Absolute Great Teacher
272 Beat Him Up for Me, Beat Him Up Ruthlessly!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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272 Beat Him Up for Me, Beat Him Up Ruthlessly!

“Haha, Old Yu has used his ultimate move!”

When Zhang Zehao saw most of those farmers kneeling, he immediately rejoiced. Sadly, this took place on campus, and the people there were students of the school. It would be good if there were some outsiders. If this scene was seen, the Central Province Academy’s reputation would be tarnished.

“That Sun Mo must be angered to death by now. Hmph! A young snotty brat becoming the logistics department head? He has truly overestimated his own abilities.”

Ma Cheng mocked.

At the scene, An Xinhui sighed. (I also don’t wish to help these old fellows up, but there’s no solution. They might not want face, but the school’s reputation cannot afford this!) It was like a famous hundred-year brand. If the company’s entrance was blocked by people every day and they said things like you were not paying them their wages on time and stuff, in the end, no matter how good your reputation was, it would be tarnished.

A brand was something that needed to be built on tens of years of hard work. Yet, it only took a few days to tarnish the brand’s reputation.

“Teacher, the preparations are done!”

Li Ziqi came over and reminded Sun Mo in a low voice.


Sun Mo nodded. He then looked at the security guards standing at the side. “Why are you guys in a daze? Quickly chase them out!”


The security head was stunned. “Chase them out?”

“Of course. The school pays your salaries. Could it be that the school is paying you to watch the drama?”

Sun Mo frowned. He had long since been unhappy with these security guards. They were always looking out for their own safety before matters of principles. If they had some professionalism, they wouldn’t have allowed the farmers to enter the school. “How should we chase them out?”

The security head had a dumbfounded look on his face. (We can’t just beat them up, right? After all, these people are farmers. If we use violence against them, it will surely adversely affect the school’s reputation.) “Trash!”

Sun Mo berated. He turned and looked at the other security guards. “All of you, listen carefully. Act immediately and chase these fellows out. If someone resists using violence, don’t show any mercy, just hit back!” The security guards exchanged mutual glances before looking at those kneeling farmers. They didn’t move.

The surrounding teachers and students were stunned as well. In an instant, the atmosphere fell heavy. Old Yu’s group had felt nervous after hearing Sun Mo’s words. But when they saw the security guards not moving, they immediately became arrogant.

(We are docile farmers, who dare to hit us?)

“Teacher Sun, you are demented. If you don’t want to agree to the price increase, you can just say it. Why do you have to get the security guards to act? Fortunately, the security guards are all people with conscience and won’t help a tyrant oppress the innocents.”

Old Yu shouted himself hoarse as he complained.

“Stop talking nonsense. The majority of the people here are not farmers. They are all lazy hoodlums who accepted money from the three trading companies to come here and make trouble!”

Sun Mo roared.


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Old Yu was almost angered to death. This was his first time meeting a teacher who made malicious remarks so casually. Among these people, there were indeed some lazy hoodlums hired to create trouble. But the vast majority of them were villagers from the Xiushui Village.

As the village leader, Old Yu had quite a lot of authority in the village.

“I have evidence. Constable Wu, I have to trouble you.”

Sun Mo shouted.

Everyone turned their heads and saw a constable head leading a few other constables over. They pushed their way through the crowd and entered.

“Wicked citizens, are you all gathering here to make trouble again? Do you all want to be jailed?”

The constable head roared in rage.

“Ah? These people are actually hoodlums?”

An Xinhui was shocked. (But they don’t appear to be?)

“Damn. Sun Mo, do you even have any integrity?”

Zhang Hanfu wasn’t as naive as An Xinhui. He took a glance at the constable and knew that he was putting up an act together with Sun Mo.

There were too many people. The constables didn’t even see the faces of those hoodlums they were familiar with. However, it didn’t matter. Since they were making trouble, it wasn’t a mistake to call them hoodlums.

Even if Sun Mo was wrong, the constable could still uphold ‘justice’ with a straight face. The credibility of the authorities was very good. Once constables appeared, the students would believe Sun Mo. Also, Sun Mo’s reputation as a teacher had always been good. Hence, the students started to loathe the ‘fake farmers’ now.

“Scram the hell out!”

“Blood-sucking worms that want to crawl into the Central Province Academy, you guys will have a miserable death!”

“Earning such filthy money, can you guys really face up to your conscience?”

Among the crowd, some students started to roar in anger. They even started to toss objects.

Just when Old Yu finished speaking, a smelly slipper directly flew over and smacked him in the face.


Old Yu’s mouth was smacked swollen.




The students started to shout together. Hearing this, An Xinhui felt extremely moved. All her sacrifices had been worth it. The students understood her and were also willing to protect the school.

Sun Mo glanced at An Xinhui. He really wanted to tell her ‘You are thinking too much.’

These students were doing this because Sun Mo had arranged for some of them to incite the emotions of the crowd when the time was right. “Teacher is so impressive!”

