Absolute Great Teacher
269 Priceless Advice, A Happy-Go-Lucky Young Man!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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269 Priceless Advice, A Happy-Go-Lucky Young Man!

Ma Cheng’s net worth was in the millions and his strength could be considered above average. Usually when he went to brothels and hotels, the staff there would always fawn on him. However, this was still insufficient.

What was the point of having a sense of superiority when facing lackeys and prostitutes? Ma Cheng wanted to make those nobles and officials in high society respect him, but this was impossible.

The Middle-Earth Nine Provinces were the same as ancient China. They had a feudal system where the officials were ranked at the top. Authority was worth more than money. Hence, Ma Cheng would always be as obedient as a grandson whenever he met an official.

(I’ll admit this, but you are someone who isn’t even a 1-star great teacher. What qualifications do you have to display a sense of superiority before me?)

Sun Mo looked at him like how he looked at a bug. It was filled with disdain and contempt while exuding a feeling of loftiness. This attitude immediately made Ma Cheng recall the humiliation he suffered back when he first started his business. Hence, he could no longer control himself and threw a punch at Sun Mo’s eyes.


Wei Ziyu grew anxious. Although Ma Cheng was also a cultivator, his talent was only average. Fighting against a teacher was simply asking for it.

Sun Mo’s lips curled. He couldn’t even be bothered to evade. His right leg kicked out ferociously at Ma Cheng’s knee.


Ma Cheng groaned in pain. His right leg slid backward as he fell. But before he could land on the ground, Sun Mo launched a knee attack over.


Ma Cheng’s large face slammed into Sun Mo’s knee. Due to inertia, his entire body spun like a giant pinwheel backward.

Fresh blood splashed through the air.

Sun Mo stretched out his hand and grabbed hold of Ma Cheng’s hair. After that, he erupted forth with brute force and smashed Ma Cheng onto the ground.


Ma Cheng lay on the ground, paralyzed. His four limbs twitched as he coughed up fresh blood.

“Sun Mo, you are attacking people for no reason at all. I’m going to report you to the Saint Gate!”

Wei Ziyu spoke. Zhang Zehao was much more practical. He quickly retreated two steps back and was deeply afraid that Sun Mo would beat him up.

“Go and report me then!”

Sun Mo put up a middle finger.

Seeing how arrogant Sun Mo was, Wei Ziyu knew that he had kicked an iron board. The majority of teachers wouldn’t even curse him let alone fight due to them cherishing this occupation. But Sun Mo was an exception, he did what he wanted. He was undisciplined and out of control!

Wei Ziyu and Zhang Zehao no longer dared to say anything ruthless. They supported Ma Cheng and prepared to leave. But after they stepped out of the headmaster office, they were startled again. There was now a group of students standing in the corridor, and there was a wooden chest beside each of them.

“What the hell?”

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Wei Ziyu frowned.

“Could all the chests here be filled with gold bars as well?”

Zhang Zehao discovered that all the chests looked the same.

“How can that be?”

Wei Ziyu shook his head. They had all heard that the Central Province Academy had already run out of money.

“Why are you guys leaving in such a hurry? Don’t you want to admire the gold bars of our school a little longer?”

Sun Mo lifted his hand and snapped his finger while leaning against the door.


The male students received instructions to open the chest when they heard this. Hence, numerous bars of gold fell out, shining so brightly, dazzling the eyes of the three. Wasn’t…wasn’t this amount of gold too much?

“The Central Province Academy has the funds, but we won’t give you a single copper coin.” Sun Mo coldly snorted. “We will change trading companies. The three of you, remember to seek out another path of living soon.”

“Haha, who do you think you are? Do you think you are the boss of the industry? Can you change the middlemen just because you want


Even Wei Ziyu who had a good temper wasn’t able to endure such goating anymore.

Sun Mo shrugged. The three of them left the office building and after they got into a horse carriage, they began to vent by cursing out.

“This time, I’m going to make sure Sun Mo dies for sure. I will sleep with An Xinhui before his eyes, or the hatred in my heart won’t be able to be vented.”

Ma Cheng roared, his eyes were bloodshot.

Wei Ziyu and Zhang Zehao were also cursing. They knew that Sun Mo would die for sure, but An Xinhui wasn’t someone Ma Cheng was qualified to touch. She was already the prey of that major character.

“Since all cordiality is shredded, should we execute the next phase of our plan?”

Zhang Zehao was impatient.

“Surely. We will do so tomorrow and make sure the Central Province Academy sinks completely!”

Ma Cheng revealed a malevolent smile.

At the headmaster office, the students were packing the gold bars up.

“Sun Mo, are you not acting a little too high-profile by doing this? You should be careful. This could affect your reputation.”

An Xinhui didn’t know whether she should laugh or cry. However, when she saw those three fellows being able to see the gold but not touch it, it truly felt satisfying.

“I’m doing this for the other teachers to see!”

Sun Mo sat on the chair.

If a group wanted stability, no matter how they shouted their slogan, it would not be as effective as simply seeing the funds. Sun Mo was doing this precisely to stabilize everyone’s morale.

For something like money, Sun Mo didn’t lack that.

The Daoist White Bird had been a human trafficker for tens of years, and all his stash ended up benefitting Sun Mo. Besides, he also had the spirit crystals from the Wind King Hall.

Because spirit crystals were important resources, no one would use them to change for gold directly. But there would be people who needed to buy other things. Hence, the currency in Spiritwind City was based on spirit stones and crystals.

Right now, Sun Mo only needed to head to the Spirit King Hall and randomly fill a chest up with crystals. It wasn’t a problem for him to sell it for hundreds of thousands of gold. Even if these were insufficient, Sun Mo still had Li Ziqi, a wealthy scion of royalty as his student. Speaking of having money, if she said she was number two, no one would dare to say they were number one.

