Absolute Great Teacher
287 Teacher Sun, Could You Give Me the Pleasure of Having a Meal with You?
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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287 Teacher Sun, Could You Give Me the Pleasure of Having a Meal with You?

Yuan Chengtian answered the students’ questions with ease, not having to give them any thought at all. This was his capability as a graduate from the Skyraise Academy.

If it was any other time, Yuan Chengtian would only answer three questions. After all, he was very busy. However, as Cao Xian was around today, he made an exception to answer more questions.

(However, these questions are really easy and can’t express my teaching standard.)

Yuan Chengtian felt a little displeased.

“Teacher Yuan’s class is getting increasingly popular!”

Cao Xian said politely, but his gaze occasionally darted in Sun Mo’s direction, taking note of his traces.

“Headmaster Cao is too kind!”

Yuan Chengtian said humbly but was feeling a little proud inside. He had only been employed for two years but was already using a lecture theater that could accommodate 100 people for his classes. He was also ranked first amongst the new teachers from his batch with regard to the attendance rate.

At the thought of this, Yuan Chengtian felt a little upset because of Sun Mo. It was said that the attendance rate for Sun Mo’s class was over the top. Since this was the case, Sun Mo would continue to rank first even amongst this batch of new teachers.

“Teacher Yuan, I…”

Cao Xian planned on bidding his goodbye. He had thought of headhunting Yuan Chengtian in the past, but now, he no longer cared for teachers of this level.

After all, Yue Rongbo’s great teacher circle was very strong.

However, before Cao Xian could finish his words, he was interrupted.

“Headmaster Cao!”

Zhang Hanfu called out from afar.

Yuan Chengtian turned and saw Zhang Hanfu dashing over anxiously. His gaze was filled with wariness as he looked at Cao Xian. It was as if he was looking at a human trafficker, as if his treasure was going to be snitched away.

“Headmaster Zhang!”

Yuan Chengtian greeted. His emotional intelligence wasn’t low, so he knew better and skipped on the ‘vice’.

Cao Xian nodded as a form of greeting. He couldn’t be bothered to say anything because he looked down on this person.

(The old headmaster valued you so highly, promoting you. Yet, you’re thinking of taking over what doesn’t belong to you. Isn’t this too much?)

Zhang Hanfu saw Cao Xian’s attitude and his countenance changed. He instantly felt displeased and thus didn’t sound as polite when he spoke, “Headmaster Cao, our school doesn’t welcome you. Please leave!”

“You guys were one of the Nine Greats in the past. Don’t you have the magnanimity to accept others? Putting aside the fact that I’m not an enemy, even if I am one, do you guys have to chase people off when they’re just here to pay a visit?” Cao Xian sneered, “Tsk, I didn’t expect that the Central Province Academy doesn’t even have this bit of confidence!”

“No, it’s just that your school uses too despicable means, catching others unaware.”

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Zhang Hanfu had a fiery temper and retorted furiously without holding back.

“Zhang Hanfu, don’t think too highly of yourself. I don’t headhunt just anybody.”

“Headmasters, please don’t fight anymore!”

Yuan Chengtian tried to persuade Zhang Hanfu and Cao Xian when he heard the bickering between them. His countenance was calm, but he felt a little proud inside.

(Zhang Hanfu must have received a report that I would be headhunted. Hence, he came hurrying over anxiously.)

(Sigh, there’s no helping it. Why do I have to be so outstanding?)

After Xia Yuan walked up the stairs, she saw Sun Mo and greeted, “Teacher Sun!”

“Teacher Xia!”

Sun Mo nodded.

“Hmmm? Isn’t that Headmaster Cao?”

Xia Yuan saw Cao Xian. “Sun Mo, weren’t you asking me who Cao Xian is previously? There, he’s right over there.”

“So it’s him!”

Sun Mo was struck by a realization.

“Zhang Hanfu seems to be quarreling with him?”

