Absolute Great Teacher
286 I Must Headhunt Him At All Costs!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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286 I Must Headhunt Him At All Costs!

“Oh, they give quite a lot of beef today!”

An intern teacher was walking around, contemplating on what he should order for lunch. However, when he saw Sun Mo passing by with his bowl covered by a layer of thick beef, he immediately headed for the noodle stall.

“Give me a bowl of beef noodles, please!”

Very soon, the beef noodle was ready, but the intern teacher frowned.


Sister Li called out. When she saw that the intern teacher hadn’t left, she felt a little perplexed. “What’s the matter?”

“This beef…”

The intern teacher wanted to ask why she had given him too little beef.

“It’s real beef!”

The aunty smiled. “Don’t worry, the ingredients of our Central Province Academy are all real!”

The merchants who had supplied the ingredients before weren’t bad, but they were definitely not the best. However, ever since Sun Mo became the Logistics Department Head and taught those merchants a lesson, not only had the price of the ingredients dropped, but the quality was also extremely good.

In the past, the merchants would mix in about 0.5 to 1 kilograms of rotten vegetables in 5 kilograms worth. This was already considered good. However, they no longer dare to do something like this now.

Teacher Sun was really a capable person. How much money had he saved for the school?


Favorable impression points from Sister Li +100. Friendly (500/1,000). “No, I’m saying that this beef…”

The intern teacher shook his head.

“Alright, I’ll give you an additional scoop of soup. Don’t stand here and obstruct the people behind you from getting their food.”

Sister Li urged as she scooped a ladle of soup and drizzled it over the beef noodles. “This soup is an old broth that has been brewed for 20 years. It’s very delicious!”

The intern teacher was stunned and subconsciously looked in the direction that Sun Mo departed in. His mind was filled with the scene of Sun Mo’s beef noodles that was piled with beef.

“If your soup is that good, why didn’t you fill it up for Sun Mo?”

The intern teacher turned and assessed Sister Li. He looked at her broad shoulders and round waist, then made the wise decision not to pursue this.

“Forget it, the amount of beef is already a lot more than what the roadside stalls give!”

The intern teacher consoled himself and took a sip of the soup. It tasted quite good.

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After lunch, Sun Mo returned to the villa and practiced the Wind King Divine Steps in the training room. When it was about 4 p.m., he headed to the teaching building.

When Sun Mo entered the lecture theater, he immediately saw an elderly man sitting in the last row. The man had white hair, but it was neatly combed.

When Cao Xian noticed Sun Mo’s gaze, he smiled and nodded.

The Myriad Daos Academy’s headmaster was a 5-star great teacher who had an extremely high social status in Jinling. However, Sun Mo remained calm and conducted his lesson peacefully. The lecture theater that could accommodate 300 people was half-filled with students. The attendance rate was a little bad given the size of the lecture theater, but the number was quite terrifying when one considered that Sun Mo was just a teacher who had been employed for over four months.

This was a new teacher, but he managed to snatch so many resources from the other senior teachers!

This class wasn’t a Medical Cultivation class that only Sun Mo could conduct. It was a traditional subject that many teachers were teaching. The competition was very intense.

The students’ time was very precious. If they felt that they didn’t gain anything, they wouldn’t come to attend the class.

Cao Xian didn’t understand the study of spirit runes, but he had listened to other teachers’ teaching before. In comparison to Sun Mo’s class, he felt that the difference was very big. It was because Sun Mo explained while drawing the spirit runes.

Drawing spirit runes required focus and great care. Otherwise, if one stroke was done wrongly, the entire spirit rune would be wasted.

No one would do something like this with the exception of great teachers who were exceptionally confident toward their skills.

It was because even the most ordinary spirit rune would need at least several hundred strokes. If one stroke was done wrongly, leading to failure, it’d cause the teacher to be embarrassed in front of the students. Moreover, it’d take at least half an hour to complete the drawing of one spirit rune. This was too boring!

Therefore, those teachers who dared to draw spirit rune in class while teaching were all amazing spirit rune masters.


Cao Xian turned and assessed the students in the lecture theater.

Very good. None of the students had their minds wandering off. Everyone was listening attentively!

Cao Xian stroked his beard and frowned. It was because he had a small doubt.

What Sun Mo drew was the Black Tortoise Spirit Rune. This was a defensive spirit rune that was commonly seen, considered to be the basics amongst the basics. All the students who had started learning would have drawn it before. This was an introductory spirit rune that everyone had to learn.

Looking at the students in the lecture theater, Cao Xian realized that at least half of them were senior students. (Why would you guys be interested in such a fundamental spirit rune? Is it because Sun Mo is the one teaching it?)

Cao Xian couldn’t understand!

The Central Province Academy’s uniform was lined with silver at the collar for the respective grades of the students. However, Cao Xian even saw that there were students with six silver linings.

“It’s too late to be starting to learn spirit runes at sixth grade!”

Cao Xian shook his head and then felt even more perplexed.

If this sixth-grade student had started learning the study of spirit runes long ago, why would he pay so much attention to a fundamental spirit rune?

If he had only just started to learn, then he should be very familiar with the Central Province Academy’s teachers. No matter how he chose, he shouldn’t be choosing Sun Mo, right?

Could it be that Sun Mo taught better than those great teachers?

Just as Cao Xian was observing the students, he suddenly sensed the spirit qi fluctuating in the lecture theater. Then, with a loud boom, they gushed toward the rostrum.

