Absolute Great Teacher
273 Sun Mo’s Revenge
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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273 Sun Mo’s Revenge

Sun Mo’s principle was that a gentleman’s revenge must be conducted before the second day. The number of days he told Ma Cheng and Old Yu was just a lie.

Sun Mo didn’t plan to involve An Xinhui in what would happen next. But as she was the headmaster of the Central Province Academy, she still had to understand the situation a little. Hence, he directly went to the headmaster office.

Li Ziqi and Tantai Yutang followed. Sun Mo wanted to get them to know a little about the dark side of society so they could mature earlier.

“Next, I will take the initiative to attack, not allowing Ma Cheng and the others to find an opportunity to make trouble for me.”

Sun Mo explained his plan.

After hearing it, An Xinhui was frowning slightly as she sank into deep thoughts.

“Teacher, why would those farmers believe in that Village Leader Yu?”

Li Ziqi didn’t understand. She felt that these farmers had all become someone’s tool.

“It isn’t that they are willing to believe. Rather, other than Old Yu, they have no one else to believe in.”

Sun Mo shrugged.

“This is caused by the difference in experiences and insights. For a thing like money, who wouldn’t love it? When the farmers heard about a price increase, their hearts would surely be moved. But if you want to meet them separately to discuss, they don’t dare to. Firstly, they have no capability, and secondly, they are afraid of getting into trouble. Hence, when Old Yu acted as the leader, he managed to get the opportunity.”

“After the few price increases in the past, their income did go up. Although it only increased a little, they were very satisfied. Hence, Old Yu became someone capable in their hearts. However, they didn’t think that what they have earned was only the tip of the iceberg of what Old Yu earned. The majority of the profits were also taken by Ma Cheng and the others.

“Honestly speaking, this move by Old Yu is extremely disgusting. Even if the farmers were avaricious, the Central Province Academy had no way to criticize them. Since we are facing a weak social group, the public opinion wouldn’t be on our side.”

Sun Mo explained.

Li Ziqi had a contemplative look on her face. “So, we should take drastic measures to deal with this situation, right?”

“That’s right. Once we remove Old Yu and a few other minor leaders, the farmers will naturally lay down their flags to surrender.”

Sun Mo mused. Humans were lifeforms that wouldn’t get up early if there weren’t any profit for them. Without profits, Old Yu definitely had to be crazy if he led them to stir up trouble.

It was also impossible to resolve this issue peacefully because those leaders were bribed by Ma Cheng and the others. “But in order to deal with foreign aggression, one’s internal situation must be stable first. Headmaster An, we cannot allow those security guards to stay any longer.”

Although Sun Mo was the logistics department head, he didn’t have the authority to fire the guards. “Can we only fire a few of them? We can kill the chicken to warn the monkey and forget about this matter.” An Xinhui frowned. “If we fired everyone, it would appear as though our Central Province Academy isn’t humane!”

“You want to talk about being humane? Or do you want qualified security guards?”

Sun Mo’s tone turned solemn. “Those people don’t have to face the pressure of being fired, that is why they are simply idling their time away and completely not focused on their work. You should make them understand that the rice they eat is from the Central Province Academy. Since that’s the case, they should bleed and sweat for the school.”

Sun Mo already told them to chase the farmers away, but those security guards didn’t take any action at all. Could this still continue? Even if he nurtured a few dogs, the dogs would also know how to bark.

Li Ziqi felt that she had learned something new.

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The security guards were then summoned and stood in a row.

“Boss, will there be trouble?”

The security guards were feeling trepidation.

“What troubles could there be? Don’t think so much!”

The security guards weren’t worried. An Xinhui was a good person, and she wouldn’t blame them.

Tantai Yutang called out some names from a name list. There were ten people in each batch, and they were to enter the headmaster office when their names were called.

“Here’s two months’ worth of salary. Take the money and leave.”

Sun Mo’s words were comprehensive and concise.

The security guards were stunned. After that, they turned their gazes to the security leader.

“Hea..headmaster An, what’s going on?”