Xia Yuan was gloating over someone else’s misfortune but then felt a little perplexed. “Why did he come to our school? It can’t be to headhunt people, right?”

Xia Yuan’s gaze landed on Yuan Chengtian who was at the side.

“Teacher Sun, the person at the side is Teacher Yuan Chengtian. He graduated from the Skyraise Academy and was the top teacher amongst last year’s new teachers.”

Xia Yuan introduced, “If there aren’t any accidents, he should be the leader of the group that will be participating in the league tournament’s newbie competition this year.”


Sun Mo hadn’t been interested in the beginning. However, he couldn’t help but look over after hearing this.

Yuan Chengtian was about 1.75 meters. He had a strong physique with long limbs, clearly someone who focused on speed.

Yuan Chengtian had ordinary looks, but he was very confident. This gave him an additional quality that would attract others, and it was apparent that he was someone reliable.

Yuan Chengtian, 21 years old. Peak of the blood-ignition realm.

Strength 27. If I punch out, you’ll definitely die!

Intellect 28. Intelligence quotient and emotional quotient are both above average.

Agility 29. Move quickly like a fleeing rabbit!

Endurance 29. Won’t die from running!

Will 28. Powerful and confident. He firmly believes that he is a victor.

High potential value!

Note: Extremely confident, strongly believing that he is the most outstanding teacher and that there’s nothing he couldn’t do.

Cultivating alchemy, but his aptitude in this subject is mediocre. (You should use all your time on cultivating. You’d definitely get very good results then.)

Sun Mo looked at Yuan Chengtian’s data and was a little speechless. This person did stand out a lot.

“Come, let’s go and get to know Headmaster Cao!”

Xia Yuan suggested.

“Not interested!”

Sun Mo shook his head.

“Let’s go. This is a 5-star influential character. His mastery over alchemy is very high and there’s nothing bad to get to know him.”

Xia Yuan grabbed Sun Mo’s hand and tugged him over.

As a cultivator, how could they not use pills? Therefore, alchemist was also one of the most popular occupations. Getting to know such an influential character would make things a lot more convenient for them. Xia Yuan was someone with some thoughts. Given her status, she didn’t have the right to speak with Cao Xian. However, things were different with Sun Mo around.

As a competitor, Xia Yuan believed that Cao Xian would definitely have heard of Sun Mo’s God Hands. He might even have come to headhunt Sun Mo.

“Vice-headmaster Zhang, Teacher Yuan!”

Xia Yuan greeted, “Headmaster Cao, I’m Xia Yuan. I’ve long since heard of your name. This is Teacher Sun Mo, our Central Province Academy’s ‘God Hands!!”

“Headmaster Cao!”

Sun Mo knew the idea of having one more friend meant that one would have one more route. Therefore, he maintained a friendly attitude.

“Teacher Sun, Teacher Xia, what do you guys mean by this? Don’t forget that you guys are the teachers from the Central Province Academy. The Central Province Academy is the one paying your salaries.”

Zhang Hanfu chided.

Xia Yuan’s expression turned a little awkward.

“What’s wrong with me?”

Sun Mo immediately retorted.

“Hmph, wallowing in self-degradation!” Zhang Hanfu reproached, “Look at Teacher Yuan. Even when he is headhunted by Cao Xian, he continues to put on a normal expression and doesn’t grovel before him.” Zhang Hanfu’s words had the hidden meaning that Sun Mo was currying up to Cao Xian. “Are you a f*cking nutcase?”

After Sun Mo scolded, he turned to leave. There was no helping it. If he continued to stay here, he wouldn’t be able to hold back on punching this guy. “Teacher Sun?”

Xia Yuan quickly chased after him, looking regretful and upset. She felt that she had been too meddlesome.

“Teacher Sun, take note of your attitude!”

Zhang Hanfu bellowed.

