Absolute Great Teacher
284 Headmaster Cao’s Shock
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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284 Headmaster Cao’s Shock


In the realm of great teachers, when they were giving lessons, they would maximize the effect of each of their classes. Naturally, the more people attending, the better.

However, Sun Mo didn’t care about this. What he requested was for the students to wake up early. From his point of view, one’s talent could be bad or average, but one must not be lacking in hard work. If they couldn’t even wake up early for his class, it just meant that they weren’t qualified to hear the lecture.

“Besides, old man, 500 taels of silver isn’t enough to purchase a seat for Teacher Sun’s lecture!”

The student added, “1,000 taels, no haggling. If you are very lucky and Teacher Sun chose you to ask him a question, you have to add another red packet with 1,000 more taels!”

“So expensive?”

Cao Xian was dumbfounded. He really wanted to ask if Sun Mo was a great teacher, but when he saw the ‘as it should be by rights’ look on the faces of the students, he tactfully didn’t say anything.

As long as the students felt the seats were worth the price, it meant that this teacher truly had some capabilities.

Since he wasn’t able to purchase any seats, Cao Xian could only stand outside the corridor and listen through a window.

Favorable impression points from Cao Xian + 10. Neutral (90/100).

“Today, I will be guiding everyone on how to maintain one’s body and how to formulate a level-by-level cultivation plan!”

Sun Mo spoke with confidence and had clear enunciation, backed with irrefutable logic. However, he felt a little distracted in his heart. What was going on with Cao Xian? Why was he contributing favorable impression points so early in the morning? “His lecturing style isn’t bad, and his demeanor and appearance are excellent as well. He can be nurtured into a celebrity teacher!”

Cao Xian surveyed Sun Mo, the more he looked at Sun Mo, the more he liked him.

Sun Mo’s height was roughly about 1.85 meters. When he was clad in the azure-colored robes, he was truly a dazzling sight, exuding a strong sense of existence.

When he stood on the rostrum, he would immediately become the focal point of the entire lecture theater. His self-confidence and high-spiritedness also enveloped the entire field.

Sun Mo’s handsome looks also contained a hint of delicateness. This made it so that when he smiled, he looked like an older brother from next door. Although it caused his prestige to lessen a little, the amicable feeling he exuded increased by a great deal.

This was a man you would tell everything to!

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Cao Xian turned his head to observe the expressions of the students.

Cao Xian was observing Sun Mo’s lecture content and style, as well as his ability to guide the emotions of the students. But the more he listened, the more he felt immersed in the subject.

Compared to these students, Cao Xian was a 5-star great teacher as well as an alchemy grandmaster. Hence, he was very clear about body structure. When he heard Sun Mo systematically explained the connection between cultivation and one’s body and summing them up as a subject, Cao Xian could only sigh in admiration.

Honestly speaking, everyone knew that they had to maintain their body and health. But as to why they should do this, many people hadn’t thought through it before. Their teachers said they had to do this, so they just did it. This was passed down through the generations and now when Sun Mo explained it, all of them suddenly felt enlightened.

An appropriate amount of sleep, a balanced diet, the timing when one should cultivate, and their duration and training load.

When Cao Xian heard it, he felt like he had gained the most precious treasure. In fact, he even cast a ‘Retentive Memory’ great teacher halo on himself.

This great teacher halo could allow students to remember the content of a lecture clearly. The duration would depend on the level of the great teacher’s halo.

The nearby students were enveloped by the glow and jumped in shock as they stared at Cao Xian in bewilderment.

Which great teacher was this?

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》