Mujie’s words was a joke, but the second half was a warning.

Sun Mo was too young. He was also very handsome and overflowing with talent, exuding charm. Young ladies would have no resistance toward someone like him. Once he couldn’t control himself, it was easy for many things to happen. In the great teacher world, some female students would spare no expenses at blackening a teacher’s reputation for the sake of being famous or for wealth and position. They would plan meticulously on how to snag the teacher and have a sexual relationship with him. Such incidents weren’t rare.

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One must know that honey traps weren’t something men could resist. The only difference was whether the beauty in the honey trap was beautiful enough or not. “Why doesn’t Teacher Jin introduce me to one?”

Sun Mo felt that it should be because of the Diamond Fruit. Sadly, such fruits were simply too rare. Wait a minute… Sun Mo immediately opened the system merchant store and scrolled through it.

Diamond Fruit Seed, 1,000 favorable impression points for one.

Diamond Fruit, completely ripped. 1,000 favorable impression points for one.

“So cheap?”

Sun Mo was astonished. He hurriedly bought one.

Ding! “Purchase successful. The Diamond Fruit has been sent to your inventory.”

The system notification rang out.

“Can I only purchase one?”

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》