Absolute Great Teacher
289 Exceptionally Good Medical Effects!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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289 Exceptionally Good Medical Effects!

In the teaching world, the status of a great teacher was extremely noble. Once one was qualified as a great teacher, even if he or she was a 1-star one, their salaries and positions in society were immediately raised by a grade. After Xia Yuan became a 1-star great teacher and received her first sum of money, she immediately paid the down payment and purchased a huge residence, bringing her parents over.

As long as one was a great teacher, they would be considered an excellent client. Hence, the owner of the residence immediately proceeded with the sale, even quicker and more straight-forward than lecturing his own son!

“Yuanyuan, the warm water is ready!”

Xia Yuan’s mother called out.

“Hmm, I’m coming!” After Xia Yuan prepared a set of robes, she entered the bathroom and a surge of hot air immediately gushed over.

The pool wasn’t large. It was the size of two double-beds, and steam rose off the water. After Xia Yuan stripped, she stretched out her leg and used her toe to test the temperature first. Upon feeling the temperature was alright, she began to soak herself in the pool.


The warm water immediately reached her neck, and the fatigue in her body was seemingly dispelled.


Xia Yuan took a deep breath. She wanted to blank out but wasn’t able to do so. Sun Mo’s rapid rise to fame and Gu Xiuxun, who was an up-and-coming genius new teacher, caused her to feel a great sense of pressure. In the gigantic lakes, the later tides would always push the tides in front of them. The tides in front would then ‘die’ on the shore.

If the two of them managed to qualify as 1-star great teachers next year, she would definitely feel embarrassed.

If one wanted to rise to become a 2-star great teacher, they had to have a personal student who managed to climb into the Greencloud Rankings.

For this, other than the student’s personal aptitude, it also depended on the great teacher’s teaching capabilities. Xia Yuan had been working hard, and she also didn’t relax in terms of cultivation.

Her thought process was this. ‘I might temporarily not be able to become a 2-star great teacher, but my cultivation base has to be at a high realm. By doing so, it can be considered one of my selling points when I try to recruit good students. However, I didn’t manage to find any recently.’ Xia Yuan could clearly sense that her energy wasn’t able to keep up due to her working too hard. This also caused her cultivation base to become stagnant.

Xia Yuan knew that she should rest and re-organize, but she didn’t dare to. Once she slacked off and rested, wouldn’t she be surpassed by Sun Mo, Gu Xiuxun, and the others?

Also, the current situation of the Central Province Academy wasn’t too good. If they scored badly this year in the league tournament, the school would be delisted and her future would be bleak. At that time, if she wished to join another famous school, she would have to show others her achievements.

Honestly speaking, a 1-star great teacher was nothing much in the education world.

As for veteran great teachers?

There was an echelon system that was used by the schools. If one wasn’t able to qualify as a 1-star great teacher after five years, they would be eliminated or rotated to another department.

This wasn’t because the schools were cold-blooded and were unwilling to give opportunities. But even if they did so, no students would be willing to consistently attend lectures given by a normal teacher.

Upon thinking of this, Xia Yuan became mentally and physically exhausted. However, given her current standard, she also wasn’t qualified to join the student group and lead them in the league tournament. She could only cheer for them at the side.

“If there’s no accident, Sun Mo and Gu Xiuxun should be part of the leading teachers for the new student competition!”

Many thoughts appeared in Xia Yuan’s mind. After that, she tossed the giant medicine packet into the pool of bathwater.

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When the medicine packet came in contact with the bathwater, a dark red-color instantly spread out. This color resembled fresh blood.


Xia Yuan subconsciously stood up.

It was too terrifying. It seemed as though one was soaking in fresh blood. Xia Yuan had mild mysophobia and initially wanted to get out. But when she thought about how this medicine packet cost 3,000 taels, she bore with it and sat back in the bathwater.

“Forget it, I won’t be bothered if I can’t see it!”

Xia Yuan took a hot towel and placed it on her face after wringing it dry.

The medicinal effect started to spread. Fist-sized whirlpools began to appear in the bathwater, stirring up the water current, which slammed into her body.


Xia Yuan couldn’t help but laugh as it felt a little itchy. Also, the impact of the water caused her skin to feel a hint of comfort, as though she was being massaged.

“This medicine packet is a little interesting!”

Xia Yuan sighed with emotions. But in the next second, a booming sound rang out as the bathwater splashed all around. The impact now was so great that it felt like a rainstorm was thundering down her face.

“What the hell?”

Xia Yuan removed the hot towel from her face and was stunned. In the bathing area, a three-meter tall giant suddenly appeared. Because it was formed from the red bathwater, it looked a little terrifying.


The water giant turned and looked at Xia Yuan. “Argh!” Xia Yuan screamed. She covered her chest and nether region, and she was so angry that her face turned green. (I’ve maintained a pure body for thirty years, yet I met a ghost today?)

Before Xia Yuan could vent, that bathing water giant directly swung its fist over.


The wind generated by the punch gusted by.

Xia Yuan was a cautious person and didn’t receive the punch head-on. She chose to evade to the side instead.


Xia Yuan left the bath area and was preparing to retreat to the corner. By doing so, the water giant shouldn’t be able to reach her anymore. However, she didn’t expect the attack tempo of this water giant to be so quick.

After missing with its first punch, a second punch followed!

This time, Xia Yuan no longer dodged. She retaliated head-on.


The fist of the water giant exploded, causing water to splash all around. A vast amount of blood-colored spirit qi gushed forth, enveloping Xia Yuan. Chi! Chi! Chi!

Xia Yuan had a nervous look on her face and wanted to escape. However, she soon discovered that the spirit qi surrounding her was extremely dense, and it was flowing into her body.

A sense of comfort could immediately be felt from all parts of her body.

