Absolute Great Teacher
268 Sharp Retaliation
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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268 Sharp Retaliation

“I’m talking about you. So what?”

Although Sun Mo was a new teacher, because he was the logistics department head, he was sitting in the front row. Compared to the other school leaders who were old and preferred to go with the way the wind blew, Sun Mo was considered extremely young. Sun Mo’s words echoed out. In the hall, the gazes of all the teachers immediately turned over.

“Teacher An, are you going to permit his impudence?”

Zhang Hanfu knew that Sun Mo’s zodiac was a dog, and he would bite whoever shouted at him. It was too beneath him to quarrel with Sun Mo. Hence, he directly dragged An Xinhui in because he wanted everyone to see her protecting Sun Mo despite his rudeness and ignoring the principle of fairness.

“Vice-headmaster Zhang, don’t be angered!”

An Xinhui ignored the crucial points and focused on minor things. She was definitely on Sun Mo’s side, but before she could say anything, her childhood sweetheart already blasted off with ‘gunpowder’.

“Zhang Hanfu, you are well over 50, yet you still need to complain to the headmaster? Do you even still want face?”

Sun Mo sneered.

“As a great teacher, leaving aside one’s teaching capabilities, one should at the very least possess a streak of pride in their heart. But what about you? You only know how to compromise, compromise, and compromise. In your dictionary, there’s only this single word!”

Not only was Sun Mo’s talking speed fast, but his enunciation was clear as well.

“The three trading companies are clearly the mastermind. Yes, their net worth is in the tens of millions, but I’ll f*** your mom. This daddy is simply arrogant when facing them, so what? Can’t I be arrogant? These people are rubbish merchants that bleed the hard-earned money of the farmers to make huge profits. What qualifications do they have to put on airs before me?”

Sun Mo coldly laughed.

Although the teachers didn’t comment or discuss, they felt Sun Mo’s words were right in their hearts. Hence, there was now an additional hint of contempt in their eyes when they looked at Zhang Hanfu.

A sense of superiority was present in everyone. Although the teachers here didn’t say anything, just with their identity, they were filled with pride. Hence, they didn’t feel that there was anything wrong with the way Sun Mo treated the three leaders of the three trading companies.

“I rejected their preposterous request to increase the price by a huge percentage. Shouldn’t I have done so?” Sun Mo counter-asked, “Did you want me to act like a lackey and lick their faces, thanking them for the mad price?”


Some teachers started laughing.

“Sun Mo, stop being an annoying troublemaker. Since the situation has become like this, we don’t even have enough food for everyone to eat!”

Zhang Hanfu roared.

“Why? So we should compromise because we don’t have food to eat?”

Sun Mo’s tone became unyielding. “If the extra money after the price increase enters the pockets of the farmers, it’s fine, we will simply agree to it. In any case, our Central Province Academy doesn’t lack money now. However, the extra money would never land in the pockets of the farmers but the wallets of the three trading companies instead. You are saying that we should provide for them? Paying for their entertainment when they visit brothels and play with prostitutes? Paying for them to stay in huge manors, hiring servants, and maids? Based on what? If we have excess money, why don’t we give an additional reward to the teachers instead?”

The teachers didn’t really care if they couldn’t eat. It was simply inconvenient to not have a canteen, hence, they were resentful towards Sun Mo. But after hearing his words, they started to feel angry and joined with him in opposition toward Zhang Hanfu.

Damn, those three fellows were truly scrupulous merchants.

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Upon seeing the attitudes of the teachers, Zhang Hanfu was so angry that his face turned ashen. “Tell me what should we do then? We can’t possibly just let this situation continue!”

“Isn’t it your fault? I originally was about to go and settle it, yet you have to call for this school leaders meeting. Are you addicted to blaming and scolding people? You authority-addict!”

Sun Mo retorted.

The gazes of some teachers were now filled with hostility when they looked at Zhang Hanfu. Speaking of a school leaders meeting, other than the school leaders, no one was fond of it.

“You are the authority-addict, your whole family are authority-addicts! I have no idea who was the one who wanted the logistics department head position so badly!”

