Absolute Great Teacher
290 Crazy Sale of the Medicine Packets, Earning Huge Profits!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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290 Crazy Sale of the Medicine Packets, Earning Huge Profits!

After knowing that her daughter didn’t kill a person, Xia Yuan’s mother heaved a sigh of relief. She didn’t need to worry about where she should bury the body.

“Buying a medicine packet?”

Xia Yuan’s mother felt that her daughter might have run into a swindler. What medicine packet would cost so expensive at 3,000 taels? However, she had unconditional support for her daughter and immediately withdrew all their money in the bank the next day and passed it to her.

On the third morning, Xia Yuan carried a load of banknotes and rushed straight toward the infirmary office. On her way there, she met Li


“Eh? Teacher Xia, your complexion looks


Li Fang joked, “Did you encounter love?”

“I didn’t, but I met a giant!”

Xia Yuan teased. She was naturally in a good mood. Not only had she broken through in cultivation, but she also hadn’t wasted the 3,000 taels.

Honestly speaking, Xia Yuan had only bought the giant medicine packet because she wanted to support An Xinhui. She was prepared to waste the money. In the end, she didn’t expect that the medicinal effect would be so good.


Li Fang was astonished.

“Let me tell you, the effect of the medicine packet was too impressive. It could actually summon a giant. As expected of an ancestral recipe handed down in Headmaster An’s clan!”

Xia Yuan cast a look around. These words couldn’t be heard by others, or competitors would surely increase.

“Ah? What giant?”

Li Fang had a dumbfounded look on her face, her mind was filled with disbelief. (Taking a bath and a giant was summoned? Are you not afraid of being ravaged on the spot?”)

Xia Yuan hurriedly explained. When she saw that Li Fang still had a half-doubting look on her face, she directly pulled her by her hand. “Let’s talk while we walk!”

The two of them entered the office building and went to the second floor. Surprisingly, many people were already queueing up, and all of them were teachers from the Central Province Academy.

“There are so many people!”

Xia Yuan’s heart thumped. (In that case, the medicine packets would have been sold out when it comes to my turn, right?)

These teachers were older than her, and all had feelings toward the Central Province Academy. Hence, they were extremely willing to part with 3,000 taels of silver back then. In the end, they didn’t expect that the effect was so wondrous.

After they spent yesterday raising money, they immediately came and queued today for the sake of purchasing more giant medicine packets.

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“Teacher Wang, you used it too?”

“Yup. My waist has been injured before and I would feel pain if I lay down for too long. But after using the medicine packet, I felt that my sleep quality last night was extremely good.” Teacher Wang didn’t merely sleep well. He had gone to the Concentrated Fragrance Brothel and stayed for a total of two hours last night, ‘slaying’ the prostitute so intensely that she begged for mercy.

“This giant medicine packet is truly godly!”

“That’s right. Just that handsome-looking sturdy giant that manifested is already worth the 3,000 taels!” (Handsome-looking and sturdy? What sense of aesthetics do you have?)

The great teachers discussed but very soon later, they no longer had the mood to talk and were frowning instead. They were glancing at the entrance of the infirmary, their faces filled with worry.

The great teachers came prepared this time around and brought enough money, ready to purchase a bunch of medicine packets. Hence, every great teacher who left earlier carried a few wooden boxes with them.

“Eh, Teacher Wu, are there any stocks remaining?”

Teacher Wang noticed Teacher Wu whom he was familiar with. He hurriedly asked the question as he still wanted to cure his bad waist before heading to the Concentrated Fragrance Brothel to start a ‘massacre’.

“There’s not much left!”

Teacher Wu’s lips twitched. If it wasn’t for the fact that this medicine packet was too expensive, he truly wanted to clear out all the stocks.

The number of people queuing up gradually reduced.

Xia Yuan and Li Fang were anxiously waiting. This was especially so for Li Fang. Her hesitation now was no longer whether she should buy them or not. Rather, it was whether she would be able to buy or not?