Tantai Yutang and Li Ziqi personally watched these students change their stances from pitying the farmers, to neutrality, and then hostility. They couldn’t help but sigh in admiration.

The methods used by their teachers to control the human heart were so terrifying!

Their teacher made use of his fame. Through his interaction with Old Yu, he made Old Yu seem like a greedy and cunning old fellow. After that, he got constables to appear and ascertain the fact that these ‘farmers’ were all ‘hoodlums’. Lastly, he stirred the emotions of the students, directly creating a commotion.

Chaos started to spread.

The students were shouting and forcing the farmers to retreat. They exuded great momentum and a powerful aura. However, these farmers weren’t willing to leave just like that. A physical fight immediately broke out.

“You guys actually dare to beat people in the Central Province Academy? Are there no laws left in this world?”

“They are still students, don’t hit the students!”

“Don’t move, you guys better not move!”

The young voices of the students grew in volume. When people heard it, they would feel that the Central Province Academy was at a disadvantage. (Also, you guys are hitting students. Is this not too much?)

Although the students were shouting these words, when a fight really broke out, they weren’t at a disadvantage at all because the personnel Sun Mo arranged just entered the battlefield.

Old Wolf Ren led his subordinates and started to clash with these farmers.

The others might not know who were the hoodlums mixed with the farmers, but Old Wolf Ren was someone who sold information for a living. He naturally knew their faces. Hence, he didn’t hesitate and directly rushed over to beat them up. The mission of these fellows was to blow the things up. But before they could do anything, Old Wolf Ren’s men already started to fight them.

The constables were arresting people as well.

They naturally wouldn’t arrest true farmers, but there was no problem in arresting hoodlums. Besides, this was a task given by the higher-ups, which specially instructed them to cooperate fully with Sun Mo. With the little golden token Li Ziqi had, the constables truly went all out, doing their utmost.

Even when taking care of their mothers, the constables had never put in so much effort before.

“Quickly look, they are really fighting!” Wei Ziyu laughed out loud. “They should fight harder. It would be best if this matter blows out of proportion and the Saint Gate takes action!” Ma Cheng coldly laughed. But a while later, the three of them started to frown. Why did it seem that something was wrong? Why was Old Yu’s group the one being beaten up so badly?

It seemed that the other party had long since made preparations!

“Headmaster An, yo…you are actually such a person?”

Old Yu’s expression turned ashen. He rushed forward and swung his staff at An Xinhui.


Sun Mo caught hold of the staff.

“Teacher Sun, you are a great teacher. Could it be that you are going to hit a weak old man like me?”

Old Yu spat a mouthful of saliva. He then walked toward Sun Mo and bumped Sun Mo with his chest.

“Come and hit me, hit my face!”

When Old Yu saw Sun Mo retreating and not hitting him, he immediately felt even more complacent and took a few steps forward. He suddenly let go of his hold on the staff and swung his fist at Sun Mo’s face.

“Hmph, even if this daddy hits you, you cannot do anything about it!”

Old Yu coldly laughed. But before his fist could come in contact with Sun Mo’s face, he suddenly felt a painful sensation on his face.

Old Yu was slapped in the face by Sun Mo. The impact was so great that half his face turned numb.


“You..you are hitting me?” Old Yu panicked. “Sun Mo!”

An Xinhui was also frightened, so she went to pull on Sun Mo’s hand. If he hit this fellow, huge trouble would surely follow.

The surrounding teachers were dumbstruck too. Because of their occupation, if a teacher hit an ordinary person and the other party complained, the Saint Gate would surely intervene and investigate.

“That’s right!”

Sun Mo shrugged and launched another slap.


A resounding slap rang out.

A palm imprint was instantly left on Old Yu’s face.

“Yo…you…I’m going to report you to the Saint Gate!”

Old Yu was so angered that his face turned red.

“Do you know the way there? Do you need me to guide you over?”

After Sun Mo spoke, he launched yet another slap.


This time, the force was even greater, and Old Yu felt his teeth loosening.

“Sun Mo, have you gone crazy?” Zhang Hanfu roared, “A teacher from the Central Province Academy hitting a farmer, do you want to tarnish the reputation of the school?”

“Farmer? Are you blind? This fellow is a hoodlum!”

If it was a farmer, Sun Mo naturally wouldn’t dare to act. But for Old Yu, he smiled happily and continued hitting. He moved toward the fellow. “You want to report me? Let’s see if you can survive until the day after tomorrow!”

Old Yu, who was originally infuriated, suddenly felt his heart turn cold when he saw Sun Mo’s expression. He began to feel a little afraid.

“Old Yu, right? You should enjoy your last few days in this world. I guarantee to exterminate your whole family!”

Sun Mo patted Old Yu on his shoulders and instructed, “Constable Wu, please arrest him.”

“Sun Mo, just wait and see!”

Since all pretense of cordiality was shredded, Old Yu no longer feigned anything. “You won’t be able to offend the major character behind me,”

“For now, let’s disregard the major character behind you. In any case, you are dead for sure.”

