Absolute Great Teacher
275 Department Head Sun, Can You Please Spare Me?
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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275 Department Head Sun, Can You Please Spare Me?

In the logistics office, Sun Mo was concentrating on drawing a flame explosion spirit rune.

Wei Ziyu had stood beside him for half an hour, but because Sun Mo didn’t say anything, the former didn’t dare to open his mouth and disturb Sun Mo. He could only wait.

“Sigh, we have lost completely this time around.”

Wei Ziyu knew that Sun Mo was establishing his dominance now. Thus, even though Wei Ziyu’s heart was filled with unhappiness, he could only endure it and had to maintain a smile on his face.

Wei Ziyu was an intelligent man. This was why he could sense Sun Mo’s ruthlessness. This fellow would exterminate your whole family if he said so. If it was any other teacher, they would surely mind their statuses. However, he didn’t give a damn. His actions were ruthless and unscrupulous.

The dead Old Yu was precisely an example.

Sun Mo not only applied pressure from the high officials, but he even made sure the public opinion was against Old Yu. Wei Ziyu believed that those farmers were currently waiting to take action after accumulating enough force and would burn down the residences of their three clans two days later.

For this incident, the attitude of the authorities was always the same – the law cannot be enforced when everyone is an offender. They would at most select a few leaders to be punished and imprison them for a few days. However, such punishment wasn’t painful at all.

For victims like Wei Ziyu whose residence might be burned down, what could he do? Ask for compensation? Even if you sold these farmers away, they wouldn’t be able to pay up for the damages. Besides, Sun Mo wouldn’t give them, the trading companies, a chance to do anything. The constables had been waiting to catch them if they showed any strange behavior.


The spirit rune was completed, and spirit qi immediately flooded forth, forming a spirit tornado.

(He… He is actually this capable?)

Wei Ziyu was shocked. He wasn’t someone ignorant. When he was in school, he had done some research about spirit rune. However, because his aptitude was too inferior, he chose to stop developing himself in this field.

Thus, he couldn’t help but feel stunned when he saw Sun Mo casually draw a high-grade spirit rune. However, he soon plastered a radiant smile on his face and blew a whistle.

“Beautiful! Beautiful!”

Wei Ziyu applauded.

“My time is limited, so spare me the nonsense!”

Sun Mo interrupted Wei Ziyu.

Wei Ziyu’s smile became awkward. However, since he needed Sun Mo’s help, he didn’t dare to show his anger. “Department Head Sun, you are a magnanimous man, please don’t hold it against some small character like me. Can you please give me some leeway? As for the price increase, just pretend that I’ve never mentioned it before!”

“No no, the price increase will be advantageous for the farmers. We have to accept it!”

Sun Mo rejected.

Wei Ziyu gritted his teeth. A thudding sound echoed as he fell to his knees.

“Department Head Sun, it’s all my fault for not being able to see Mt. Tai despite having eyes. Let’s have a price decrease. In the future, all products purchased by the school will be cheaper by 30%!” “By doing this, are you not afraid of offending Li Zixing?”

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Sun Mo asked.

“I’m worried, but Prince Li has no reason to kill me. He also loves money, so I would just prepare a luxurious gift and beg him for forgiveness.” Wei Ziyu wanted to cry but no tears were coming out.

By offending Prince Li, he would at most lose some money. But if he offended Prime Minister Zheng, his entire clan might be eradicated. Who didn’t know that Prime Minister Zheng had always abhorred evil and loved the ordinary people? Moreover, Wei Ziyu was a merchant with ‘unclean’ history. Once he was targeted, he would be dead for sure. “In the future, all your transactions with us have to be 50% cheaper compared to the market price.”

Sun Mo gave a price. Wei Ziyu immediately shouted.

“Department Head Sun, I won’t be able to make any profit like this!”

“You are still thinking of earning money?”

Sun Mo grew joyful. “Seems like you haven’t thought things through. Forget it, please leave. I can’t be bothered to speak with a deadman!”

Upon hearing the word ‘deadman’, Wei Ziyu’s heart lurched. Tons of sweat immediately appeared on his forehead. As expected, this fellow wanted to kill him.

