Absolute Great Teacher
266 Sun Mo’s New Home
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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266 Sun Mo’s New Home

With regard to the intimate actions of the spring water beauty, Jin Mujie rejected it at the start. Although she knew it was just a human-shaped puppet formed from spring water, she wasn’t used to this. But a few minutes later, she gave up all resistance. Why? It was because Jin Mujie discovered that every inch of her body that the spring water beauty had touched-more accurately, lickedwould become extremely smooth and glossy.

Even the scars from her previous injuries would become shallower!


Hence, Jin Mujie decided to choose beauty, between being beautiful and being disgusted.

It was a no-brainer. A woman who didn’t like to be beautiful couldn’t even be considered a woman.

From his previous world, Sun Mo would often see his female friends posting things they had bought on social media. Without an exception, everything they bought was make-up products. Hence, one could say that beauty was a need for women instead of a want. This wouldn’t change even if the woman had a high position in society or a strong will!

Sun Mo was speechless. Luckily, the spring water beauty wasn’t a muscular guy like the genie. If not, no matter how magical its effects were, he absolutely wouldn’t dare to soak himself in the water.

He left Jin Mujie here and silently retreated.

“Teacher, are you not going to soak yourself?” Li Ziqi and Lu Zhiruo, who were waiting outside, were very happy when they saw Sun Mo. They had wanted to enter, but Jin Mujie stopped them.


Sun Mo warned, “You guys better not go in


At night, Sun Mo consumed the Diamond Fruit. His constitution improved considerably and his recovery rate increased as well.

After the group stopped and rested for a night in the hot spring zone, they continued with their journey the next morning.

Due to there being so many people in the group, Sun Mo didn’t dare to summon Little Silver. Otherwise, it would surely be extremely joyful to float back to school while sitting on the cloud.

Nevertheless, Sun Mo was extremely joyful now. The harvest he had obtained from this trip was simply humongous.

Firstly, it was his cultivation realm. Right now, he was already at the fifth level of the blood-ignition realm. Hence, he only needed to break through two more times, and then he could attempt to ascend to the divine force realm. Since he still had a scarlet blood pill that he won from Gao Ben, it was 90% probable that he could ascend to the divine force realm.

In life, was there anything more joyful than you personally crushing someone who kept messing with you? Yes, there was, and that was crushing three troublemakers instead of one!

Zhang Qianlin, Fang Wuan, and Yi Jiamin-all of them were killed by Sun Mo. This simply caused him to feel so high that he felt like flying. This was especially so after he had experienced life-and-death battles. Sun Mo’s state of heart and his strength underwent a vast improvement.

In terms of cultivation arts, Sun Mo had used Immemorial Vairocana to hit out an inferior saint-tier cultivation art known as the Moon Reflection Blade Art. This could be considered quite rare, but other than selling it for money, Sun Mo had no interest in learning it.

There was no other reason. The grade of this cultivation art was too low, and he didn’t have any regard for it.

One must know that Sun Mo had obtained two peerless saint-tier Wind King Divine Art and Wind King Divine Movement Art from the Wind King. If others wanted to cultivate these to the major completion stage, they might need to spend several years. However, Sun Mo didn’t need to. He only needed to purchase time emblems.

Moreover, he had even obtained a stronghold in the Wind King Hall.

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That place was filled with spirit crystals and was enough to last Sun Mo for hundreds of years.

Spirit qi was the basis of cultivation. The more abundant the spirit qi was, the easier it would be for the cultivators. It would allow them to achieve twice the work with half the effort.

An example was Qi Shengjia, an honest boy with average talent. If he went to the Wind King Hall where the spirit qi was in abundance, even his cultivation rate would increase by three times.

And if it were geniuses like Xuanyuan Po and Ying Baiwu, their cultivation speed would soar into the sky with a single step. No one would be able to block them.

Why were spirit stone mines the most important resources? This was precisely the reason.

