Absolute Great Teacher
285 How Outstanding Is This?
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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285 How Outstanding Is This?

Cao Xian had seen ‘God Hands’ before.

A few great teachers could accurately determine a stranger’s cultivation realm, whether they were proficient in blade arts or sword arts, just by touching the stranger. However, being able to determine a person’s cultivation art? This was a little too exaggerated!

Honestly speaking, Cao Xian felt some suspicions about this student’s identity. This student might be hired by Sun Mo to act according to a scenario.

One must know that great teachers with ‘God Hands’ were extremely rare. Also, they only managed to train up a pair of ‘God Hands’ through the accumulation of many years of experience and seeing a huge number of students.

But what about Sun Mo?

He was extremely young, only 20 years old. If twenty more years passed by, how strong would he be then?

Sun Mo’s ‘performance’ was still on-going!

In the lecture theater, the number of raised hands were so many that they seemed like trees in a forest. But this time around, Sun Mo didn’t call out a name. When he passed by a female student, he stopped.

“Do you need a massage?”

Sun Mo asked.

“I have to trouble Teacher then!”

Sun Yan quickly rose.

“Just sit down. If your stomach doesn’t feel comfortable, you shouldn’t be here for classes. You should rest for a few days. Try to drink more hot water. You should eat more wolfberries and jujubes during these few days as well!”

Sun Mo bent his waist. He placed his hand on Sun Yan’s stomach and used the living blood technique and the basic massaging technique.

The pain in her stomach had caused her countenance to be slightly pale. However, an instant after Sun Mo started his massage, she immediately felt a warm current flowing through her entire body.

Sun Yan felt so comfortable that she almost moaned.

The male students didn’t know what was going on, but the older female students all understood. This female student’s menses just came.

For a few days every month, menses was a kind of torment for females.

After Sun Mo finished helping Sun Yan, he took out a piece of paper and wrote a dietary plan for her.

“Since the cold qi in your body is stronger than others, your menses’ duration will also be longer. As it obstructs the circulation of your spirit qi, you will feel exceptionally sick these days. Go and look for these herbs and boil them with water to drink.”

Sun Mo instructed.

A few female students couldn’t control their urges anymore. They immediately stood up and leaned forward, looking at the paper.

“Don’t need to look at it. This prescription is no use to the rest of you.”

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Sun Mo warned, “If you eat herbs randomly, something bad will surely happen!”

“Teacher, you also understand medical arts?”

A student was curious. He had never seen Teacher Sun displaying his medical expertise before.

“Not really, I only know a bit about herbology!”

Sun Mo smiled.

“Thank you, teacher!”

Sun Yan thanked and then carefully put away the piece of paper.


Favorable impression points from Sun Yan +30. Friendly (180/1,000).

Sun Mo was a little taken aback. So, this girl was someone who had unlocked a prestigious connection with him! Sun Mo didn’t know that Sun Yan’s friend had been bullied by Zhou Yong. Thus, after learning that Sun Mo had expelled Zhou Yong, Sun Yan had become a crazy fan of Sun Mo.

Not fearing tyrannical might, daring to act for the sake of justice. Sun Mo was truly full of charisma.

“Teacher is so gentle!” “I also wish to be treated so gently by Teacher. Hmph, that boyfriend of mine would only give me warm water to drink when I said that I have stomach cramps!”

“Just break up, if you don’t break up with such a boyfriend now, do you want to delay and wait another year?” A few female students started chatting.

Sun Mo perspired after hearing their chat and started to feel sorrow for that guy.

The lecture continued.

From the eyes of the students, Sun Mo was randomly picking students. However, Sun Mo had actually activated Divine Sight and he would only pick students with problems he could solve.

Sun Mo walked toward a male student and kneaded his cervical vertebrae.

“You should stop eating leftover food older than two days.”

Toward male students, Sun Mo wasn’t as restrained and directly started his massage.


The neck of the student tightened.

“You had a stomach ache today, right? Quickly go and look for a doctor, or you will suffer even more tomorrow!” The ancient massaging technique wasn’t able to cure all illnesses after all. Also, Sun Mo made sure to touch the bodies of the students longer to conceal the fact that he was using Divine Sight.

“Teacher, noted!”

The male student stood up, feeling uncomfortable and uneasy. He was blushing as well. After all, he had a stomach ache due to eating leftover food. This caused him to feel embarrassed.

He was worried that others would laugh at him for being poor.

“Being thrifty is a good habit, but if you damage your body because of this, you will end up spending more money. It isn’t worth it.”

Sun Mo patted the male student’s shoulder and asked him to sit down, “Come and look for me in the office after the lesson ends!” After hearing this, all the students revealed envious looks.

Was this extra guidance provided by Sun Mo?

Kang Min felt helpless. Despite being as old as he was now, he had never been stared at by so many girls before. Could today be considered the peak of his life?

However, he also heaved a sigh of relief. Because by saying this, others wouldn’t think that he had to eat leftover food because he was poor. “Alright, next, I’ll choose a student and design a cultivation plan for him or her!”

Sun Mo returned to the rostrum and swept his glance throughout the classroom.

The students immediately sat upright as they looked at Sun Mo with pleading eyes, like seals waiting for people to toss them food.

Outside the classroom, Cao Xian was dumbstruck when he saw this.

The attention of all the students was completely captured by him. Being in a daze? Secretly reading novels? Whispering to each other?

All of these didn’t exist. These students cherished every single second very much!