“Oh ya, after Governor Yu confiscated the properties of the Zhou Clan, he contributed a million taels to the school.” An Xinhui took out a receipt. “This is what Governor Yu gave you!”

“Take it!”

Sun Mo waved his hands, not wanting to discuss this matter.

“No way.”

An Xinhui rejected. She mustn’t spend Sun Mo’s money.

“Just treat it as my rental money.”

Sun Mo then changed the topic. “How’s the giant medicine packets preparation coming along?”

“They are currently in the midst of concoction. I wish to stock up more and sell them together in one go to completely dominate the market!”

Upon speaking of the giant medicine packet, An Xinhui immediately had a look of joy on her face. When she received the first completed product, she had immediately tested it. The effect was outstandingly good. “If this won’t sell well, I will strip off my clothes and run a circle around Jinling!”

An Xinhui was simply that confident.

“This is just one type of product, what do you mean by dominating the market?”

Sun Mo was speechless. “Ah? But I thought this is the norm when I saw others selling stuff?”

An Xinhui wasn’t a businesswoman. All the ‘strategies’ she knew were copied from others.

“Such a selling method is already outdated. Hunger marketing is the way to go. It is the best way to whet the appetite of the market. Right now, you should immediately leak some news and say that in order to raise money, the Central Province Academy is going to take out the medicine packets that have been in the school’s secret collection for 1,000 years. As for the marketing phrase, you should think of it yourself. In any case, just do things as exaggerated as possible.”

Sun Mo instantly thought of Lei Jun, speaking of selling stuff. (You people from the Nine Provinces are all nothing but noobs before him!) “Hunger marketing?” An Xinhui felt that this was not that reliable. Sellers would always worry about their products not being sold. (By doing this, are you not afraid of screwing things up?)

“It’s okay if you cannot understand the term. Just follow my instructions. In any case, the completed products are not many in number, just charge an expensive price for them. For the first batch, sell it to those peak-grade influential officials and nobles first. Remember, you must not sell the product cheaply.”


An Xinhui didn’t understand, but this was not important. She decided to listen to Sun Mo. After all, if she didn’t have him, she would have exhausted all resources she could tap on.

Sun Mo left An Xinhui’s office. He brought along five giant medicine packets and headed straight toward Zheng Qingfang’s home.

The servant at the door knew that this man was his master’s valued guest. Hence, he didn’t dare to slight Sun Mo. Not only did he welcome Sun Mo warmly, but he also immediately informed the old butler.

“Teacher Sun, our master is currently meeting a guest. Why don’t you wait for him in his study?”

The old butler immediately brought Sun Mo to the study. He left after preparing a pot of tea for Sun Mo.

Sun Mo pondered over the methods Ma Cheng and the other two could use. All of a sudden, he heard the sounds of footsteps. After that, a little fatty in his teens suddenly came in and rushed toward a bookshelf.

“I mustn’t be discovered!”

The little fatty prayed. He then took a book from the corner of the bookshelf and after quickly flipping through it, he became at ease. He then put the book into his robes and ran out. But after taking a few steps, he suddenly paused because he saw Sun Mo seating on a chair in one of the inner rooms.

Zheng Qingfang’s study was very large. Its layout consisted of three inner and outer rooms.

“You didn’t see anything!”

The little fatty glared at Sun Mo.

“How old are you? Why are you reading such a novel?”

Sun Mo activated Divine Sight.

Golden Jade Fan, an erotic novel. It’s about a story of love and hatred between a student, a famed prostitute, and a wealthy girl.

“I…I’m already considered a man, alright?”

The little fatty sniffed.

“You shouldn’t be reading these novels too much. It’s bad for your body!”

Sun Mo instructed, “Try your best to stop masturb*ting!” He was truly saying this for the good of the young man. After all, how did that saying go? “The young don’t know the value of semen, the old stares in space and shed tears.”

Sun Mo merely said it in passing, but Priceless Advice automatically activated. A golden glow shot out and enveloped the little fatty.

“Who are you to care about me? Let me tell you, you better not say nonsense, or I’ll get people to beat you to death.”

The little fatty threatened Sun Mo. He pushed the book deeper into his robes and started to run, preparing to quickly find a place to masturb*te. However, before he could step out of the door, the golden glow of the halo enveloped him.

At that instant, the little fatty’s excited and impulsive feeling vanished completely like he was doused with icy water.

“What the hell?”

The little fatty who ran out of the study turned his head for a look. His expression was filled with puzzlement. However, he shook his head after that and went to a toilet. After he removed his belt and took out the novel, he discovered that he completely had no desire to read it.

“Golden Jade Fan? What a lousy name, how vulgar!”

The little fatty’s lips twitched. (In the past, I felt that the name of this book was very beautiful. How retarded.) After that, he started to flip the pages. Shan er was the second female lead of this novel. Although she didn’t appear much, the little fatty liked her the most. He liked her more than the female lead Yuer. This was especially so when she didn’t wear any clothes and went to do sneaky acts with the scholar male lead. He could simply read this a hundred times and not feel tired.

But this time around, the little fatty suddenly felt disgusted after reading a few words.

“What the hell is this writing? This is bullshit!”


The little fatty cursed and tossed the novel into the toilet. After that, he propped his chin up and stared in a daze at the ceiling. (Aiya, why didn’t I bring a book of poems in here?)

(Recently, my grades have been slipping!)

“Sun Mo, how was the trip to the Darkness Continent?”

Zheng Qingfang came over.

“Uncle Zheng, I came this time around because I have a small gift for you!”

Sun Mo passed the giant medicine packets over.

[1] Lei Jun, an extremely wealthy chinese entrepreneur

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