Absolute Great Teacher
281 Oi, Is Your Brain Spoiled?
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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281 Oi, Is Your Brain Spoiled?

The love between Cai Tan and Ruan Yun was true. This caused Sun Mo to be at a loss of how to handle this. If he punished Ruan Yun, he might even cause Cai Tan to be extremely sorrowful and depressed.

“Forget it, I will just observe the situation for


If Cai Tan’s condition didn’t become better, Sun Mo would definitely not permit things to get worse!

Thud! Thud!

Sun Mo knocked and opened the door to the headmaster office.


An Xinhui went to pour the tea.

“There’s no need for the tea. I came here to ask if I can enter the old headmaster’s book collection room to take a look?”

Sun Mo didn’t like to beat around the bush.

“You should refer to him as ‘grandpa’ too!”

An Xinhui rebuked. When they were young, because of her grandfather’s admiration and doting love for Sun Mo’s father, her grandfather also grew fond of Sun Mo and allowed Sun Mo to call him ‘grandfather’.

“I feel that addressing him as the old headmaster will represent my respect for him better!”

Sun Mo was someone very traditional, so he attached huge importance to this. (Who are you to me? Why should I call you grandfather?) However, he knew that An Xinhui had no ill intentions, or he would have shot back verbally long ago.

“Alright then!”

An Xinhui sighed. Although Sun Mo put things nicely, she could hear that Sun Mo was rejecting this idea. Hence, she could only return to her office desk and pulled open a drawer, taking out a key. “There…”

However, when An Xinhui wanted to pass the key to Sun Mo, she suddenly changed her mind. “Let’s go. I will accompany you, and I can introduce the book arrangement to you as well.”

An Xinhui wasn’t worried that Sun Mo would damage these books. Rather, she wanted them to improve their relationship. She had chatted with Jin Mujie previously and knew that Sun Mo’s performance in the trip to Darkness Continent was very outstanding. Even Fang Wuji had invited him over to teach at the Myriad Daos Academy.

The old headmaster was a secondary saint. He had visited many places in his life and had also collected many classics. Most of the books in his collection came from some ruins on the Darkness Continent.

These classics were all hidden in the old headmaster’s private book collection room.

to the school, no one else was permitted to browse them.

It wasn’t that the old headmaster was stingy and unwilling to share. He knew very well that people wouldn’t cherish things that were too easily obtained

The book collection room was located at the north of the villa zone. It was a stone tower with three levels. Because there were many Picea Asperata (a type of spruce) planted in the surroundings, the environment was secluded and beautiful.

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An Xinhui pushed open the door to the stone tower, but she didn’t enter immediately, choosing to wait at the door.

A minute later, a two-meter-tall warrior appeared. It was clad in heavy armor, and even its head was fully covered by a helmet. It was fully armed.

Its face couldn’t be seen, but its eyes were glowing red and looked extremely bizarre.

Its armor was already worn down, with many scratches on it. But because of this, it radiated a sharp killing intent naturally. Its weapon was a long katana. Although it was sheathed, it gave off the feeling that it could be unsheathed at any time to slash at the necks of enemies.

Sun Mo felt a sense of pressure that caused his breathing to be disrupted.

After the warrior saw An Xinhui, it turned its gaze onto Sun Mo.

“It’s the guardian warrior of the book collection tower. Those who enter without my permission would be killed by it.”

An Xinhui explained.

“This is Sun Mo, a teacher of the Central Province Academy!” An Xinhui paused and added, “Also, he is my fiance!” The warrior, which originally stood unmoving, suddenly took two steps forward, directly walking toward Sun Mo. After that, it lowered its head to Sun Mo’s face and looked into his eyes. “Could this be a living puppet?”

Sun Mo was curious.

In Middle-Earth Nine Provinces, there was a subject named puppetry. The subject was created for people who specialized in researching battle puppets and mechanical puppets, etc.

This subject could be divided into a few branches. Among them, the most mysterious as well as the most terrifying one was to transform a human into a puppet.


An Xinhui hurriedly clarified. Because the living puppet technique was considered as something from the evil path, it was a forbidden technique.

Sun Mo searched his memories. His original-self had come here before when he was a child and was frightened by that warrior puppet. After that, he no longer wanted to come here to play.

“It is one of the guardians of the Central Province Academy. It doesn’t like people approaching or touching it!” She then led Sun Mo through the corridor and entered the stone tower. “This level consists of various books and classics from famous authors on the Nine Provinces. There are also encyclopedias here, and we only have one copy for some of them. Try your best not to damage them.”


Sun Mo glanced over. The shelf was packed with books and emitting a sandalwood fragrance. This should be for repelling bugs, preventing the books from being eaten. “The second level consists of books about Darkness Continent. And the third level consists of my grandfather’s self-written notes.”

An Xinhui passed the key to Sun Mo. “Can I enter the third level?” The notes of a secondary saint would surely consist of his important experiences and effort Usually speaking, outsiders would never be permitted to read such a precious thing.

“You can!”

An Xinhui explained, “There’s also an underground level storing a collection of books. The most important ancient records and books of the Central Province Academy are stored there. However, my grandfather set a rule saying that only people who finished reading every single book on the three levels are qualified to head down.”


Sun Mo could understand this. There were also levels of knowledge. If someone couldn’t even understand the books on the upper three levels, it would merely be a waste of time if they ventured underground.