However, Sun Mo was numb to this because Lu Zhiruo and the spirit qi roaming dragon had become companions. Even if they finished using the spirit crystals, the spirit qi roaming dragon could go and search for more.

The only problem was that he mustn’t let Little Silver and Little Loachie be recognized by others, or trouble would soon come and knock on his doors.

Naturally, the greatest danger was still the Wind King. That fellow was an ancient hegemon that had lived since a million years ago. Its existence in itself could be considered a huge source of wealth. As to how Sun Mo should turn it into his strength, he had to ponder carefully.

“There are only three months before the league tournament starts. I have to bring Ziqi and the others to the Wind King Hall for training and do my utmost to improve their cultivation bases!”

Sun Mo was pondering over his next strategy.

They arrived at the Spiritwind City and stayed there for a day, waiting until the teleportation gate could be activated before they returned to Jinling.

Jiangnan was filled with misty rain. The colors of autumn could be seen via the leaves of the parasol trees.

Now that they were approaching autumn, the evenings started to get cool.

An Xinhui who had received the news of their return was waiting outside the school to welcome them back. She encouraged the students and got them to rest. After that, she listened to Jin Mujie’s report as they went to her office.

“I understand. I will have to trouble Teacher Jin then. You can go and rest first!” When she heard that Pei Yuanli and the others, as well as tens of students, went to capture the eight-gate cloud, An Xinhui was very angry. However, she felt helpless too. Who wouldn’t want such a valuable mysterious species of darkness?

Sun Mo rose to his feet and was preparing to go as well.

“Teacher Sun, can I trouble you to stay awhile?”

When Jin Mujie opened the door and left, only then did An Xinhui had the time to survey Sun Mo. “Are your injuries okay?”

“I’m fine now.”

Sun Mo continued to sit and drink the tea.

If other men had the chance to spend time alone with An Xinhui, they would surely grind their brain juices to search for conversation topics. However, Sun Mo was an exception.

An Xinhui also wasn’t an expert in this regard. Hence, the atmosphere became a little awkward, remaining like that for over ten minutes. After that, Sun Mo finished drinking his tea and bid his farewell.


An Xinhui sighed. She discovered that she couldn’t understand this childhood sweetheart of hers at all.

This was especially so after his return from the Darkness Continent. An Xinhui felt that Sun Mo was more confident now. Not only in terms of his strength but his mentality as well.

An Xinhui’s instincts weren’t wrong. Right now, Sun Mo was an extremely wealthy man. How could he not be confident?

As the saying went, ‘the guts of men depend on the size of their wallets’. If it was the poor Sun Mo from before, he wouldn’t even dare to peep at the women when he passed by a brothel. But now? He would enter directly and pick ten of the most beautiful ones to serve him!

Sun Mo returned to his dorm and could smell the slight smell of sweat in the air. He thus opened the windows for some air. After contemplating a little, he decided to head back to the headmaster office.

“What’s wrong?”

An Xinhui was currently seated upright and still. She hoped that this time around, they could continue and find some topics to chat about.

“The school would prepare a property for great teachers, right? Can you give me one?”

Sun Mo spoke. Because the Central Province Academy was built very long ago, the land it occupied was very vast. In the internal area of the school, there was a zone designated for top-grade great teachers.

Naturally, the great teachers had to be a 6-star at the minimum, or there was no need to talk about this.


An Xinhui frowned.

“I don’t mean to get one for nothing. I’m willing to pay money to rent one!”

Sun Mo explained.

The secret of him having the eight-gate cloud had to be kept properly. Besides, from now onward, he would frequently teleport between the Wind King Hall and the Central Province Academy. If he did it outside the school, it was not safe nor convenient.

“If you speak about renting, you will be looking down on me too much.”

An Xinhui smiled. She opened up a drawer and took out a key. “The first building on the left. There’s a loquat (pipa) tree in front of the entrance. You should know which one, right? I’m temporarily calling it the Pipa Building, and you can choose any room you want to!” “Thanks!”