Xia Yuan had a stunned look on her face. This feeling…

However, before she could think deeper, the third punch of the water giant blasted forth. Xia Yuan no longer dodged. She blasted the fist apart and took the initiative to attack the water giant.

Bang! Bang! Bang! The body of the giant crumbled apart, causing large amounts of blood-colored spirit qi to gush forth. Xia Yuan kept inhaling the spirit qi, immersing herself in the sense of comfort.

This feeling of being inundated by spirit qi was truly awesome. Her cells were like people in the dry desert, thirsting for water for a few months. All of a sudden, they wandered into an oasis and could drink unlimited amounts of water!

Such a feeling of joy and satisfaction immediately shook Xia Yuan’s soul.

Xia Yuan’s entire body trembled with joy. She couldn’t bear it and clamp her thighs tightly. Damn it, she actually got wet, how embarrassing. Lucky, no one was here to see it.

Wait a minute, didn’t that giant see it? However, what sort of creature was that thing exactly? Xia Yuan threw a final punch and crushed the giant’s head. It completely crumbled, dissolving into blood-colored spirit qi. The entire bathroom was filled with it, and the walls and the floor were dripping with ‘blood’. The scene here actually looked like the scene of a massacre.

There was basically no need for her to take the initiative to absorb this type of spirit qi. They flowed into her body unbiddenly.

Xia Yuan was still immersed in the sensation, but she suddenly felt a familiar feeling. This caused her to be excited as her heartbeat increased. Her spirit qi circulation also became quicker.

“What? I’m breaking through?”

Xia Yuan felt some disbelief. How did she suddenly break through just because she took a bath? Wasn’t this too magical?

But what she was feeling now was indeed signs before a breakthrough!

Xia Yuan was also a decisive person. She no longer delayed and quickly sat cross-legged. She began to maximize her absorption of spirit qi and attempted to break through to the fifth level of the divine force realm.

“Little Yuan, Little Yuan, are you alright?”

Xia Yuan’s mother heard the sounds of fighting and felt some worry; hence, she came to check out the situation.

“I’m fine, don’t disturb me!”

Xia Yuan called out.

Xia Yuan’s mother was worried and waited at the side.

The divine force realm, as the name implied, it allowed one’s body to contain divine force. It didn’t literally mean force from divine entities like deities and gods, but rather, immense strength that transcended human understanding. For example, experts at the divine force realm could topple mountains and overturn seas, they could even seize the stars and pluck the moon off. This was what divine force meant!

It could also mean incredible power!

The higher one’s cultivation base was, the more difficult it would be to progress.

There were a total of nine levels in the divine force realm. For each level, one had to nurture a source of divine force and allow it to fill one’s body, nourishing and evolving the body. In the end, when a qualitative transformation occurred, one would be able to break through the limits of their bodies and enter the longevity realm.

Xia Yuan focused her mind, spirit, and qi. She even cast a ‘Complete Focus’ great teacher halo on herself to maintain her concentration. She decided to make use of this chance and do her utmost to break through to the fifth level.

Xia Yuan had made the preparations for a ‘long fight’. She even planned to use another giant medicine packet, but she didn’t expect that just ten minutes later, she had reached the threshold.


The spirit qi blasted out through the windows.

Xia Yuan effortlessly stepped into the fifth level of the divine force realm.

“It’s actually so simple?”

Xia Yuan had a dumbstruck look on her face. It was like a gamer who had prepared all sorts of potions and weapons for half-a-month to defeat the final boss. However, in the end, when the battle started, that gamer killed the boss with just a single slash.

Yup, it was a normal attack. She didn’t even use a skill.

“I’m not dreaming, right?”

Xia Yuan exerted all her force and pinched her cheeks. After that, her tears flowed. (An Xinhui, why didn’t you bring out such a wonderful medicine packet sooner… If I used this sooner, how many years could I have saved?)

(Leaving aside the longevity realm, there shouldn’t be any problems for me to rise to the ninth level of the divine force realm, right?) Xia Yuan was somewhat over-optimistic. The giant medicine packet was still a medicine after all. The effects would be the best when one used it for the first time.

It was like having an injection when one was sick. The first time one used antibiotics, they would recover after using a small amount. But after using antibiotics a couple of times, the effects would diminish.

The effect of the giant medicine packets followed the same logic. After the first time, the effects would gradually dwindle to the point where they became similar to ordinary medicine packets. They could still be used to remove fatigue, replenish spirit qi, and relax one’s state of mind. But if you wanted to depend on it for a breakthrough, it was a little difficult.

Naturally, its medical effects were still stronger compared to other medicine packets sold on the market.

“Little Yuan, you…” Xia Yuan’s mother walked in. When she looked at the ‘blood’ in the surroundings, she was so frightened that she began to shiver. (Did my daughter kill someone?)

(Where’s the corpse?)

Xia Yuan’s mother’s eyes swept around the bathroom. (There must definitely be a trash guy who bullied my daughter. He ought to die. However, since one has to pay with one’s life if they kill someone, I shall offer my life on behalf of my daughter!)

In just a few moments, determination appeared on Xia Yuan’s mother’s face.

“Mother, I just broke through.”

Xia Yuan happily leaped up and rushed over, hugging her mother. Right now, she felt that she was in very good condition. Her eyes were bright and her ears were clear; all her senses felt extremely sharp. Divine force was truly peerless.

Her father was currently changing his clothes, and Xia Yuan could tell from the minute sounds she was hearing. Before this, her senses wouldn’t be as sharp.

This giant medicine packet was extremely good!

(I have to have a few more, no I have to buy a load of them.)

“Mother, where’s the money stored in our house? Bring them to me!”

Xia Yuan’s eyes glowed, like a hungry wolf who just saw its prey!

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》