Absolute Great Teacher
296 Teacher Sun, Please Accept Me As Your Disciple!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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296 Teacher Sun, Please Accept Me As Your Disciple!

Sun Mo was clapping. When he heard the system’s notification, he nodded. He wasn’t expecting Cai Tan to repay him for his guidance. Sun Mo had only done so out of his responsibility as a teacher.

However, it was better to teach a student who knew gratitude over an ingrate!

Of course, Sun Mo admired Cai Tan’s performance a lot.

In an absolute battle, Tang Ming’s cultivation base was high and thus he was a little stronger than Cai Tan. However, Tang Ming was a notch weaker in terms of battle intellect, experience, and will.

Tang Ming didn’t wish to lose and thus had used his ultimate move to decide on the victor, but all these were within Cai Tan’s calculations. As Tang Ming didn’t have the battle prowess to crush Cai Tan, he naturally lost.

The judges today were Jin Mujie and Tang Ji. Both of them were 3-star great teachers, and the reason they were there was because the league tournament test was going to start soon. They wanted to make use of this examination to inspect the students who could represent the school for battle!

Cai Tan’s performance was definitely one that could make one’s eyes light up!

“That genius is back again!” Tang Ji felt very emotional.

“That’s right!”

Jin Mujie clapped, feeling consoled but also having anticipation.

A student, who had once stood at the pinnacle, had plunged to the abyss and then climbed back up. Someone like this would have tempered a powerful will and would obtain even greater achievements.

There was a good saying that failure wasn’t scary, but rather to never be able to stand up again after failure.

“Teacher Jin, should I give a comment?”

Tang Ji smiled.

Jin Mujie knew that Tang Ji had taken a liking to Cai Tan.

Back in the past, Tang Ji had considered recruiting Cai Tan, but after Cai Tan had been ‘crippled’, the recruitment was set aside. Now that Cai Tan was erupting once again, returning to his peak, this meant that he was more outstanding than what Tang Ji had expected. Therefore, he didn’t wish to miss this chance again. “Alright!”

Jin Mujie was happy to grant this favor. “Thank you!”

Tang Ji stood up.

Zhu Ting was planning on letting Cai Tan quickly leave the arena and not hold up the other matches. But after seeing Teacher Tang stand up, he immediately bellowed.

“Everybody, silent!”

Zhu Ting’s voice was extremely loud, like a loud thunder, suppressing all the noises in the hall.

“This battle was very exciting. It seems short, but it’s the result that Cai Tan has gotten from his hard work and effort!”

Tang Ji commented. “Everyone knows that Cai Tan hasn’t been doing well during this past year, but he didn’t give up. Instead, he has been trying to find ways to improve himself.”

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Tang Ji’s voice resonated in the hall. Cai Tan pursed his lips. As expected of a 3-star great teacher, Teacher Tang had seen through him in one glance. Ever since he had been defeated by Zhang Yanzong and left the battle hall, Cai Tan had felt dejected. However, he hadn’t given up all this time. Back then, due to the Indra herbs, he had experienced difficulty in absorbing spirit qi and thus was stuck at his current cultivation tier.

At one point, Cai Tan had thought that he wasn’t a genius. However, trash had their own cultivation methods. He started to reflect upon himself.

The Cai Tan in the past had been in the limelight, extremely talented, and very arrogant. He had felt that he was invincible and hadn’t cared to think back on his past battles. However, after going through a period of failures, he started to reassess what he had been through in the past few years.

Cai Tan’s body had suffered, but there was no problem with his intellect. After those experiences had settled down, he started to read. He read the battle notes that seniors had read, studied all sorts of cultivation arts, and thought of how he could defeat his opponent in a situation where he didn’t have absolute battle prowess.

In the past, Cai Tan had relied on his aptitude. But now, he relied on his head. His experience from falling to pit bottom had especially tempered his mentality and trained his will.

His mental state had a tremendous improvement. The current Cai Tan had learned how to think one step ahead of his opponent, and his will was unprecedentedly powerful.

Cai Tan in the past would have attacked first before Tang Ming had performed his ultimate move. It was because he was uncertain if he could fend off his opponent’s ultimate move, so he wouldn’t take the risk. However, the current ‘reborn Cai Tan’ had nothing to fear. He had been waiting to make a move at the instant Tang Ming’s ultimate move was about to be performed.

This was the best opportunity, and Cai Tan had the confidence to catch it.

After Tang Ji said that, he started clapping.

After a short silence, thunderous applause rang out in the hall. The students also wore expressions as if they were struck by understanding.

“That’s why we say failure isn’t scary. What’s scary is to give up!”

Golden light lit up on Tang Ji’s body.

Priceless Advice had erupted.

The students immediately felt a deeper feeling of comprehension!

“Thank you for your praise, Teacher Tang!”

Cai Tan bowed and then cupped his fists toward Tang Ming. “Senior Tang, thank you for giving in!”

After saying that, Cai Tan planned on jumping off the arena, but Tang Ji called out on him. “Hold on!”