Sun Mo took note of this favor.

Ordinary people wouldn’t be able to stay in this villa. Although the Central Province Academy had declined, if one wanted to stay there, one had to be a 3-star great teacher at the very least.

An Xinhui looked at the departing Sun Mo, and her face was a little red. This was because that villa belonged to her clan. More accurately, it was considered her private property.

Wasn’t allowing Sun Mo to stay there equivalent to silently agreeing to cohabitation?

However, An Xinhui had no other solution. If she let Sun Mo stay in other villas, what should she do when the other great teachers made a fuss?

The villa was located in the northwestern area of the Central Province Academy. Tall trees were growing around the area, and their leaves were extremely dense and could cover the sky. Hence, when someone entered, they would immediately feel a leisurely emotion that could only be found in remote places. It was like the burden they had in the mortal world had been cleansed away.

Because normal people were prohibited from entering, the atmosphere in the villa was extremely quiet.

Sun Mo hummed a little tune as he slowly walked on the limestone pavement of an alley. While he was surveying the scenery, he couldn’t help but muse that his fiancee was actually so rich!

Although this property was built long ago, even in the current Jinling, it was still worth a lot of money. However, the Central Province Academy only had this bit of foundation left.

If they lost in the league tournament, they would be unranked and lose the title of ‘famous school’. An Xinhui wouldn’t be able to preserve this land either.

“Wait a minute, I can be considered half an owner too, right?”

Sun Mo glanced at the surroundings. When he thought about how this villa would be monopolized by others, he immediately got angry. How could he endure such a thing?

Sun Mo, who was indulging in wild fantasy, finally arrived at the Pipa Building. On the low walls of the courtyard, lichen could be seen covering them. White-edged morning glories were currently blooming around the courtyard. Sun Mo frowned. From his memories, this should be the house of the old headmaster. He pushed the door open.


Because An Xinhui was thrifty, she didn’t need any maids or odd-jobs laborers. Hence, the villa was terrifyingly silent, so silent that the cries of bugs could be clearly heard.

Sun Mo frowned. He cast a glance at that moss-covered stone pavement. There was not a single footprint there at all, and this made him very satisfied. After walking around the villa, Sun Mo sat in the living room while leaning his back against a rattan chair, swaying back and forth in thought.

“From today onward, I will be the master of this place!”

After enjoying this for a few minutes, Sun Mo snapped his fingers.

“Little Silver!”

Sun Mo summoned.

A few minutes later, a silver cloud flew over from the window. “This place will be our home in the future. Get familiar with the surroundings!”

Sun Mo stood up and poured a cup of tea.


Little Silver floated around and explored the surroundings joyfully.

“Don’t be too focused on playing, alright? You also have to find a safe location to construct a teleportation gate.”

Sun Mo instructed.


Little Silver felt that the backyard’s scenery was very good for the teleportation gate, but it was stopped by Sun Mo.

“Are you not afraid that people would see it?” In the end, Sun Mo chose a guest room for the teleportation gate. He didn’t wish for someone to appear through the teleportation gate and enter his bedroom when he was sleeping. It was just too dangerous for him.

Very soon, Little Silver handled everything.

“Can I go over now?”

As he looked at the transportation gate, Sun Mo stretched his hand to touch it.


A ripple manifested, undulating through the gate.


Little Silver directly flew in.

Sun Mo grabbed his wooden blade and followed the cloud in. He didn’t feel any discomfort, and it was like just walking in and out of a door. At the next instant, Sun Mo appeared in the Wind King Hall.

The concentrated spirit qi immediately gushed forth.


Sun Mo picked up a spirit crystal and went back through the gate. At the next moment, he appeared in the villa once more. Speaking of which, should he head to the Wind King Hall and capture a few rock crabs to steam for his dinner?

When Sun Mo was pondering over what to eat, Li Gong came by for a visit with a heavy expression on his face. He didn’t wish to be so anxious, but a major thing had just occurred.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》