Cao Xian was stunned and turned to see a huge spirit qi tornado on the rune paper that was hanging on the blackboard.

“This… this…”

Even though Cao Xian didn’t know about this subject, he knew that when this phenomenon appeared, it meant that this spirit rune’s quality was very high.

A spirit rune like this could be easily sold for 500 taels.

“Hold on!”

Cao Xian noticed another blind spot. He quickly took out his pocket watch and took a glance. He was stunned. (My god, seven minutes?) That was right. Sun Mo had completed a Black Tortoise Spirit Rune in such a short amount of time. Wasn’t this too fast? Sun Mo drew fast and well. There was no need to explain his standard in the study of spirit runes.

“It seems that I’ll have to pay a huge price if I wish to headhunt him!”

Cao Xian felt both pained and happy!

“Do you understand? The few strokes seem to have been simplified!”

“I didn’t. Teacher drew too quickly!”

“This is considered fast? He had drawn it a lot slower in consideration of us!”

The students mumbled amongst themselves, feeling upset. There was no helping it. They couldn’t understand it. This gave them a strong feeling of defeat as though they were very dumb! “Hmm?”

Cao Xian’s ears pricked. Was there an insider story that he didn’t know of? He asked the student next to him softly, “What are you guys discussing?”

“We’re discussing how many strokes did Teacher simplify!”

The students didn’t dare to treat Cao Xian carelessly. After all, it was clear from his disposition that he was a great teacher.


Just as Cao Xian was feeling perplexed, Lu Changhe raised his hand to answer. “Teacher, there are 26 strokes!” “Very good!” Sun Mo was very pleased. “Here, it’s yours now!”

“Thank you Teacher!”

Lu Changhe went up happily, solemnly receiving the Black Tortoise Spirit Rune with an elated expression.

“Lu Changhe is so amazing!”

“That’s right! Those sixth-grade students have been learning for a few years, but they are no match for him!”

“This guy has gotten over ten spirit runes, right? It’s really such a great profit at 1,000 taels per spirit rune.”

The students all wore envious gazes.

Sun Mo no longer randomly gave out the spirit runes that he drew. Instead, he would ask questions and those who got it right would get it!

Although this would eliminate a number of students who weren’t interested in the study of spirit runes and were only here to get the spirit runes, it also attracted the senior students who really liked the study of spirit runes.

They treated Sun Mo’s simplified spirit rune as a challenge!

Cao Xian was stunned after hearing this. “Student, the simplified that you’re talking about can’t be simplified spirit runes, could it?”

“That’s right!”

The student laughed, “Otherwise, what else could be simplified?”

Cao Xian opened his mouth, wanting to ask, (Isn’t simplifying spirit runes something that only spirit rune grandmasters are able to do?) Moreover, judging from what these students were saying, Sun Mo’s simplification would be different every time?

After one lesson, even though Cao Xian knew nothing about the study of spirit runes, he could tell that Sun Mo’s teaching was extremely good. He could garner the students’ interest and pique their enthusiasm for learning

He was a good teacher!


Favorable impression points from Cao Xian +50. Friendly (140/1,000).

Dong! Dong! The bell that signaled the end of the class rang out. Cao Xian leaned back on the chair, thinking about how he should bring this up.

If he wished to headhunt successfully, then he must express sufficient sincerity in their first meeting


As the Myriad Daos Academy was backed by someone really rich, and the school’s development over the past few years was very good, Cao Xian wasn’t lacking in money. He dared to offer a sky-high price. However, a young man like Sun Mo shouldn’t be someone who could be headhunted simply with money. What they valued more should be their future.

Then what position should he offer?

Back then, Yue Rongbo had been rejected when he invited Sun Mo to join his great teacher circle. Moreover, Sun Mo was only an intern teacher then. Now, he was already an official teacher with the greatest limelight.

“Why is it that we don’t have such genius newcomers in our school?”

Cao Xian felt upset. However, if there were young geniuses like Sun Mo in his school, he’d have to fret a lot as well. He would feel worried that they would be headhunted by other headmasters.

After sitting for a while, Cao Xian saw that Sun Mo had left, and he quickly chased after him. However, after entering the corridor, he slowed down. It was because Sun Mo had been stopped by some students in the distance. They were asking for his guidance.

Cao Xian didn’t wish to be seen by them and thus planned on looking for Sun Mo after he was alone. However, a male teacher suddenly walked out of the lecture theater next door.

“Headmaster Cao? Why are you here?”

Yuan Chengtian looked at Cao Xian with a stunned look.

“Teacher Yuan!”

Headmaster Cao didn’t expect to see Yuan Chengtian here, but he instantly broke into a warm smile. “Your class has just ended?”

“That’s right!”

Yuan Chengtian was holding onto his teaching materials, looking confident and graceful.

He was a graduate from the Skyraise Academy and was employed by the Central Province Academy last year. Back then, Cao Xian had offered a high price to headhunt him, but as Yuan Chengtian liked An Xinhui and also felt that the prospects here were better, he had rejected Cao Xian.

(The league tournament test is coming soon. Headmaster Cao is here to headhunt me again?)

Yuan Chengtian thought to himself. He wasn’t planning on leaving, but being highly valued by the headmaster of a competitor school was a form of recognition as well.

Yuan Chengtian suddenly felt a little proud.

“Teacher Yuan, I have a small problem here!” Over ten students came crowding over. “Go on!”

This was a good opportunity for Yuan Chengtian to show off his professional knowledge.

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