An Xinhui silently heaved a sigh of relief. She was worried Sun Mo might be angry and felt that she was too strict especially considering their relationship. But now, it seemed that he was someone easy to talk to. Ding!

Favorable impression points from An Xinhui +10. Friendly (470/1,000).

Sun Mo glanced at An Xinhui, wondering why she contributed favorable impression points. As expected, women were hard to understand.

However, An Xinhui was truly beautiful.

Li Ziqi, Lu Zhiruo, and even Ying Baiwu could be considered budding beauties, but they were too young. The underripe feeling they exuded made it clear to everyone that they were still children. Other than a pervert, no males would feel a stirring in their hearts for them.

Jin Mujie was also very beautiful and had a buxom figure. However, when the majority of guys looked at her, their first glance would surely be directed toward her breasts, their second glance toward her rear, and after that, their juniors would erect, and they would wish to bed her.

(Love? Stand aside, let me settle my physiological needs first!) There was no solution to this. Jin Mujie was simply that excellent.

As for Gu Xiuxun, she was pretty too, but she lacked a hint of confidence compared to An Xinhui, as well as a little bit of maturity. It was clear she was a young woman who had just entered society. When in a relationship with such a woman, no men would feel stress.

An Xinhui was 23. Although she was just three years older than Gu Xiuxun, because of her experiences, her demeanor was very different.

Her eyes would always be filled with fatigue from work, but there was also determination and a hint of pride. This was a woman who would never concede.

Being together with her would cause the male party to feel pressure as heavy as a mountain. She was simply too outstanding, so outstanding to the extent that men might feel inferior.

(Love? It doesn’t exist!)

Out of ten men, eight to nine of them wouldn’t be able to get erect before An Xinhui. When she looked at you, you would always feel a judging look in her eyes. It was like a fresh graduate facing a strict interviewer when the former was looking for jobs. The first thing you think of wouldn’t be love, but rather if you had committed any mistakes?

Sun Mo had no wish to be a simp. Hence, he didn’t have any intention to curry favor with An Xinhui. After she introduced the book collection tower, Sun Mo prepared to explore it himself.

“I’ll have to trouble you then!”

As Sun Mo spoke, he cast the Encyclopedic Knowledge halo on himself.

One couldn’t help but say that this halo was truly powerful. As the halo was used, his mind immediately cleared, entering the most optimal state for learning.

“Encyclopedic Knowledge?”

An Xinhui was astonished. After not seeing Sun Mo for half-a-month, how did he comprehend yet another great teacher halo? She tried to endure her curiosity but eventually failed as she asked, “Little Momo, how many great teacher halos do you possess now?”


Sun Mo’s words were concise and comprehensive. He was searching for books that had a detailed introduction to spirit qi. He wanted to understand the reason behind the papaya girl’s frightening spirit qi absorption. “H..how many?”

An Xinhui thought she had heard it wrongly.


Sun Mo moved past the bookshelf.

An Xinhui’s mouth was in an ‘O’ shape. It opened so wide that it was enough to stuff a huge banana inside. Six halos? Was this a joke? How old was Sun Mo this year?

Even An Xinhui, who was proclaimed as a rare genius, didn’t have such comprehension speed!

“Grandpa’s judgment is truly exceptional!”

An Xinhui smiled bitterly. She somehow felt lacking in comparison.


Favorable impression points from An Xinhui +50. Friendly (570/1,000).

“Oh ya, can my students come here to read?” Sun Mo thought of Li Ziqi. As for his other students, Tantai Yutang might be fond of gaining new knowledge from the books, but there was no need to mention the others, they had no interest in this.

“By the rules, it is not permitted. But I can make an exception for you!”

An Xinhui smiled slightly. She had prepared to chat for a while, but after Sun Mo got her answer, he already turned his attention back to the books, having no intention to continue chatting with her.

What a psychological blow!

An Xinhui laughed mockingly at herself and then turned to depart.

Sun Mo walked through the first level and didn’t find any books that were related to what he was looking for. Just when he was preparing to head to the second level, the system notification suddenly rang out.


“Congratulations on saving Cai Tan, completing the mission. You have also saved Ruan Yun, preventing her from becoming a degenerate. Reward: 1x silver treasure chest, please continue to work hard!”

A shiny silver treasure chest then appeared before Sun Mo.


“Your prestige connection with Ruan Yun has also leveled up. You are hereby awarded with 2x black-iron treasure chests, please continue to work hard.”

“Keep them first!”

His lucky object, the papaya girl wasn’t here. As an extremely unlucky person, Sun Mo definitely wouldn’t choose to open the chests now. He continued to read, but he suddenly felt very uncomfortable as though something was spying on him.


Sun Mo turned his head quickly, but he didn’t see anything. After that, he walked to the back of a bookshelf and waited a few seconds. Just when he was preparing to stretch his head out for a look, he saw a head with a helmet stretching out as well.

Its eyes glowed red. It was extremely terrifying. “Damn!”

Sun Mo leaned back.

The guardian warrior also didn’t expect that its face would be so close to Sun Mo, and it immediately spun around to leave. But maybe because it spun around too quickly, a clanging sound rang out as its head fell onto the ground.

Sun Mo was speechless as he watched the headless guardian running away. (My heavens, that killing intent you exuded earlier was so impressive. But look at you now, I’m very disappointed, okay?)

That head rolled on the ground and finally came to a halt just beside Sun Mo’s legs!

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