Absolute Great Teacher
278 Three Clones, Strength Shooting Up!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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278 Three Clones, Strength Shooting Up!


The bronze-colored glow flashed, looking mesmerizing and beautiful.


“Congratulations, you’ve obtained ten ten-years time emblem.”

Hearing the notification, Sun Mo whistled. As expected of a diamond treasure chest. This reward was really good. Not only was it practical, but the value would boil down to about 10,000 favorable impression points. It was a great win for Sun Mo.

Sun Mo sat in the backyard and enjoyed the cooling autumn breeze while assessing the skills he had grasped for now.

The ancient massaging technique was his trump card. Moreover, it’d also hold great weight in his life as a great teacher. Therefore, he needed to increase the proficiency index as much as possible. “System, level up the circulation technique and bone setting technique!”

Sun Mo instructed. Swoosh! Swoosh!

Two time emblems disappeared, and a green light shone like a flash on Sun Mo’s body. A lot of profound knowledge and experience appeared in his mind.

“This skill is primarily a beautifying one. After using it, the target’s skin will become smoother and more tender. Their melanin and wrinkles can be lightened, as the skin locks in moisture and nutrients, maintaining youthfulness. If one received this massage for a long period of time, their skin’s age could be maintained at about 25 years old. This is a saint-tier art for making one beautiful and youthful.”

The system explained.

Sun Mo was stunned when he listened to this. If this skin nurturing technique was really as amazing as what the system suggested it to be, then he’d definitely become the friend to all ladies.

Women love beauty. It was a necessity for them. What items were the most popular in the world? Cosmetics!

In order to look beautiful and young, women would go all out. They didn’t care if they had to go through surgery or get botox injections just so that their skin could look smoother and that they’d seem younger.

“Friend to all ladies? You’ve undermined the skin nurturing technique. If your proficiency index is at the ancestor-grade, you’ll be the God for all women!”

The system let out a proud snort.

At that time, all the women would queue up to want to sleep with Sun Mo so that they could enjoy the skin nurturing technique. However, no matter how amazing this art was, it was just a beautifying one. It couldn’t make one stronger and thus was classified under one of the three minor branches.

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Wind King Divine Art?

Sun Mo gave it some thought but still decided to give up. This was an archery technique and wouldn’t benefit him much. He could consider the Wind King Divine Steps, but in the end, Sun Mo still decided to raise the Grand Universe Formless Divine Art.

This was the Skyraise Academy’s ultimate divine art that had proven itself again and again over the course of several thousand years. Moreover, Sun Mo also needed a trump card to hold his stand.

As his reputation rose, Sun Mo would encounter more challenges. He wished to crush his opponents in terms of both knowledge and martial prowess.

Level six of the Grand Universe Formless Divine Art was the Universe Formless Clone Technique. At level seven, it’d be a whole new domain.

At this level, the cultivator’s body would go through self-adjustment, which made up for weaknesses and flaws in their moves, gradually implementing improvements.

This level allowed the cultivator to become perfect and flawless.

“System, raise the Grand Universe Formless Divine Art!”

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》