Zhang Hanfu roared in fury. “Alright, let us both resign together. Let’s see who is the one feeling more reluctant?”

Sun Mo goaded.


Zhang Hanfu found himself at a loss for words. He mentally said, ‘Do you think I’m a fool? Do you know how many years I took to climb to my current position?’

“Why? You don’t dare?”

Sun Mo shouted, “Come on, let’s resign together. The one who doesn’t resign is a dog!”


Seeing Zhang Hanfu being squeezed to the point where he wasn’t able to get out of the awkward situation, as well as the green veins throbbing on his forehead, a hint that his blood vessels were about to explode, An Xinhui couldn’t help but smile stealthily.


Favorable impression points from An Xinhui +30. Friendly (380/1,000).

“Black Doggy Sun just bit someone. As expected of his reputation!”

“In the future, I’ll absolutely not quarrel against him. His verbal skills are so terrifying, and his mouth is akin to a cannon!”

“If I were Zhang Hanfu, I would surely be so angry that I wouldn’t be able to eat well for three days!”

The teachers surveyed Sun Mo. Their understanding of him deepened by one level.

“We can’t allow the situation to continue. The reputation of our Central Province Academy is at stake. Since you are the logistics department head, you should quickly come up with an idea to resolve this!”

Zhang Hanfu shouted in an overbearing manner, choosing to give in for now. There was no solution to this as he couldn’t out-talk Sun Mo. “Of course. Do I even need you to state the obvious?”

Sun Mo snorted. He stood up and left. “I’m very busy. In the future, can I trouble you not to disturb everyone if you don’t have an important matter to talk about?”

Some of the teachers also stood up and left the auditorium when they saw this, indicating their unhappiness with Zhang Hanfu.

“Sun Mo!’

Zhang Hanfu stood up. His face was flushed.

“Stop shouting. Three days. If I can’t resolve this in three days, I will scram out of the Central Province Academy!”

Sun Mo didn’t even turn his head.

Upon hearing this, the expressions of the teachers watching immediately turned solemn. After that, they looked at the departing back of Sun Mo as a trace of admiration appeared on their faces.

Compared to Zhang Hanfu, Sun Mo had charisma and would take responsibility for things.

The teachers in Zhang Hanfu’s faction shook their heads in disappointment. Their vice headmaster kept suffering setbacks and couldn’t even win against a new teacher. This caused them to be filled with worry about their futures.

Should they start to be neutral?

The teachers in Wang Su’s faction had never thought that An Xinhui, who only had Sun Mo on her side, could suppress Zhang Hanfu.

Honestly speaking, Zhang Hanfu’s prestige took a fall today.

Sun Mo, who had left the auditorium, heard the system notification not long after.


“Congratulations, you have obtained a total of +608 favorable impression points from colleagues. Because you obtained over 500 favorable impression points from them in a single shot, you are rewarded with 1x bronze treasure chest.”

During the afternoon, the leaders of the three trading companies came over again.

“Have you guys heard of what happened in the morning? It seems that Sun Mo isn’t planning to agree to our demand!”

Wei Ziyu drank his tea and looked at An Xinhui’s office. Very soon, the owner of this office would change.

“Che, he’s only tough verbally. Can he decide whether we increase the price or not? This time around, if I don’t make him kneel and call me daddy, my surname isn’t Ma!”

Ma Cheng sat with one leg crossed over the other and had a look of disdain on his face.

Zhang Zehao didn’t say anything. His mind was wandering, thinking of the future. As long as they humiliated Sun Mo and caused the Central Province Academy to collapse, they would receive the admiration and gratitude of that major character. That would mean that he would have a huge backer from now on, and his business operations would be extremely smooth.

After An Xinhui settled her minor tasks, she saw Ma Cheng and the other two waiting for her in front of her office.

“Headmaster An!”

Ma Cheng and the other two only nodded. They didn’t even stand up; their attitudes were filled with arrogance.

Honestly speaking, before this, Ma Cheng and the other two would definitely not dare to offend a great teacher like An Xinhui. But now that they had a huge backer, things were different.

