Absolute Great Teacher
292 Great Teacher Halo, Complete Focus
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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292 Great Teacher Halo, Complete Focus


After the system heard Sun Mo’s declaration, it fell into silence.

Sun Mo glanced at his pocket watch. Even after waiting for three minutes, the system didn’t speak. He couldn’t help but ask, “So can it be done or not? Just tell me first. If it can’t be done, I will change my request!”

“Please pay attention to your wording. There’s nothing the system can’t do!”

The system’s voice was strict, filled with unhappiness at being looked down upon.

“I will have to trouble you then!”

Sun Mo grinned and reminded repeatedly. “Oh, the spirit rune must absolutely be able to summon the genie for females. The genie must not show any gender discrimination.” “Wait a bit!”

After the system spoke, it began to design the spirit rune.

Although the system said to wait a bit, this wait lasted an entire hour, causing Sun Mo to feel a sense of unease. He felt that if things went wrong, he might have wasted a spirit rune design template.

“Can’t it be a little more simple?”

Sun Mo frowned.

“Why don’t you think about how difficult your request was? You want to use a spirit rune to display the four great branches of the ancient massaging technique. I could do it because I’m omnipotent. If it’s othe…Eh, I will have spat saliva on your face. You are deliberately making things difficult for me, alright?”

The system grumbled. “If it’s what?”

Sun Mo was astonished. “Could there be other systems?”

“Host’s authority level is too low. No comment!”

The system’s voice turned ice-cold, pushing Sun Mo away.

“How do I upgrade my authority level?”

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Sun Mo continued to ask.

“You are the low-class one!” The system spoke in contempt, “However, since the spirit rune is yours, you can name it however you want to!” “In that case, I will call it the Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands Spirit Rune!”

Sun Mo joyfully spoke.


“The spirit rune’s name has been corrected. Do you want to learn it?”

The system asked.


Sun Mo nodded.


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    《Absolute Great Teacher》