Absolute Great Teacher
282 Generous Rewards
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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282 Generous Rewards


Sun Mo felt conflicted after seeing the head on the ground.

(Should I pick it up or not?)

(Speaking of which, An Xinhui did mention that this guardian doesn’t like to be touched by people. Hence, if I helped to pick its head up, wouldn’t I be beaten up?)

Boom! Boom!

The sounds of footsteps echoed. Sun Mo inclined his head and saw the headless warrior searching for its head.

“Oi, your head has fallen off!” Sun Mo pointed to the ground. “Over here!”


The headless warrior knocked into a shelf. But very soon later, it managed to differentiate the location. However, it didn’t walk over and stood at its location.

The system lectured Sun Mo.

“Alright, alright. Quickly go and rest!”

Sun Mo waved his hands.

After this small incident was over, Sun Mo started to focus on reading the books with single-hearted devotion.

One couldn’t help but say that all the books here contained high-end knowledge. Other than the study of spirit runes and the art of spiritual beast control, Sun Mo almost couldn’t understand the other subjects. It felt like he was gnawing on steel, and his teeth were about to shatter

At this moment, Sun Mo finally understood how tiny and inconsequential he was. He also knew now how insignificant his previous achievements were.

Compared to ordinary teachers, Sun Mo was surely impressive. But when compared to a 3-star great teacher and above, he was insignificant.

“This great teacher path is truly a long one. I have to always maintain a humble heart and do my best to learn diligently. I must never be complacent!”

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Sun Mo reminded himself.

Every day after Sun Mo woke up, and after his morning ablutions, he would see hot piping dishes of food already placed on his table.

It seemed that they didn’t want to disturb Sun Mo. So Li Ziqi and the other two would vanish after they set up the breakfast. “Who is it today?”

Sun Mo called out. He sat down and drank a mouthful of porridge. After that, he took a hot-piping vegetarian bun and ate a mouthful of it.

Egg with garlic chives, it was super delicious!


The papaya girl appeared at the door, waiting for Sun Mo’s instructions.

“Come over!”


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    《Absolute Great Teacher》