Absolute Great Teacher
283 Fully Packed Classroom
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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283 Fully Packed Classroom


Headmaster Cao’s name was Cao Xian, and he originated from a well-off family. His parents didn’t wish for him to work hard his entire life and only wanted him to relax and enjoy life happily. Hence, they gave him the word “Xian’ (relax/idle) in his name.

However, things were contrary to their wishes. Cao Xian loved to read and after entering school, he became extremely interested in alchemy. He would use over ten hours every day to experiment in the lab. He wasn’t idle at all.

After he graduated, he became a teacher and held a teaching position. Then, he became the headmaster of the Myriad Daos Academy. On his path, Cao Xian had never even relaxed for a single day. He always said that by giving him this name, his parents were actually cursing him, causing him to actually work even harder in his life.

However, Cao Xian was fond of such a lifestyle. He felt that only by having a fulfilling lifestyle would one be able to experience life.

A few of his old friends felt that Headmaster Cao’s lifestyle was too tiring, and they urged him to rest more. Cao Xian would always say that after he crushed the Central Province Academy and made the Myriad Daos Academy become the number one school in Jinling, his ambition in life would be fulfilled and he would resign.

Because the Myriad Daos Academy was founded by copying the Central Province Academy, one could say that these two schools were clones of each other and were also competitors. This was why Cao Xian was very familiar with the Central Province Academy.

He stood before the teaching building and looked at the announcement board, searching for Sun Mo’s name.

“It can’t be right, does Sun Mo not have a lesson today?”

“Mn? Why didn’t I see the classroom he is teaching in?”

Cao Xian was bewildered, casting another glance at the announcement board.

The public announcement board of the Central Province Academy was listed according to the size of the classroom. The 30-pax classrooms were the easiest to spot. After that, the 50-pax classrooms were for the majority of the teachers. As for 100-pax and the 300-pax lecture halls, they were located at the bottom of the announcement board.

Because such classrooms were huge and limited in number, they were usually reserved for 2-star great teachers when they wanted to give a lesson.

Teachers of this star rank would always be extremely popular. Hence, all the students would have long since gotten a copy of the lecture timetable and would always come in advance to reserve seats.

Some of the students would come just on time, based on the timing indicated on the timetable. However, they would not be able to get a seat.

Cao Xian felt that with Sun Mo’s fame, his classroom should be a 50-pax or at most 100-pax one. But when he checked twice, he didn’t see anything.

“Hmm, it can’t be, right? Where is Teacher Sun’s classroom?”

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The freshman bent his waist and pointed to Sun Mo’s name. After that, he looked at the planar graph on the teaching building and pointed to a spot. “Here!” “3..300-pax lecture hall? Cao Xian was shocked. “Yup!”

Cao Xian couldn’t believe it. Those who could use such a large classroom had to be very qualified. But after that, he began to believe it somewhat. After all, this Sun Mo was a newbie that was admired by both Fang Wuji and Yue Rongbo.

“Aiya, I should have collected more information about him!”

Cao Xian felt some regret. “Why would I lie to you?”

The student frowned and surveyed Cao Xian. “Are you the parent of a student? Or a teacher from another school?”

“I’m a parent!”

Cao Xian told a little lie. If he dared to reveal his identity, he would surely be stopped before he entered the teaching building.


After hearing that he was a parent, the attitude of the student became much better. Everything was fine as long as he wasn’t someone who came here to poach Teacher Sun.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》