“I was in the wrong. I’m willing to accept this condition!”

Wei Ziyu admitted defeat.

“Prime Minister Zheng has said that the merchants in Jinling are wanton and reckless in their behavior, controlling the market price, causing farmers to not be able to earn any money. Also, the citizens of the city have to pay a high price to purchase the products, this is simply too outrageous. Hence, he has decided to crack down on the merchants.”

Sun Mo’s lips curled.

“Department Head Sun, I’m a merchant with a conscience. I will take the lead and propose a price decrease, re-adjusting the price of goods in Jinling. Also, I want to donate one m…no, two million taels to your school to help students from poor families. They don’t have to worry about their livelihood and can pursue education in peace.”

Wei Ziyu was almost on the verge of crying. His heart wasn’t feeling pain because of the money. Instead, he was worried that Sun Mo didn’t want the money.

Zheng Qingfang had retired. However, he didn’t retire because he committed a mistake but rather because of poor health. As a senior figure of two generations, in addition to being the tutor of the current emperor, it could be said that he was the number one figure in the current dynasty.

If he wished to crack down on this, he only needed a single sentence and the governor of Jinling would cooperate with him.

Sigh, Wei Ziyu also had no idea how Sun Mo was so lucky that he actually had a connection with Zheng Qingfang.

“Boss Wei is indeed very kind. I will speak with Prime Minister Zheng on your behalf. You can just return and wait for the good news!”

Sun Mo drank his tea and gestured for Wei Ziyu to leave.

Wei Ziyu lowered his head and exited the office. “Teacher, why did you spare such a bad guy like him?”

Li Ziqi, who was standing beside Sun Mo, couldn’t understand.

“Ziqi, in the world of adults, there’s no right or wrong. There are only benefits.”

Sun Mo smiled. “These merchants are doing businesses for the sake of earning money. If it was another merchant just now, they might also not be much ‘cleaner’ compared to Wei Ziyu. Moreover, Wei Ziyu is clearly someone who knows how to read a situation. He knows how terrifying I am and then decides to cooperate. This is the way to allow the Central Province Academy to gain the most benefits.”

Li Ziqi had a thoughtful look on her face.

Wei Ziyu walked out of the school gate in a panicked state. A moment later, he saw Ma Cheng’s carriage speeding over.

Wei Ziyu didn’t wish to be seen and wanted to take another route. However, Ma Cheng had seen him.

“Brother Wei, Brother Wei, wait!”

Ma Cheng ran over. “You also came to meet with Department Head Sun? How’s the situation?”

“Brother Ma?”

Wei Ziyu’s sharp senses discovered that Ma Cheng, who wanted nothing more than to make sure Sun Mo died, was now respectfully referring to Sun Mo as ‘Department Head Sun’.

“Ai, it’s a long story!”

Ma Cheng sighed. When he had returned home, he had seen close to 1,000 farmers rushing to his house, smashing things and committing robbery. They had even set his place on fire.

Ma Cheng had wanted the constables to capture these people, maintaining the security, but he didn’t expect that when the constables saw him, they wanted to capture him instead.

Luckily, Ma Cheng had fled quickly, or he would already be in jail. “Why don’t you go and beg Prince Li?”

Wei Ziyu advised.

He didn’t wish for Ma Cheng to meet Sun Mo because a single person was enough for the position of a lackey. If there were too many lackeys, there would be competition.


Ma Cheng coldly laughed. He was considered a fart before Prince Li. If he died, Prince Li could just get another person to replace him.

The most important thing was to let Sun Mo calm down. Hence, Ma Cheng was prepared to pay immensely.

“Where is Department Head Sun?”

Ma Cheng asked.

“I will bring you there!”

Wei Ziyu displayed a warmhearted look on his face, but his footsteps weren’t quick. Ma Cheng grew anxious, but he couldn’t urge Wei Ziyu to be quicker. After all, he could see that Wei Ziyu must have finished his negotiations with Sun Mo. This was why he wanted Wei Ziyu to help him clear the air with Sun Mo.

When the two of them reached the entrance, the constables arrived. They rushed over, and one of them immediately aimed a kick at Ma Cheng’s back.


