Absolute Great Teacher
295 Invincible Unarmed, Returning to Peak!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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295 Invincible Unarmed, Returning to Peak!


Before leaving the villa, Sun Mo used the Soul Imprint to strike the Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands’ essence into Li Ziqi’s brain.

The little sunny egg was completely uninterested in fighting and killing. If it wasn’t because she wished to follow Sun Mo, she would definitely not come to the battle hall.

Right now, Li Ziqi had her mind full of spirit runes that were filled with a modern kind of beauty. When she heard Lu Zhiruo’s surprised gasp, she immediately looked up and toward the arena.

There’d always be a few influential characters in each school, either having positive or negative reputations.

Cai Tan had been the top dog amongst the new students, having passed the examination in his first year. After entering the battle hall, he had climbed up all the way to tenth place.

Just as everyone thought that Cai Tan would become a flag for the Central Province Academy, he was crippled. He became Shang Zhongyong and then, half a year ago, was defeated by a new student. He had fallen to the very bottom.

Cai Tan was the greatest joke in the Central Province Academy this year. There was the saying that the greater the love, the greater the hate. All of the third-year students were clenching their teeth at him. “Why has Cai Tan come? Hasn’t he humiliated us enough?”

“If it was me, I wouldn’t be able to accept it either!”

Tang Ming didn’t wish to say anything more. (You want to climb back up? Wouldn’t that mean that you’ll have to defeat me? I admit, the you from one year ago was a genius, an opponent that I might not necessarily win even if I were to try my utmost. But now…)


“Are both of you ready?”

Zhu Ting asked.

“There’s no need for preparations!”

Tang Ming raised his chin slightly, wearing strong arrogance in his gaze. This was how confident he was to be placed in the thirteenth place of the battle hall.

“I am!”

Cai Tan nodded.

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“I’ll repeat this again, do not overdo things! Please greet each other!”

If it wasn’t for her, he’d definitely be enjoying the admiration and envy from everyone, not contempt and slander.

Tears trickled down Ruan Yun’s face. She covered her face and prayed to the sky, “God, please let Cai Tan win. I’m willing to sacrifice ten years of my life for this!”

When Tang Ming heard the gasps from the audience, his eyelids twitched a little and he felt displeased. It was because he knew that he was now a foil to bring out Cai Tan’s excellence.

Although he had opened 13 more acupoints compared to Cai Tan, he was three years older than him as well. In consideration of this, he was not comparable to Cai Tan! “Calm down, Tang Ming. You’ve spent all your time training your blade technique and don’t value the increment of cultivation base as much. After you’ve reached the major-completion stage of your blade technique, you’ll be able to level up naturally.”

Tang Ming consoled himself, took in a deep breath, and held onto his blade with one hand. “Can we start now?”


Cai Tan reached out his hands, one to the front and one to the back. He faced both palms toward the sky, assuming a starting pose.

“Hmmm? Barehanded?”

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》