“No matter what, we are business partners that have cooperated for over ten years. Why are you guys treating our Central Province Academy this way?”

An Xinhui questioned.

“This is not something we want. Some troublesome farmers refuse to provide their goods to us on time!”

Wei Ziyu lamented.

“There is no solution to it, we are doing our best too!”

Ma Cheng shrugged. “Headmaster An, it’s best that you quickly agree to our demand. If this matter delays yet again, I’m afraid some of those troublemakers among the farmers might do something irreversible!”

“Where are the troublemakers? Why do I only see unscrupulous merchants?”

A mocking voice rang out as Sun Mo pushed the door open. Behind him, Xuanyuan Po and a group of twenty guys could be seen. Each of them was carrying a large chest.

“Department Head Sun, what do you mean by this?”

Ma Cheng was annoyed.

“You don’t even have the slightest bit of awareness? No wonder you could only amount to being a middle-man to earn the difference in pricing your entire life. You won’t be able to get truly rich!”

Sun Mo mocked.

“Department Head Sun, your toxic tongue is indeed powerful, but it cannot solve the problem we are facing.”

Zhang Zehao indicated Ma Cheng not to be impulsive.

“Headmaster An, we know that your Central Province Academy is very lacking in terms of funding. However, the matter of the price increase cannot be delayed anymore. If you guys really cannot take out the money, I do know someone who can provide you with a high-interest loan. I can introduce him to you guys.”

Wei Ziyu revealed his poisonous heart.

“Place the chests down casually!”

Sun Mo indicated that the students didn’t need to place the chests neatly in rows.

An Xinhui didn’t understand. What were these chests?

“Headmaster An, we can give you two more days at most to consider. But if the time limit is passed, we won’t be able to do anything either!”

After Zhang Zehao spoke, the three of them bid her farewell and prepared to leave.

“Oh right, the tea brewed from these tea leaves are so unpleasant to drink. Even my dog would refuse to drink this.”

Ma Cheng mocked.

“Wait a minute.”

Sun Mo stopped them.

“Why? Does Department Head Sun want to provide guidance for me?”

Ma Cheng sneered.

“Don’t you guys simply want money?”

Sun Mo snapped his fingers.

Xuanyuan Po and the other students immediately opened up all the chests.


A golden glow instantly shone, akin to sunlight, almost blinding the eyes of Ma Cheng and the other two.

Gold bars were filled to the brim in each chest.

Ma Cheng and the other two started to pant as their eyes widened. There was no solution to this. Even though they were the leaders of major trading companies, it was very rare for them to see so much gold gathered in one place.

“Haha, I thought Department Head Sun would continue to be tough and unyielding!”

Wei Ziyu relaxed. The major character said that if the other party refused to accept the price increase, they had to make trouble. If they agreed, it was fine. The merchants could slowly milk the school dry first before starting to trouble them again in the future.

In any case, they had to completely ‘kill’ the Central Province Academy and feast on its flesh.

“Department Head Sun, this is the correct choice. A wise man would always submit to circumstances!”

When Ma Cheng spoke, he couldn’t help but walk near to a chest. He stretched his hand out to take a gold bar. Very good, after a short while, these gold bars would belong to him.

But when Ma Cheng grabbed a gold bar, a foot immediately stomped down on the back of his hand.


The foot belonged to Sun Mo!

“What do you mean by this?”

Ma Cheng’s expression changed. “Did I say that I will give you guys the money?”

Sun Mo’s lips curled. “I only took these gold over to show you guys!” “To show us?”

Ma Cheng and the other two started. After that, their expressions turned ashen. “Are you humiliating us?”

“You just discovered it now?”

As Sun Mo spoke, he kicked the chest.


The chest blasted backward as the gold bars in it flung out, dropping to the ground with clanking sounds.

“This daddy is precisely humiliating you guys. Are you not convinced? Why don’t you bite me?”

Sun Mo’s posture was as tall as the mountains. Before him, the gold bars fell like rain from the sky.

“Sun Mo!”

Ma Cheng howled in rage and lunged over, aiming a punch at Sun Mo’s head.

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