Absolute Great Teacher
288 Giant Medicine Packet up for Sale!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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288 Giant Medicine Packet up for Sale!

The autumn leaves fell slowly, like a lover’s hand brushing against the ground.

When Xia Yuan heard this, she wore an envious gaze. Judging from Cao Xian’s attitude, it was clear that he admired Sun Mo quite a lot, and the reason he came to their school today was to headhunt him.

(When would I be able to enjoy such treatment?)

Xia Yuan felt emotional.


Favorable impression points from Xia Yuan +50. Friendly (320/1,000).

“Teacher Xia, are you free? Would you like to join us?”

Cao Xian’s emotional intelligence was quite high and he invited Xia Yuan as well to save her face.

Xia Yuan wanted to go. Putting aside Cao Xian’s identity as the Myriad Daos Academy’s headmaster, just the fact that he was a 5-star great teacher meant that this meal was a rare opportunity.

If she could ask some questions during the meal, she’d definitely be able to benefit a lot.

Of course, Xia Yuan knew the ways of the world as well. Although she wanted to go a lot, she still smiled and rejected the offer. “I won’t disturb the two of you.”

Cao Xian nodded and looked toward Sun Mo.

“Headmaster Cao is trying to headhunt me, right?”

Sun Mo went straight to the point because he had no time to socialize over a meal. The league tournament test was coming up in slightly over three months. As this concerned the Central Province Academy’s ranking, Sun Mo needed to make use of every precious second to increase his capabilities. He also needed to guide his students. Hence, he was very busy. “Uhh!”

Cao Xian didn’t expect Sun Mo to be so direct. He looked at Xia Yuan and nodded a little awkwardly. “I’m sorry, I don’t have any plans on leaving the Central Province Academy for now!”

Sun Mo didn’t forget the system’s mission to lead the school to become ‘C’ grade.

“Won’t you listen to my offer first?”

Cao Xian smiled. He had headhunted a number of great teachers and had the experience in this. The reason the other party said this was just to raise their value.

Sun Mo smiled, not feeling interested. He was now the Central Province Academy’s logistics department head, possessing great status and authority. Moreover, he also possessed the eight-gate cloud and had taken over the Wind King Hall that was covered in spirit crystals.

Cultivation resources?

Sun Mo wasn’t lacking in them. If he had spirit crystals, what couldn’t he exchange them for? Moreover, even if they were used up, the papaya girl still had a spirit qi roaming dragon that excelled in treasure seeking. If they were to make a trip around the Darkness Continent, they’d definitely be able to find a spirit stone vein.

As for cultivation art?

Sorry, right now, Sun Mo had four peerless-grade saint-tier cultivation arts. He was going on the persistent route of extravagance. No matter how generous Cao Xian was, there was no way that he could give Sun Mo a saint-tier cultivation art, right?

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“Firstly, you can ask for any amount. I’ll satisfy your request.”

“Secondly, all of the manual collections the Myriad Daos Academy has collected over the years will be open to you.”

“Thirdly, I’ll see you as a candidate for the future headmaster. If you’re outstanding enough, this place that I’m sitting on will be yours in ten years.”

Cao Xian offered.

Xia Yuan’s eyes and mouth were agape upon hearing this. This offer was made with a lot of sincerity.

Look at how imperious Headmaster Cao was! As long as Sun Mo dared to ask for a salary, Headmaster Cao would dare to give it to him. How much would he have to value Sun Mo for this?

Both Zhang Hanfu and Yuan Chengtian, who were both snooping in the forest, were astonished as well. Who was Sun Mo to deserve this? Was Cao Xian blind?

“Thank you Headmaster Cao for your kind offer!”

Sun Mo shook his head. Cao Xian frowned. (The conditions are so good, yet you aren’t agreeing?) However, he didn’t display any impatience or irritation. He continued to persuade Sun Mo calmly. “There’s An Xinhui in the Central Province Academy. No matter how hard you try, you’ll only be able to rise to the vice-headmaster position at most. And to speak the truth, I don’t favor this marriage where the female is strong and the male is weak. Don’t you think that you’ll be looked down upon? You might as well come to the Myriad Daos Academy and prove that you’re stronger than An Xinhui!”

These words would really stir people up. After all, who wouldn’t want to prove themselves?

It could be said that An Xinhui was top-notch amongst this generation of youngsters. Her reputation and capabilities would rank her in the top ten at the very least. “I’m not interested in whether or not I can become the headmaster. I only want to teach students!”

It was true that Sun Mo wasn’t interested in becoming a leader. If it wasn’t because Zhang Hanfu was always looking for trouble, Sun Mo wouldn’t have gotten rid of the logistics department head and taken over this position.

Cao Xian frowned. There was really no way of getting through. Moreover, he could tell that Sun Mo wasn’t joking. This was tough. “Headmaster Cao, please go back!” Sun Mo made things clear and planned on leaving

“Teacher Sun, what request do you have? You can go ahead and mention them. If it’s something I can do, I’ll satisfy them all!”

Cao Xian clenched his teeth and decided to go all out.


Xia Yuan took in a gasp of cold air. (Is there a need to try so hard?) She believed that if she was the one being headhunted, she’d have agreed long ago.

Who would be able to stand such a great temptation?


Sun Mo gave it some thought and realized that there was nothing he especially wanted. No, he wanted to go home. However, this was something that Cao Xian couldn’t give him.

“Teacher Sun!”

Cao Xian smiled bitterly. (Do you not know how to chat?)

“I’m sorry!”

Sun Mo left.

“Teacher Sun, if you change your mind, you can look for me at any time!”

Cao Xian said this and gave up.

There was no helping it. From the beginning to the end, even after Sun Mo had heard such amazing conditions, he didn’t feel the slightest bit of agitation. This showed that he really didn’t wish to leave.

