Absolute Great Teacher
271 The Ruthless Black Doggy Sun
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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271 The Ruthless Black Doggy Sun


At a corner of the campus, Ma Cheng felt satisfaction in his heart when he saw An Xinhui under pressure from the farmers.

“Daring to hit me? I will make sure you guys pay the price.”

Ma Cheng had informed Old Yu to bring people and beat Sun Mo up when they saw him.

In such a situation, Sun Mo would have to endure the beating for nothing. If not, would he dare to hit those farmers back? Would he not care about his reputation? “Do you think it will be successful?”

For some reason, Wei Ziyu kept feeling that things wouldn’t proceed as smoothly as they planned.

“Brother Ziyu, there’s no need to worry. Just wait to collect the money!”

Zhang Zehao smiled complacently. He had calculated that after the price increase, they would receive an increase of 20% in profits every year. He would then be able to provide for two more mistresses with the money.

This was Zhang Zehao’s hobby. He only loved to play with young girls below the age of 15. He would kill the girls once they were 15.

Old Yu was depressed. “Why don’t you talk to leader Ma and the others and tell them to raise the price just a little?”

This was a dead-end. The farmers were doing their best to grow crops, but it was impossible for them to go to the city to sell it every day. Hence, they had to sell to merchants like Ma Cheng and allow the trading companies to earn profit as middlemen.

In the current modern society, distribution worked like this as well. Even farmers of Sun Mo’s old world wouldn’t go to the city to sell their products themselves, let alone a place that was so backward in technology like the Middle-Earth Nine Provinces.

Some farmers would never leave their villages their entire lives.

It was impossible for An Xinhui to adopt a tough stance. She said all the good things she could think of, wanting to persuade the farmers to leave. However, Old Yu was determined not to leave unless he achieved his objective.

“Where is that Sun Mo? Why don’t you call him to come out? I know Headmaster An is a good person. I also heard that all of this happened because Sun Mo was making trouble in the dark!”

Old Yu appeared very honest on the surface, but he was a shrewd man. He was pointing the arrows at the other school leader while saying that An Xinhui was considering things on behalf of the farmers, hence, she was a very good person.

When Zhang Hanfu heard this, he smiled coldly. (These old fellows are purposely placing a tall hat on An Xinhui so she wouldn’t have any way out of this awkward situation.)

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Zhang Hanfu felt even happier when he saw the look of fatigue on An Xinhui’s face. (Who told you to support that useless Sun Mo and go against me?)

After hearing this, Old Yu’s expression sank. The surrounding students also started to point their fingers as they whispered to themselves.

Indeed. Sun Mo was a teacher no matter what. (You should have referred to him as Teacher Sun. Yet, you called him directly by his name. Aren’t you a little too arrogant?)

The majority of the people here would side with those closer to them. Who was Sun Mo? He was currently the most famous teacher in the Central Province Academy. Not only did he have God Hands, but he also treated the students amicably and would always answer their questions.

Such a teacher basically had no flaws. Many students respected him, and now that such a teacher was slighted, a tinge of unhappiness would naturally appear in the hearts of the students.

“My teacher is impressive indeed!”

Tantai Yutang’s lips curled. His teacher was so toxic.

The spectating students had adopted a neutral stance and were purely here to watch the show. In the end, this single sentence from Sun Mo immediately caused many people to shift their stance.

“Teacher Sun is just a title. Are you not attaching too much importance to your identity?”

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》