Absolute Great Teacher
294 The Rise of A Genius
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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294 The Rise of A Genius


Yan Li said before that every person must have a ritual in their life. Only then would they be able to become successful.

But how to do so?

For example, one should eat a sumptuous meal every Monday, or one should change a girlfriend every three months. If one’s girlfriend was good enough, one could keep her for two more months, but not more than half a year. After all, no matter how beautiful a woman was, one would grow sick of sleeping with her too much.

Every time Yan Li bragged about these concepts in the dorm, many people would surround him and listen. After all, Yan Li was good-looking and was from a wealthy clan. He was also a glib talker and an expert in courting girls.

The majority of single male students would feel satisfied just by hearing him speak a little.

Qi Shengjia had never been interested in it. What kind of shitty ritual was that? He didn’t need it. Even if today was the Battle Hall’s test, he was still the same as he had always been.

“Old Qi, the test of the Battle Hall is today, right?”

Wang Hao stretched himself and curled deeper into his blanket as he asked.

Zhou Xu turned and got off his bed. He started to dress up. “I will go as well!”

“Let’s go together. It isn’t easy for our dorm to have a member of the Battle Hall. Qi Shengjia, you have to win today!”

The other dorm mates also got out of their beds when they heard the commotion.

Yan Li lay on the bed, his head was covered by the blanket as he pretended to sleep. However, he was extremely infuriated in his heart. (A country bumpkin that has no money nor looks and talents, why is he more famous than me?)

In the past, Yan Li was the most popular person in this dorm. But now, Qi Shengjia took over his position. “Sun Mo must be blind!” Yan Li mumbled to himself, having a heart filled with envy. He felt that if Sun Mo guided him instead, his achievements would be even higher than Qi Shengjia’s. Boom! Boom! The sound of knocking rang out.

“Who is it?”

Wang Hao opened the door.

“Can I ask if Qi Shengjia is here?”

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A young man walked in. When everyone saw that he was wearing the Central Province Academy’s uniform with six silver lining at his collar, they knew that he was a senior from the sixth-year. Hence, they hurriedly got up.

Everyone glanced at the side of Qi Shengjia’s bed.

Everyone had seen the potted plant before. Ever since Qi Shengjia had obtained it, he had been keeping it around him. Be it meal times or latrine times, he would make sure it was close to him every day. “I apologize!”

Qi Shengjia shook his head. “Don’t be in a hurry to reject. I’m willing to pay 10,000 taels of silver for it!”

Tang Ming gave a price.


Upon hearing this price, everyone in the dorm took in a cold gasp of air and revealed a look of disbelief. After that, their eyes widened as they looked at the potted plant. This was just an ordinary plant. With a single tael of silver, one could purchase ten pots of it from a flower shop. “Is Tang Ming crazy?” Wang Xu guessed.

Yan Li immediately felt jealous. Qi Shengjia was about to strike it rich. How damnable. (Why don’t you just fall over and die?) “I’m sorry. This is something Teacher Sun has given me. I won’t sell it!” Qi Shengjia rejected him with no hesitation. “Hehe, this fellow is a fool indeed!”

Yan Li was immediately joyful. “15,000 taels!”

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》