“Is this considered ‘to view money as feces’?”

Cao Xian smiled in self-mockery. “It’s no wonder that Yue Rongbo and Fang Wuji admire you so much.” Ding!

Favorable impression points from Cao Xian +100. Friendly (240/1,000).

“Cao Xian must have something wrong with his head, right?”

Although Zhang Hanfu was sneering, he was no longer looking down on Sun Mo. Instead, he now treated Sun Mo as a strong enemy who was even more terrifying than An Xinhui.

Why was Zhang Qianlin not back yet? Zhang Qianlin was his most outstanding son. He’d definitely be able to become his trusty aide in defeating Sun Mo.

Yuan Chengtian left with a grim countenance. (Sun Mo? I will remember you! And Cao Xian, I’ll lead the Central Province Academy’s new student group to clinch first place in this year’s league tournament. I’ll show you who is the strongest new rising teacher in Jinling!)

After Xia Yuan went separate ways from Sun Mo, she gave it some thought and felt that it was still better for her to tell An Xinhui about this matter. Therefore, she headed to the headmaster office.

“You’re saying that Cao Xian came to headhunt Sun Mo?” An Xinhui frowned.

“That’s right. Moreover, he even gave an extremely high offer!”

Xia Yuan shared everything that had taken place. “Xinhui, you’ll have to pay attention to this. If a rising star like Sun Mo was to be headhunted away, it’d be a great loss to our school!”

When An Xinhui heard that Sun Mo rejected the offer, she subconsciously heaved a sigh of relief. To speak the truth, after Sun Mo came, he had helped her a lot, making her work a lot smoother and her mood more relaxed.

“I won’t let him leave!”

An Xinhui swore.


Favorable impression point from An Xinhui +100. Friendly (670/1,000).

Sun Mo’s daily life didn’t change due to Cao Xian’s interjection. He continued to go on with his classes, headed to the Wind King Hall to teach his personal disciples (plus the honest guy Qi Shengjia), headed to the library to study, and settled his three meals at the canteen. He continued with such a simple lifestyle.

Cai Tan would receive treatment from Sun Mo every five days. His condition was getting increasingly better, and the genius of the past was returning. On the morning of the sixth day of the month, after all the preparations were ready, the giant medicine packet was officially up for sale.

The first batch was targeted to be sold to the students and teachers in the school, other than the ones that were gifted to some influential characters in Jinling and the great teacher circles.

The cost of one giant medicine packet was eventually controlled at around 300 silver taels. An Xinhui had initially planned on selling each at 1,000 silver taels, but Sun Mo felt that it was too low and set the price at 3,000 silver taels.

This price was considered premium.


An Xinhui was worried that the sales wouldn’t be good, but Sun Mo was the one who provided the giant medicine packet’s prescription. Therefore, she didn’t object and went along with his words.

During lunch, the giant medicine packet became the main topic amongst the teachers.

“One medicine packet for 3,000 taels? Has Headmaster An gone crazy from poverty?”

Qian Li sipped on porridge slowly, her tone filled with perplexity. Headmaster An was a very clever person. Why would she make a mistake like this?

“I heard that it’s a secret recipe passed down in the old headmaster’s family and was found in a relic of the Darkness Continent. It’s because the Central Province Academy is really out of money that she has brought it out to put up for sale.” This was the news that Li Fang had managed to hear.

“What secret art is worth 3,000 taels?” Qian Li’s lips twitched. It was true that the great teachers weren’t short of money, but they wouldn’t waste their money recklessly. “Are you guys planning on buying it?” Li Fang asked.


Qian Li’s reply was straightforward. “It’s not as if I’m a sucker.”

“What about you?”

Li Fang was hesitant, feeling that An Xinhui wouldn’t lie.

“I’ll buy!”

Xia Yuan didn’t hesitate. Even if the medicine packet didn’t have any use, it didn’t matter. She would just treat the 3,000 taels as a sponsorship to the school. The giant medicine packet was sold at the infirmary on the second floor of the administrative building, left to two assistants to take charge. They were both subordinates that An Xinhui trusted.

Xia Yuan and Li Fang came. They noticed that the box made from pagoda tree wood that was used to contain the medicine packets seemed to be quite full.

“How’s the sales?”

Xia Yuan asked. “Hehe!”

The two assistants smiled bitterly. “Are you guys buying? If you are, you’ll be the fifth!”

“Give me one, no two!”

Xia Yuan had planned on buying one, but after seeing how bad the sales were, she changed her mind.

An assistant took the box while another one received the silver notes and registered. After this was done, they looked at Li Fang. “Do you want one?”

“I only came to accompany her!”

Li Fang was hesitant, but after seeing how bad the sales were, she instantly gave up. (It’s 3,000 taels. I can spend it off on good food!)

Xia Yuan quietly sighed. She had no idea how good the medicine packets were, so she couldn’t persuade Li Fang to buy one, could she? Otherwise, wouldn’t she be harming her friend?

“Its method of using is very simple. Just throw it into the water while you’re taking a bath. Remember, you must use a bath pool and not a bathtub!”

The assistant said.

“I got it!” Xia Yuan nodded.

After leaving the infirmary, Li Fang felt curious and urged Xia Yuan, “Open it up to take a look?”

There was a medicine packet wrapped up with sackcloth in the box, having a faint medicinal scent. It didn’t look different from the medicine packets sold in the medicinal halls of the market.

“Not buying it is the right decision!”

Li Fang felt that the medicine packet should be effective but definitely not worth 3,000 taels.

The same conversation and situation kept on repeating between the teachers. The sales for the giant medicine packet were a lot worse than what An Xinhui predicted.

That night, Xia Yuan returned home. She had nothing to do and thus was planning to take a hot bath to remove her fatigue!

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》