“Also his ‘God Hands’ should be a type of massaging technique, right? It’s really impressive seeing that he was able to identify menses and food poisoning!” Cao Xian sighed in admiration.

Naturally, Sun Mo’s meticulousness made Cao Xian admire him even more.

As a headmaster, Cao Xian had seen too many students. His judgment prowess was extremely strong and he could tell with a single glance that the male student had no choice but to eat leftovers because he was poor. However, Sun Mo didn’t mention anything about that, helping the student save his face.


Favorable impression points from Cao Xian +100. Friendly (190/1,000). “No, I have to calm down and observe him further!”

Cao Xian reminded himself. He mustn’t make a decision so easily. This was his creed in life.

Before the dismissal bell rang, Cao Xian left to avoid being discovered by An Xinhui. After all, his observation was almost completed.

In any case, a single sentence could describe his emotions – surpassing expectations. Cao Xian was 200% satisfied.

Cao Xian would observe more during Sun Mo’s spirit rune lesson that would be held in the afternoon. This involved the pay he would be offering to headhunt Sun Mo.

Right now, Cao Xian was excited and also filled with trepidation.

If Sun Mo’s spirit rune lesson wasn’t as outstanding as his medical cultivation lesson, no, as long as it was half the standards, he would already be very satisfied. But if that wasn’t the case, he would have to offer an even higher price to recruit Sun Mo and the resistance he would face would be greater as well.

After all, as long as An Xinhui’s brain wasn’t addled, she would definitely give it her all to pull such a genius to her side.

After the lesson, Sun Mo exited the classroom. He glanced to the left and right but discovered no strangers.


“Congratulations, you have obtained a total of 2,600 favorable impression points. Please continue to work hard.”

Sun Mo returned to his office. When he saw Xia Yuan, he asked, “Sister Xia, do our school have a person named Cao Xian?”

“Cao Xian?”

Xia Yuan was stunned. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, I’m just asking!”

Sun Mo couldn’t just say that this fellow was spying on him, right? This name sounded like a male, hence, he felt a bit disgusted!

“Our school doesn’t have anyone named Cao Xian, but the headmaster of the Myriad Daos Academy is Cao Xian. The Xian stands for relaxation or idle!”

Xia Yuan introduced.

Sun Mo was enlightened. Yue Rongbo must have said something good about him to Headmaster Cao. This was why Cao Xian suddenly contributed favorable impression points!

A few minutes later, Kang Min arrived.

Sun Mo brought Kang Min to a remote place. Then, he took out his money pouch and passed it to Kang Min without counting. “Take this and pay attention to your diet. Your body is your most precious well, so you shouldn’t act wantonly just because you are young! Kang Min opened the pouch and discovered that it was stuffed with banknotes. His expression drastically changed as he hurriedly passed it back to Sun Mo. “Teacher, I can’t take this!”

“Just take it, I don’t need the money but you need them sorely!”

Sun Mo didn’t accept it. He turned and departed. “You just have to cultivate well and get good results. That, to me, would be the greatest repayment!” As for Kang Min returning the money? Sun Mo didn’t mention a single word about it.


Kang Min knelt and kowtowed heavily thrice. He was embarrassingly short of money, so this sum of money was a much-needed burst of rain after a lengthy drought.

“Teacher, I’ll do my best to return it to you!”

Sun Mo didn’t want it, but Kang Min would surely pay it back.


Favorable impression points from Kang Min +100. Friendly (150/1,000).

Kang Min only got up after Sun Mo had completely disappeared. He wiped his tears and opened the money pouch to count the notes. He discovered that there was actually 1,000 taels within!

Kang Min’s hands trembled. At the roof of the building, Lian Zheng, who was leaning against the railing and enjoying a smoke, couldn’t help but feel his favorable impression for Sun Mo increasing when he saw this.

This was a teacher that was worthy of respect!

Upon thinking of his earlier contempt and misunderstanding of Sun Mo, Lian Zheng suddenly felt very ashamed of himself. The old headmaster’s judgment was impressive indeed!


Favorable impression points from Lian Zheng +50. Friendly (110/1,000).

“What’s up with Lian Zheng?”

Sun Mo was speechless. Even if someone wanted to spy on him, why couldn’t that someone be a female teacher?

In the afternoon, Sun Mo ordered a bowl of beef noodles and a chinese meat pie from the canteen. The canteen aunty was very familiar with Sun Mo’s appetite. Thus, she chose the best slices of beef for him.

“You should eat more!” The canteen aunty grinned widely. If it wasn’t for Sun Mo’s status being too high and she knew her daughter couldn’t match up to him, she really wanted to introduce her to Sun Mo.

“Thank you, Sister Li!”

When Sun Mo saw the extra layer of beef in his bowl, he suddenly felt very emotional. Back in his world, when he had ordered ‘beef noodles’ from a roadside stall, he could only afford the noodles and not the beef.

“Teacher Sun, you should come and try my stewed pork shoulders next time!”

Aunty Wang at the side looked down at the bowl of stewed pork shoulders she prepared specially for Sun Mo and shook her head in disappointment. This was a dish she cooked with great preparation and would surely be able to subdue Sun Mo’s stomach.


Sun Mo grinned, revealing his pearly white teeth.

“Teacher Sun is so good-looking when he smiles!”

“Yeah, he seems so compatible with my daughter!”

“Sister Wang, I can’t continue listening to these words. After all, who would Teacher Sun not be compatible with?”.

The canteen aunties immediately waged a verbal war as their saliva and spittle flew everywhere.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》