The tone of the security leader was filled with unhappiness. “I’ve been contributing to this school for 15 years. Are you going to treat me like this?”

“Sorry. I’ve handed this matter over for Department Head Sun to handle.”

An Xinhui had passed the authority over.

“Department Head Sun, when you were still a child back then, I’ve even carried you before!”

The security leader relied on his seniority.

“Security Leader Qian, you also know you are a veteran staff of the school, but when the school is in a crisis, what did you do? Did you protect the school’s honor?”

Sun Mo counter-asked.

“Those people are farmers, I would be tarnishing the school’s reputation if I really hit them!”

Security Leader Qian coldly laughed. “Alright, stop talking nonsense. If you don’t want the school to pursue the matter of your corruption, just take the money and leave. If not, I’m going to report this to the authorities.”


Sun Mo urged. Through Divine Sight, how could he not obtain any dirt? Besides, he had Li gong as his lackey.

The expression of Security Leader Qian who was preparing to argue immediately changed. After being the security leader for 15 years, his history was naturally not ‘clean’. He had used his authority to earn some wealth here and there.

This was an iron rice-bowl that had supported him for so long. Hence, Security Leader Qian was reluctant to leave. But after Sun Mo exposed a few incidents of his corruption, he didn’t dare to stay any longer. If not, he would have to go to jail.

Since the security leader had compromised, the lower-ranked security guards didn’t even have the qualifications to struggle. All of them obediently collected the money and scrammed.

Standing outside the school and gazing back at the horizontal inscribed board of the Central Province Academy, Security Leader Qian felt rueful. This time around, under the lead of Sun Mo, the school might really be able to achieve nirvana, rising from the ashes in rebirth.


Favorable impression points from Security Leader Qian +30. Prestige connection unlocked. Neutral (30/100). An Xinhui was an impressive teacher, but she was definitely not a good leader. She was too gentle and regarded human relations too highly. She was too easy to talk to. This was a taboo for a headmaster.

Sun Mo was taken aback after hearing the notification contributed by Security Leader Qian. However, he soon understood. The security leader had worked for 15 years here, and the old headmaster must have shown him a lot of kindness before. Hence, he truly had deep emotions for the school.

Deep in his bones, Security Leader Qian also didn’t wish for the Central Province Academy to be demolished.

However, even if he knew about the feelings of Security Leader Qian, Sun Mo would still fire him. Right now, the Central Province Academy needed some changes in terms of the system and its members. A new generation had to emerge. Only then would they be competitive enough in the industry.

Sun Mo, who was walking on the campus, had a faraway look in his eyes as he watched the teachers.

Li Ziqi followed Sun Mo. She kept having the feeling that her teacher was contemplating a major plan.

The Xiushui Village was located 1.5 km away from the western outskirts of Jinling. It was surrounded by mountains and waters. The scenery was beautiful.

In the afternoon, a carriage entered the village.

“Hey sis, we are about to arrive. You should prepare yourself!”

Old Wolf Ren reminded.

“Big Bro Ren, is there…is there really 300,000 taels?”

Xiang Qin rubbed her hands with excitement. Yet, she also felt some trepidation.

She was a widow. After her husband died, she started to work as a closed-door prostitute. In the end, she got pregnant after Old Yu slept with her.


To a person like Old Yu, it was a great joy that he could get a son in his old age. Besides, he could afford the child. He wanted nothing more than to be surrounded by his children and grandchildren, hence, he decided to keep Xiang Qin as his mistress.

Xiang Qin was also determined not to fall short. After she gave birth to a plump kid, Old Yu was so happy and immediately gave her a lot of money. Hence, she had been living well. The only vexation she had was that Old Yu’s official wife and children always came by to make trouble and had even beaten her up.

Just yesterday, Old Wolf Ren found her and said that Old Yu had offended a major character and most probably wouldn’t be able to escape. Old Yu still had 300,000 taels of silver in his home, and if Old Yu died, Xiang Qin wouldn’t even be able to get a copper coin.