Sun Mo grinned.


Old Yu had wanted to say something ruthless. But after hearing Sun Mo’s words, he felt his scalp turning numb. (I..I wouldn’t have offended a killing god, right?)

(No, that’s impossible. He is a teacher, how would he dare to kill recklessly?)

When faced with Old Wolf Ren’s people who were fully prepared, these hoodlums couldn’t do anything and were crushed.

“Everyone, disperse now, or we will arrest you!”

Constable Wu threatened. His men chained up over ten people who were the leaders of this incident. By doing so, the other farmers were suppressed. With no one to lead them, the farmers were at a loss of what to do.

“Everyone should just return. Five days later, the Central Province Academy will give all of you a reply!”

Sun Mo spoke, but sadly it was useless. Everyone was looking at An Xinhui.

“You guys were being made use of. Just return. I will give you guys an answer five days later!”

An Xinhui persuaded them.

“Headmaster An, we believe you!”

The farmers had looks of trepidation on their faces. Luckily, An Xinhui had accumulated an extremely good reputation. Hence, they temporarily believed her.

If they still refused to leave, wouldn’t they be captured and dragged away by the constables? However, everyone knew that this matter wasn’t at its end yet.

“Sun Mo!”

Seeing the dispersing farmers, An Xinhui’s expression turned heavy. “If the Saint Gate investigates this, you should just say I was the one who hit the person!”

“Since I dared to hit him, I would naturally dare to admit to it. You don’t have to worry!”

Sun Mo basically didn’t treat that incident as something significant. In any case, this thing would cool off three days later.

“Teacher Sun, I know you are helping the school to get out of its predicament. However, it is wrong to hit farmers!”

Zhang Hanfu berated. “Can you shut your smelly mouth?”

Sun Mo wouldn’t enter a dispute under the eyes of the public with Zhang Hanfu. (Does Zhang Hanfu want to destroy his reputation? No chance at all!)

“Sun Mo!”

Zhang Hanfu’s face was flushed from anger, but Sun Mo didn’t react to him at all. He could only vent his emotions at An Xinhui. “Look at the teacher you’ve chosen. He holds no regard for anyone at all.”

“That Sun Mo is really ruthless enough!”

Ma Cheng’s expression grew heavy. Sun Mo had not only used the power of authorities, but he had even involved Old Wolf Ren. Ma Cheng didn’t know who Old Wolf Ren and his men were, but it was clear that they were ruffians from their demeanor.

“Hmph, does he think that he is the only one with a connection to the authorities?” Wei Ziyu mocked. The plan this time around was incited by a major character with immense power. As long as they reported this, Old Yu would surely be released.

“However, we haven’t even succeeded once. Would the prince despise us for not being able to do our tasks well?”

Zhang Zehao felt some worry. He didn’t expect Sun Mo to be so tough to handle.

“We will just let him be complacent for now and make sure he dies next time.”

Ma Cheng then left. However, he only walked for tens of meters before he saw Sun Mo appear before him. “Hey, the three of you. We meet again!”

Sun Mo greeted.

“What do you want to do?”

Zhang Zehao’s expression was nervous. However, he relaxed when he saw Sun Mo was alone; no constables were following him.

“Nothing much, I just came to inform you guys that even if you all want to make peace now, I won’t agree. I will exterminate all of your clans!”

Sun Mo’s lips curled. To earn money, these three merchants had no bottomline. Such people ought to die!

“Make peace? You must be dreaming!”

Ma Cheng ridiculed.

“Exterminating my whole clan? Who do you think you are? Even An Xinhui wouldn’t dare to make such a claim!”

Wei Ziyu coldly laughed.

“Sun Mo, just you wait. The Central Province Academy has offended a major character. Other than the school being delisted and swallowed up, there’s no second path.”

Zhang Zehao was rejoicing in the school’s future misfortune.

Ma Cheng and the other two left. They weren’t anxious because they still had many methods they hadn’t used.

Indeed, as per what Ma Cheng had said, Old Yu was released a short while after he was jailed.

Now, Old Yu who was originally filled with trepidation became confident and arrogant.

In the Drunken Immortal Inn, Old Yu and the three merchants were currently there, conspiring

“Everyone, please rest at ease. Next time, I will make An Xinhui kneel and beg before me. If she doesn’t agree with the price increase, I will make sure that the reputation of the Central Province Academy is tarnished!”

Old Yu then drank the remaining white wine in his cup. His confidence stemmed from him being the leader of the Xiushui Village. Next time around, he would bring all the villagers over to make trouble.

(Sun Mo, you dared to hit me?)

(Alright then, I will get children to hit your face until it swells. I want to see if you would dare to hit them. Oh yes, I have to inform people from the Saint Gate to come over in advance. As long as Sun Mo dares to attack, that would be a reality hammer. He doesn’t even need to think about being a teacher any longer.)

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