Absolute Great Teacher
279 Sun Mo? A Grandmaster Herbalist?
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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279 Sun Mo? A Grandmaster Herbalist?


“Why is it impossible?”

Sun Mo continued to ask, “From a genius that’s admired by countless people, Cai Tan fell and became an insignificant piece of trash. The disparity has impacted him too much. His urge to commit suicide back then is proof!”

Ruan Yun fell silent but there was a hint of relief in her expression. She thought that Sun Mo would say that Cai Tan’s ‘illness’ was incurable and he was about to die.

Actually, Sun Mo was intentionally lying to Ruan Yun. He would give different explanations based on Ruan Yun’s reaction.

“However, even if he doesn’t commit suicide, he wouldn’t be able to live on much longer.”

Sun Mo observed Ruan Yun’s expression and activated Divine Sight.

Ruan Yun, third-year student, 15 years old. Spirit-refinement realm, 2 acupoints opened!

Strength: 12, average! Intellect: 15, just passable!

Ruan Yun smiled. There was a look of pride on her face. (I might not be able to make it in terms of cultivation, but speaking of herbology, no one is better than me.)

“I’ve checked your herbology results. They are pretty good!”

Sun Mo looked at Ruan Yun. “I heard that you would frequently act as an assistant for Teacher Li and help her out with her experiments. Hence, you should have discovered this information by chance – under extremely low temperatures, the medicinal properties of the indra herb would change. It means that when the indra herb is frozen and introduced into the human body, signs of spirit qi rejection would appear.”

Ruan Yun was a young girl, and her ‘acting’ skills weren’t that good yet. Hence, after hearing this, her expression changed drastically and her limbs started trembling.

“This isn’t a piece of knowledge recorded in books. If you reported it, you would be able to get a reward from the school.”

Sun Mo sighed. Not only the school, but even the Saint Gate would give her a scholarship. Because their store of knowledge was built gradually upon bits and scraps like this.

With regard to new discoveries, any schools and the Saint Gate would be exceedingly generous.

“Since this is not recorded in the books, why would Teacher know about this?” Ruan Yun counter-asked.

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Sun Mo didn’t reply immediately. He wrinkled his nose slightly as he sniffed. “Teacher, don’t you find your actions a little impolite?”

When Ruan Yun had been experimenting with making perfume, when she had wanted to add the indra herb into the mix, she accidentally discovered it creating an effect of spirit qi rejection when it was under extremely low temperatures.

However, Ruan Yun had never told anyone before. How did Sun Mo learn of this?

“You investigated me?” After Ruan Yun spoke, she shook her head. Wrong, even if Sun Mo had investigated, there was no one he could ask. She did the experiment in secret. Even the perfume she made had been used by her; there wasn’t even a drop of it left. So, even if Sun Mo wanted to study the flower juice, he wouldn’t have a sample.

(Could he have determined the plants merely by sniffing the smell from me? But…this is impossible, right?)

“Based on the concentration of the fragrance, you should have used it three days ago.”

Sun Mo sniffed and gave an accurate number. Speaking of which, this smell was pretty pleasant. Moreover, it was a mixture of perfume and insect-repellent. This concept wasn’t bad.

Ruan Yun fell silent, but her heart was filled with shock. This was because Sun Mo’s words were completely correct. Ding!

Favorable impression points from Ruan Yun +100. Prestige connection unlocked. Friendly (100/1,000).

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》