Absolute Great Teacher
293 Are You Guys All Monsters?
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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293 Are You Guys All Monsters?


Twenty minutes later, the muscular genie vanished.

A total of four branch techniques made up a set. And a set of massage was indeed finished. However, it felt so perfunctory and not precise at all. It was like just finishing the process and getting the massage over and done with.

“System, are you pranking me?”

Sun Mo doubted.

“Let me repeat again. The rewards given by the system are definitely worth their price. If you are unable to unleash the effect, it means that it is your problem.”

The system was unhappy. “It’s clear you are stupid alright? A second-level spirit rune can summon the muscular genie and even execute the ancient massaging technique. What are you unhappy about?”

Even for the blind massage shops on the roadside, 80% of them were out to cheat money. Only the remaining 20% truly had blind masseuses.

“Ziqi, thank you for your trouble. You can get up first!”

Li Ziqi had a shocked look on her face. She then thought of a possibility. “Teacher, is this a new spirit rune you designed?”


Sun Mo denied. Although he was the only person in this world to know this, he didn’t need this type of false glory.


Li Ziqi furrowed her brows. The Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands was a peerless-grade saint-tier massaging technique solely possessed by her teacher. Other than him, who could do things to this extent? “System, is this spirit rune design perfect?” Sun Mo returned to the study and spread out an ancient dragon capturing hands spirit rune as he started to analyze it, wanting to try and optimize it. If he drew spirit runes according to this design, the success rate of drawing a peak-grade product would be too low. Not only was it a waste of time, but the effects were too inferior as well.

“It’s practically perfect!” The system mocked, “Why? You want to modify it? You can give it a try!”

The system snorted in disdain. The word ‘practically’ was used just because it was humble. One must know that it spent over an hour on this and computed millions of calculations before it managed to design this.


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Sun Mo sank into contemplation. He took up his spirit rune brush and started to draw a little.

Lu Zhiruo felt her heart aching. Her teacher had dark circles now. How many days had he gone by without sleep?

The papaya girl called out thrice, but there was no response from Sun Mo.

“Sun Mo, don’t waste your time any longer. The spirit runes I designed are perfect. You…”

Even before the system could finish speaking, Sun Mo suddenly called out in excitement.

“I understand!”

Sun Mo grabbed a piece of spirit rune paper and dipped his brush into ink and started to draw. Because he now understood the thinking process of the rune’s creation, when he drew it, it was like moving clouds and flowing water, natural and smooth.

Fifteen minutes later, as the last stroke was drawn, a rumbling sound echoed out. The spirit qi in the villa’s surroundings gushed over, forming a spirit qi tornado, drawing the spirit qi into the spirit rune.


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    《Absolute Great Teacher》