Ma Cheng rolled. Before he could climb up, a thick lock directly snapped close on his neck.

“Hmph. I’ve finally caught you. Just follow us back!”

The constable smiled malevolently.

Wei Ziyu stood at the side. When he saw this scene, coldness immediately filled his heart. After that, a sensation of joy appeared. Luckily, he had surrendered swiftly enough, or he would have been finished too.

“Brother Wei, help me say some good things before Department Head Sun!”

“Don’t call out in such an amicable manner, I don’t know who you are.”

Wei Ziyu hurriedly emphasized that he had no relationship with Ma Cheng. “Ah?”

Ma Cheng started before recovering. “Wei Ziyu, you are scheming against me?” That’s right. Wei Ziyu was intentionally dragging time, not wanting to let him meet Sun Mo.

But at this moment, Sun Mo just came out of his office. When he saw Ma Cheng being apprehended, he showed no expression on his face.

“Headmaster Sun, Grandpa Sun, I was wrong. I’m willing to give you great benefits, can you spare me please?’ With a thudding sound, Ma Cheng knelt and kept kowtowing.

Sun Mo couldn’t be bothered to speak and left directly.

“Grandpa Sun, I have eyes but couldn’t see Mt. Tai. You are a magnanimous man, please spare me. I’m willing to take out all my net worth and donate it to your school!” Ma Cheng cried.

At this moment, he didn’t feel any pain in his heart at all because once he died, all his assets would be confiscated. He might as well use the money to purchase his life. Sadly, even if he wanted to spend the money now, he wasn’t able to do so.

As an old friend of Ma Cheng, Wei Ziyu knew exactly how much wealth this fellow had. When he heard this, even he was moved. Then, he cast a glance at Sun Mo but discovered that Sun Mo was speaking with a flat-chested female student and didn’t even spare a glance at Ma Cheng

The cruel Sun Mo instantly caused Wei Ziyu to perspire cold sweat. (Damn, this person would really do what he said. Such a person must never be offended.)


Favorable impression points from Wei Ziyu +100. Prestige connection unlocked. Friendly (100/1,000).

Upon hearing the notification, Sun Mo glanced over.

Wei Ziyu immediately squeezed a smile on his face. After he saw Sun Mo’s ice-cold gaze, his legs subconsciously softened as he fell to his knees.

The constables were clicking their tongues. They knew who Wei Ziyu was, a merchant with a net worth in the hundreds of millions. Why was he such a coward? Speaking of which, what background did this teacher have?

Sun Mo departed, and Ma Cheng was also brought away. Also, because he refused to cooperate, the constables had to use their weapon sheathes to hit him on his head, causing him to bleed.

In usual times, as long as one gave these constables some money, they would choose to close an eye and would be easy to negotiate with. But this time was different. It was clear to everyone that this matter was a task handed down from above. The constables didn’t dare to accept any bribes.

After thinking of this, Wei Ziyu immediately decided to increase the amount of money he was donating to the school. Moreover, he would send the money over this afternoon.

In the afternoon, An Xinhui received the three million taels of silver sent over by Wei Ziyu.

In the past, when she was discussing business with this merchant, his attitude would always be one of arrogance. But today, he was as obedient as a grandchild and also took the initiative to lower his price by 50%.

By doing so, the Central Province Academy could save a few hundred thousand taels of silver every month.

“If there’s a chance, please invite Department Head Sun next time, and we can have a meal together!”

Wei Ziyu felt more at ease after he had delivered the money.

Seeing how humble Wei Ziyu was when he left, An Xinhui felt as though she was in a dream. She had thought that the logistics department would be in huge trouble this time. Who would have thought that things would be resolved so quickly?

This was because Sun Mo’s capabilities were too overwhelming; hence, he was able to resolve it so quickly. If it was An Xinhui in his shoes, she would have broken apart due to the pressure.

Sun Mo was so impressive!


Favorable impression points from An Xinhui +100. Friendly (460/1,000).

Li Zixing, who learned of what had just happened, immediately smashed his cup. This matter wasn’t at its end yet!

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