“Ai, how good would it be if I had purchased a few more packets previously?”

Li Fang sighed and had a face filled with regret.

Finally, it was their turn.

“Give me ten!”

Before the assistant spoke, Xia Yuan already called out impatiently and pulled out 30,000 taels of silver, passing the money over. “I want five, no, three!”

After Li Fang spoke, she checked her pocket. “Eh, can I bring the money over in the afternoon?

“Dear, sorry there are too little medicine packets available. We do not deal with credit.” The assistant smiled, showing an expression of wanting to help but was helpless to do so.

“Can you leave some for me? I’m going to withdraw money now.” Li Fang grew a little anxious. “Five, I want five!”

Li Fang was usually extravagant in her spending, and 15,000 taels of silver was a large sum of money. She had only wanted to purchase three to try. But from the looks of things now, she changed her mind. “Dear, I’m sorry. We have received instructions from Headmaster An that people who are here would have the priority to purchase the medicine packets!”

The assistant had an apologetic look on her face.

An Xinhui’s meaning was very simple. Those who came here to buy the giant medicine packets were supporters of her and the Central Province Academy. In that case, she should naturally provide for these people first.

After Xia Yuan received a wooden box, she heaved a sigh of relief and started to suggest. “Teacher Li, don’t waste time here anymore. Quickly go and get the money!”

When Li Fang saw that the assistant wasn’t budging, she could only swiftly return home to take the money. When she came back again, she fortunately managed to be in time for the last wave and purchased two of the packets.

The assistant said that the medicine packets were already sold out.

“In that case, when is the next batch of


Some teachers were unhappy. (Wouldn’t that mean that I’ve wasted my time in queuing up? To purchase this, I’ve even taken half a day of leave!)

“Dear, we are really sorry. We also have no idea. We have to wait for Headmaster An’s instructions!”

The assistant was helpless.

“Eh, Teacher Feng. You have bought ten, right? How about selling one to me?”

“Oh Teacher Zhuang, I’m planning to give some away to others. There isn’t enough for my personal use!”

Teacher Feng shrugged and revealed a bitter smile.

Actually, he had no plans to give them away. After all, this was an excellent item. He might think about it only after he had enjoyed the medicine packets enough. If it wasn’t for him not having enough money, he actually wanted to purchase ten more.

(Ai, Teacher Zhuang. You can’t blame me for being selfish. Our relationship is just that of normal acquaintances after all.)

In the headmaster office, An Xinhui was currently listening to the reports of the two assistants.

“It’s sold out?”

After hearing this, An Xinhui couldn’t help but have a dumbfounded look on her face. If it wasn’t for her staring at a large chest packed to the brim with banknotes, she basically would have no way to believe it.

An Xinhui had tested the medicinal effect of the giant medicine packet before. But no matter how good something was, there was a need for time, allowing its popularity to brew before exploding. An Xinhui had estimated that after the teachers bought the medicine packet, they would use it and would discuss the effects with each other. News about it would then pass by word of mouth and form a good and robust reputation, leading to people purchasing it. As for the stocks being sold out, it should have taken about a week. Who would have expected that all of them were sold just after three days?

“A giant medicine packet cost 3,000 taels. Do they not value their money?” An Xinhui couldn’t understand. Currently, the teachers were truly fierce when it came to spending money! “Headmaster, actually the number of great teachers who came and purchased the medicine packets isn’t high in number. But every teacher would purchase a few packets at least. There was even one who purchased 100 packets in one go!” The assistant reported.


An Xinhui took in a gasp of cold air. Didn’t that mean 300,000 taels of silver? This sum of money was sufficient to keep the Central Province Academy running for a month.

Very soon, An Xinhui understood the reason.

The effects of the giant medicine packet were simply too good. Hence, after the great teachers had used them, their first reaction was to hoard the goods. After all, once the news of this spread, a trend of crazy purchasing would surely start. Even if An Xinhui didn’t increase the price, it wouldn’t be easy for them to purchase it even with their statuses as great teachers.