Cao Xian’s eyes and mouth were agape. This Sun Mo was someone with some character; he even dared to scold a vice-headmaster with high status and authority! It felt very good to see Zhang Hanfu having a setback!

However, the most urgent thing to do now was to quickly chase after Sun Mo to make things clear.

Zhang Hanfu had misunderstood that Cao Xian was here to headhunt Yuan Chengtian and had even said it in front of Sun Mo. There was a need to explain this misunderstanding. Otherwise, it’d seem if Sun Mo was only headhunted in passing.

Youngsters viewed their faces in high regard. Once Cao Xian left a bad impression, it’d be hard for them to get along in the future.

“Zhang Hanfu, you’re overthinking things. I have no intention of headhunting Teacher Yuan!” Cao Xian spoke up, “Teacher Yuan, I wish you success in the Central Province Academy! Goodbye!”

After saying that, Cao Xian didn’t wait for Yuan Chengtian’s reply and ran off.


Yuan Chengtian frowned, looking a little awkward. It was because he noticed that Cao Xian seemed to have gone off to chase after Sun Mo.

Zhang Hanfu naturally thought of this possibility as well, but he felt that the possibility wasn’t high. (Cao Xian, you’re a ‘C’ grade famous school’s headmaster and are also a 5-star great teacher. Yet you’re here to headhunt a teacher who has just been employed for a few months? Are you alright in the head?)

“No, I must go and take a look!”

Zhang Hanfu followed after them.

Sun Mo was from An Xinhui’s faction and had brought him great trouble. Therefore, Zhang Hanfu would love to have him scram. However, at the same time, he felt displeased to watch this guy being headhunted away by Cao Xian. Who was Sun Mo to deserve this?

Yuan Chengtian didn’t wish to join in the excitement. However, if he didn’t ascertain this, he wouldn’t be able to sleep well. Therefore, he followed after them as well.

The trees cast down their shade on the ground, swaying with the wind.

“Teacher Sun, I’m sorry!”

Xia Yuan looked apologetic.

“Teacher Xia, there’s no need to apologize!” Sun Mo chuckled. He was considered half the owner of the Central Province Academy. Xia Yuan, as the school’s great teacher, was considered his ‘property’ as well. Therefore, he had to be more forgiving toward talents.

“I was too meddlesome!”

Xia Yuan sighed and wanted to explain more when she saw Cao Xian running over while shouting

“Teacher Sun… Teacher Sun…”

Cao Xian smiled amicably. “I wanted to get to know you just now, but I was held back by Yuan Chengtian and Zhang Hanfu. I even caused a conflict between you guys. I’m really sorry about that!” “Huh?”

Xia Yuan’s eyes and mouth were agape as she saw this. What the hell was this? Why did Cao Xian take the initiative to apologize to Sun Mo? Moreover, he had put on a friendly attitude, with the wrinkles on his face all scrunched up almost like a flower.

However, Xia Yuan instantly understood. The reason Cao Xian came to their school wasn’t to headhunt Yuan Chengtian. He came for Sun Mo!

“My god!”

Xia Yuan was surprised. Was Sun Mo already so famous?

Xia Yuan even noticed that at the mention of Yuan Chengtian and Zhang Hanfu, Cao Xian had referred to them by their full name. This meant that he really didn’t care for either of them.

Zhang Hanfu and Yuan Chengtian, who had followed after them, were hiding not far away. When they heard this, their countenances immediately turned extremely dark. Yuan Chengtian’s fists were clenched tightly together.

(Damn it! Don’t I need some face as well?)

“Headmaster Cao is too kind!”

Sun Mo had guessed it. After all, he had received quite a lot of favorable impression points from Cao Xian today.

“You’re too polite to address me as headmaster. You can call me Uncle Cao or Teacher Cao.”

Cao Xian laughed, giving off a good impression that he was an amicable person. “Teacher Sun, can you give me the pleasure of having a meal with you?”

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》