Old Wolf Ren promised that he could help Xiang Qin obtain this sum of money, but he wanted 50,000 taels of silver.

The age gap between Xiang Qin and Old Yu was 30 years old. Hence, speaking of emotions, their connection was faint. She only followed him because of money. Now that she heard Old Yu was about to meet trouble, she immediately grew anxious. Once Old Yu disappeared, she and her son wouldn’t receive even a copper coin.

Xiang Qin’s thoughts were very simple. (If I could get 200,000 taels of silver, no… 100,000 taels of silver, I wouldn’t have to worry about food and clothing anymore. Besides, after my son grew up, he would also need money to marry a wife and raise his kid, build a house…)

“I’ve sent people to investigate. This money is buried under his bedroom in his official residence.”

Old Wolf Ren made a solemn vow.

Xiang Qin was a little excited but after seeing quite a lot of people outside Old Yu’s impressive courtyard, she immediately grew nervous.

Old Wolf Ren looked at the courtyard and his lips involuntarily twitched. A village leader possessing such a luxurious house? If someone said he was not avaricious, who would believe them?

Truthfully speaking, because the entire Xiushui Village was doing business with the Central Province Academy, they were known as a wealthy village to all the other villages in the surroundings. The women from other villages were very willing to marry the men here. “Bro, can I ask what’s going on?”

Old Wolf Ren made an inquiry.

“Village Leader Yu’s mistress came here and demanded 300,000 taels of silver.”

A villager was peering into the courtyard.

Watching a good show was the hobby of humans, let alone a good drama about ethics like this.

When Xiang Qin heard this, she subconsciously hugged her son tighter and grew anxious. “Big Bro Ren?”

“Don’t worry, I can handle everything!”

Old Wolf Ren patted his chest. He brought Xiang Qin along as he pushed his way through the crowd, stepping into the courtyard.

In the courtyard, there were many people as well. That woman who came here and demanded money even looked for a few respected elders in the Xiushui Village to back her up.

Naturally, it was because this woman had promised to pay them after she received the money. If not, how could these elders do such a thing?

At this moment, things were extremely lively.

Xiang Qin saw a woman carrying two kids. She immediately felt a huge sense of hostility in her heart. But after she saw Old Yu, she immediately sobbed and rushed over.

“My lord, don’t you want me anymore?”

Xiang Qin sobbed

“Who are you?”

Old Yu’s eyelids twitched. His expression turned cold as he scolded. After that, he shot a glance at Xiang Qin, indicating that he didn’t want her to add to the chaos.

Usually, Xiang Qin would be obedient to him. But not today, if she was silent, she wouldn’t be able to get any money.

“Oh, another one?”

“Our village leader is like an old tree blooming with flowers. Three illegitimate sons? Hehe, he’s so good at fathering children.” “Pui, shameless old man!” “Speaking of which, our village leader must be really rich. He has so many mistresses and sons, how much money would he need for them?”

The horizons of the villagers were broadened.

Old Yu’s official wife immediately rushed over when she saw Xiang Qin. She stretched out her hand to grab her. “You slept with other men before, yet you still dare to come here? Do you believe me if I say I’ll drown you in the pond?”

“Shut up!”

Old Yu grew anxious. (By saying these, aren’t you proving that you recognize her? I can’t even deny it now even if I want to.)

“Stop, don’t hurt my younger sister!”

Old Wolf Ren obstructed her. After that, he reminded, “Hey sis, you should have seen how the situation is unfolding. If you don’t fight for it, you and your son wouldn’t be able to get anything.”

Xiang Qin started to curse, even revealing some of the sexual deeds she and Old Yu had done. It wasn’t to blacken Old Yu’s name but to prove that Old Yu had a connection with her and her son.

The quarrel in the courtyard immediately intensified. Old Wolf Ren has long since received Sun Mo’s instructions. When he saw that the time was right, he instantly started to make trouble. (Daring to scold Teacher Sun Mo? Hmph, I shall ‘exterminate’ your whole family today!)

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