Hence, this was why the medicine packets were sold out so quickly.

“Alright, the two of you have worked hard. You guys can head to the finance department and claim 1,000 taels of silver each!”

An Xinhui rewarded the two assistants and then lowered her head to do the accounting. The more she counted, the more joyful she felt. A smile involuntarily appeared on her face.

This time around, they had prepared a total of 10,000 giant medicine packets. In the end, all 10,000 were sold out within three days. 30 million as sales were just credited into the accounting book! “Si~ 30 million taels?”

An Xinhui rubbed her eyes, feeling some disbelief. After that, she counted again to make sure there was no mistake. The sum was truly so large.

After deducting the capital of 5 million taels and giving 40% of the profits to Sun Mo, the school still earned 15 million in profit.

One could say that the Central Province Academy was going to have a good year.

And the most terrifying point was that this was simply the first batch of products to test the market. The second batch would be ready half a month later. At that time, they would be able to make even more profits. “We have struck it rich!”

An Xinhui leaned back on her chair and exhaled a long breath of relief.

The financial situation of the Central Province Academy had been extremely dire. Through these three years, An Xinhui had always been leading an arduous life, trying to scrape enough money. Just paying the salaries of the staff every month was considered an extremely huge expense to her.

In order to save money, An Xinhui had only been eating salted veggies and chewing on buns to survive. Although this was like putting out a huge fire with a cup of water, a copper coin saved was a copper coin earned.

Also, An Xinhui had never bought a piece of new clothes throughout these three years. She had even had to work as a private tutor at night for descendants of rich clans and thicken her skin to seek out financial aid.

Right now, this period of arduousness had finally ended.

“Thank you, Little Momo!”

An Xinhui lifted her hands and wiped her tears away. She didn’t want to cry, but she wasn’t able to control her emotions. After all, these three years had been like hell for her. She didn’t even wish to recall it for even a second.


Favorable impression points from An Xinhui +1,000. Reverence (1,670/10,000).

Sun Mo jumped in fright when he suddenly received the notification.

“1,000 favorable impression points? What’s up with An Xinhui?”

Sun Mo frowned, he didn’t do anything, right? But very soon later, he learned of the reason. This was because An Xinhui came to look for him.

“Little Momo, the giant medicine packets were all sold out!”

An Xinhui passed a large chest to Sun Mo. “This is your portion of profits. There’s a total of 10 million taels here. You should do a count!” “Oh?”

Sun Mo was a little surprised. He knew that the giant medicine packets would sell well, but he didn’t expect that it would sell that well to this extent.

“I’ve done a check. The number of teachers who came to purchase the first batch of medicine packets isn’t even 1/10 of the total teachers in the school. If all of them came to buy, we would be rolling in profits. In the future, we would definitely be able to become one of the wealthiest merchants in Jinling.”

An Xinhui was grinning. At that time, she would make a bed of banknotes and lie down on them to sleep.


Sun Mo smiled. He didn’t doubt An Xinhui’s words because this was considered a unique business, and unique businesses would simply earn it big. Just think about how much revenue the Coca Cola Company was making every year? Although Pepsi was their competitor, they were still earning big.

The sales of the ‘fatty drink’ wasn’t a joke at all.

However, the giant medicine packet was more similar to viagra. Although it was just a little blue pill, the yearly revenue of its sales was extremely shocking.

Naturally, if the Central Province Academy was still in this run-down state, this business wouldn’t last for long because they wouldn’t be able to safeguard the prescription. “Little Momo, thank you!”

An Xinhui actually had a lot she wanted to say. However, when she spoke, all her words were summed up into those four words.

The autumn sunlight cascaded down on An Xinhui’s pale face, causing her to look even more tired. But today, there was a hint of vibrancy and relaxation on her face. Worry, which would always hang in between her brows, finally dissipated.

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