Absolute Great Teacher
291 Yet Another Generous Reward!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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291 Yet Another Generous Reward!

An Xinhui was a genius rarely seen in a hundred years from one of the Nine Greats, the Heavenly Mystery Academy. She was already a 3-star great teacher at 23 years old. In the entire great teacher world, An Xinhui could be considered extremely famous. She was publicly acknowledged as one of the representative characters in the younger generations of the great teacher world.

When An Xinhui had just graduated, one of the headmasters of the Nine Greats had personally come over to invite her to be a teacher in his school, giving her a heavenly offer in terms of salary, as well as the freedom to do whatever she wanted. From this, one could see that the headmaster truly displayed great sincerity.

As long as An Xinhui nodded, she could live carefreely for her entire life. However, she chose the most difficult path and that was to take over her grandfather’s position and safeguard the Central Province Academy.

Ever since the Central Province Academy was established, it had never thought about earning profits. The school’s dream was to help every student find their ‘real self’ and dig out their potential, guiding them onto the correct path so they could display the most dazzling brilliance. Then, they could lead a life with no regrets. All the headmasters of the Central Province Academy persisted that each student was a genius. However, many of them had wasted their talent because there had been no great teachers around to dig out their potential.

Sun Mo was no longer a newbie who had just entered society. When he first saw the philosophy behind the school’s establishment, he felt that it was too idealized. But after that, he felt emotionally moved thinking about it.

The world truly needed such naive people to push things forward. If everyone was selfish, the world would be finished.

Sun Mo didn’t leave the Central Province Academy. Other than because of the mission issued by the system, there was another point. In his heart, he was somewhat impressed by An Xinhui.

If he was in her shoes, he would absolutely not be able to endure such suffering.

“You are too polite if you say thanks. Just take this money for the school’s assets. I temporarily don’t need any money!”

Sun Mo smiled. After becoming the logistics department head, he had seen the financial report of the school. It was extremely dire.

It was all due to An Xinhui’s efforts that the Central Province Academy hadn’t closed down and was still striving to continue on.

“No way. The dividends must be clear. What’s yours is yours!”

An Xinhui rejected. But after that, she smiled. “Wait…you can also be considered half-an-owner of the Central Province Academy. There’s nothing appropriate if you want to give the school money.”

After speaking, An Xinhui blushed. Her words were filled with some ambiguity.

“Just put the excess as funds to the logistics department then!”

Sun Mo wasn’t concerned.

His desire for material possessions was very low. It was fine as long as he could fill his stomach and clad in warm clothes. He had no need for luxury items. Besides, he was already living in a huge villa and the environment was pretty good. The villa took up space of over 1,000 ping. In his world, one wouldn’t be able to purchase it without 20 to 30 million yuan even in a third-tier city. As for transportation, Sun Mo didn’t need anything. He already had ‘divine steed’ Little Silver. That was definitely the best king-grade transportation tool, and it was certain to get him results if he tried to pick up girls.

Sun Mo was very handsome. If he obtained the title of great teacher, in addition to his ancient massaging technique, he would definitely become the number one bachelor in Jinling.

Honestly speaking, Sun Mo was still unused to this era. If one wanted it, they could even spend money to purchase a few serving girls and make them wear maid costumes.

One must know that this was a feudal society. Even if Sun Mo slept with his serving maids, no one would say anything. “Ai, I’m really a good person!”

Sun Mo sighed ruefully.


An Xinhui nodded. After that, she heaved a sigh of relief too. “I will have to wrong you then. After all, the giant medicine packets clearly belong to you!”

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Which school wouldn’t want such an impressive prescription? Hence, if those headmasters wanted to poach Sun Mo, their asking price would have to be tripled at the very least because of this prescription.

However, Sun Mo gave up all these.

“It doesn’t matter!”

Sun Mo didn’t really care. Honestly speaking, he liked the spring water beauty medicine packet more. It was truly an enjoyment when one was soaking in the bath with it. When the little tongue of the spring beauty licked you all over, that feeling truly was…

You know!

“Anyway, system, what sort of thing are you exactly? Why would you have so many magical prescriptions?”

Sun Mo was very curious about the system’s origins.

“You are then a thing. Your whole family are things!” the system roared. Sun Mo no longer spoke. Since An Xinhui didn’t have the experience of having a heart-to-heart chat with a male, the atmosphere cooled down. The two of them awkwardly persisted like that for over ten minutes.

“Little Momo, it’s almost noon. Do you want to go for lunch together?”.

An Xinhui finally found an excuse.

“It’s fine. I still have to guide my students!”

Sun Mo shook his head. “Oh right, for the leading teachers in the newbie competition, who are on the list?”

“Yuan Chengtian, Fan Yao, you and Gu Xiuxun.”

Logically speaking, the name list should be classified. But An Xinhui wouldn’t hide things from Sun Mo.

“The pressure on you must be very great when you chose me and Gu Xiuxun.”

Sun Mo furrowed his brows slightly. Usually speaking, each school would only choose teachers who had joined for two years but hadn’t qualified as 1-star great teachers.

For the newbie competition, the teachers had to put in some effort as well. Hence, in order to increase the competitive strength of the school, each school would usually let teachers who were qualified to become great teachers to wait for one more year. After all, once one became a great teacher, they would lose the qualifications to participate in the competition.

“A little!”

An Xinhui had a self-mocking smile on her face. Honestly speaking, she had harbored hopes only for Gu Xiuxun and Gao Ben. She didn’t expect that Sun Mo would suddenly rise.

“Fan Yao is someone belonging to Wang Su’s faction. He is very impressive!”

Zhang Hanfu actually had his own candidate to nominate. However, because of some recent events, the weightage of his words declined sharply.

“Understood. What about the participating students?”

There would usually be four normal teachers and twenty freshmen. As there was no distinction between males and females, it was fine as long as the freshmen didn’t exceed 14 years old.

Once a school was discovered lying about a freshman’s age, that school would be demoted and wouldn’t be able to participate in the league tournament for three years.

“We are still confirming the list. However, the group leader will be Zhang Yanzong!” An Xinhui sighed. “Xuanyuan Po’s combat strength is very high, and he is qualified to fight for the leader position. However, he only wishes to battle and isn’t suitable to be the group leader!”

When the teachers were not around, the student group leader had the greatest authority. It meant that all the other students had to listen to their commands.

If the student group leader managed to obtain a dazzling result, he or she would be famous and bring great honor to their teacher and school.

None of Sun Mo’s personal disciples fit to be a leader. Otherwise, An Xinhui would have reserved that position for him. “That combat addict won’t have a chance in his entire life!”

Sun Mo shrugged.

“Combat addict? Haha, this nickname is truly apt!”

An Xinhui was unable to restrain a smile.


“Congratulations. You have resolved the dire financial situation of the Central Province Academy and obtained a huge number of favorable impression points from An Xinhui. Because of it, your prestige connection with An Xinhui has been improved to reverence, and due to the combination of factors, your reward has been upgraded. You have obtained 1x mysterious treasure chest!”

The notifications echoed out in Sun Mo’s ears. At the same time, a mysterious chest glowing in a purple light appeared before Sun Mo.

“Headmaster, if you have nothing else for me, I will be taking my leave!”

Sun Mo bade his farewell.

“Why are you still calling me headmaster? If you are unwilling to call me big sister Xinhui like before, you can just call me Xinhui!” An Xinhui didn’t know why Sun Mo was always so cold toward her. Was she too aloof that he didn’t dare to court her?

Staring at the slight grief in An Xinhui’s gaze, Sun Mo and his heart helplessly lurched a little.

An Xinhui was too beautiful. When she acted like a little woman, all men would definitely want to pull her into their embraces and protect her.

“If you don’t change your term of address, I won’t let you leave today!”

An Xinhui suddenly moved. Her figure flashed as she appeared behind Sun Mo. She stretched out her hands and held the front of his neck. “Quickly, change your term of address!” “Alright, I will call you Sister An then!”

Sun Mo didn’t wish to call her big sister. If he called her Xinhui, things would be inappropriate since she was three years older than him and was also a headmaster. Hence, Sister An was better.

(Also, An Xinhui, don’t you know how to conceal your large chest? When you pressed against me from the back, the sensation was truly shocking!)

“Sister An is fine!”

An Xinhui was satisfied. She released Sun Mo and patted him on his shoulder. “Go on then. Pay attention to your health, don’t be too tired!”

After separating from An Xinhui, Sun Mo returned to his villa. Through Little Silver’s teleportation gate, he went to the Windking Hall.

Qi Shengjia and Ying Baiwu were currently sparring. Upon seeing Sun Mo, they hurriedly stopped and greeted him. “Where’s Zhiruo?”

Sun Mo didn’t see Li Ziqi, but he guessed that she was currently conversing with the Wind King and listening to it sharing its ancient knowledge. After all, if Li Ziqi had to unlock its seal, she had to first understand these pieces of ancient knowledge.

“Zhiruo is at the great hall beside here!”

Ying Baiwu was prepared to lead the way.

“It’s fine, I will look for her myself!”

The Windking Hall was too vast. It was large enough that each of his students could have a residence of their own.

Lu Zhiruo was practicing the Grand Universe Formless Divine Art. Her clothes were already drenched in sweat.

“Everyone is truly hard working!”

Sun Mo sighed with emotions. He then indicated for the papaya girl to take a break.


Lu Zhiruo ran over and hugged Sun Mo’s arms. “Why are you here?”

“I came to check if any of you are slacking off!”

Sun Mo patted Lu Zhiruo’s head while instructing the system silently, “System, let’s open the chest!”

Sun Mo silently mumbled the words ‘great teacher halo’, indulging in superstition.

After the purple glow vanished, a bronze-colored metal plate appeared.


“Congratulations on obtaining ix spirit rune design template. You can use it to design a spirit rune!”

“Good stuff!”

Sun Mo grinned. The papaya girl was as expected of his auspicious mascot! Her luck was simply off the charts.

When he thought about the practicality of the lightning protection runes, Sun Mo felt that the value of a spirit rune design template was the same as a great teacher halo. Besides, he already had an idea for it. “Okay, cultivate well!”

Sun Mo encouraged his students and returned to the villa. He sat in the garden and took out the rune template.

“System, I want to design a spirit rune!

Sun Mo instructed.

“Describe it!”

The system replied.

“I wish to convert the ancient massaging technique into a spirit rune format. After using it, the genie would appear and use the four branches of the ancient massaging technique once. Can this be done?”

Sun Mo made his request.

Honestly speaking, the ancient massaging technique was undoubtedly at the divine-grade. Other than Sun Mo’s personal students, he didn’t wish to teach it to others. However, he couldn’t possibly massage everyone, so he might as well make it into a spirit rune format. As long as everyone learned how to draw this spirit rune, they would be able to enjoy the ancient massaging technique.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》