Tang Ji smiled. “Student Cai Tan, first of all, congratulations on your victory. But are you interested in becoming my student?”


The moment Tang Ji said this, envious gasps rang out in the entire hall. Thereafter, many gazes landed on Cai Tan.

This was a personal recruitment by a 3-star great teacher. Cai Tan had struck it rich!

Cai Tan was stunned. He didn’t expect that Tang Ji would say something like this.

As the battle hall’s lecturer, Tang Ji had an extremely high expectation of people. He’d prefer quality over quantity. Therefore, he was extremely strict and solemn in accepting disciples.


Cai Tan naturally knew Tang Ji’s character. Moreover, despite having been in school for over two years, he hadn’t received Tang Ji’s recruitment. This had made him very angry and want to get his recognition.

After all, back then, many teachers had been trying to recruit Cai Tan, including a few 3-star great teachers. However, due to various reasons, including incompatibility in their character, the cultivation art they specialized in, as well as their secondary occupations, Cai Tan had rejected all of them.

In fact, Cai Tan was very proud of himself. He had even wanted to be recruited by Vice-headmaster Wang Su.

Zhu Ting and the other members of the battle hall broke into envious expressions.

Great teachers had different habits in accepting disciples. Some great teachers would recruit at the moment they encountered quite talented students. Therefore, they’d have a lot of personal disciples. Although they’d teach each of them with great care, when the numbers were that many, there’d definitely be a difference in the resource allocation.

There was another type of great teacher who was strict in accepting disciples. However, once they did, they’d treat each of them equally. Even if it was proven that their judgment was wrong a few years later, the great teacher wouldn’t give up on the disciple.

Tang Ji was the latter type.

It was very difficult for students to get his recognition, but once they got it, they’d receive the fairest and most devoted guidance.

“Cai Tan, it’s a rare opportunity. Why aren’t you acknowledging your teacher quickly?” Some students who knew Cai Tan couldn’t help but persuade him. Cai Tan was silent.

There had once been a name list in his heart of all the great teachers in the Central Province Academy. From top to the bottom, they were ranked in accordance with his preference.

Out of which, Tang Ji was ranked fifth.

If it was one year ago, Cai Tan would have agreed. But right now, he had no hesitation at all. The moment he went into a daze earlier was just because he was surprised.

It was because, in his heart, there was only one teacher now.

“I’m sorry, Teacher Tang!”

Cai Tan bowed and apologized.


After seeing Cai Tan reject Tang Ji’s recruitment, the surrounding students couldn’t help but break into a commotion. Was Cai Tan getting too full of himself?

He didn’t care for Teacher Tang’s recruitment now?

Teacher Tang was openly recognized as an extremely picky great teacher amongst all the great teachers in the school.

So why did Cai Tan refuse him?

“It’s regrettable, but I hope that you find a teacher you like in the future!”

Tang Ji’s expression didn’t change. He didn’t feel displeased just because he was openly rejected. In his opinion, teachers and students were on equal grounds.

Teachers could pick the students, and the students could pick the teachers as well!

Of course, as a great teacher, pride and class were still very important. Therefore, Tang Ji wouldn’t make a second attempt to recruit Cai Tan. He wouldn’t agree even if Cai Tan were to regret it later on.

Cai Tan jumped off the area and walked up to Ruan Yun.

“I’ve won!”

Cai Tan smiled. It was a warm smile like the clear sky after the rain. It caused all the girls around him to have their hearts melting.

“I’m sorry!”

Ruan Yun apologized, her face tears-stricken. “I’ve held you back!”

“Don’t say that. I’ve thought about a lot of things over the past few months. If I didn’t have the accumulation of wisdom from this period, I would have walked down the wrong path.”

Cai Tan didn’t blame Ruan Yun. He hugged her and kissed her beautiful hair.

Sun Mo sighed. Geniuses were people who could find the right direction to progress even in a bad scenario. This trial that Cai Tan was put through would bring him even greater achievements in the future.

“Yun er!”

Cai Tan looked at Sun Mo and then hesitated.

As Cai Tan’s childhood friend and lover for many years, Ruan Yun knew what he was thinking just from looking at his gaze.

“Go on. I knew that you wanted to acknowledge Teacher Sun as your teacher long ago but were worried that you’d bring shame to his reputation as you didn’t have any achievements. You can do it now!”

Ruan Yun encouraged him.


Cai Tan was worried.

“Teacher Tang is very magnanimous. He won’t be hostile toward Teacher Sun just because of this!”

Ruan Yun had deliberation on this.

Most people would have some feeling of vanity. If Cai Tan could acknowledge Sun Mo as his teacher in front of so many students after his great victory, the chances of his success would be higher.

“You won’t think that Teacher Sun isn’t worthy, right?”

Cai Tan was surprised. Ruan Yun had always felt that he was the best and thus deserved an amazing teacher. Therefore, she didn’t care for those who were below 4-star. Why did she change her mind now?

“Hehe, I’m worried that you’re the one who isn’t worthy of him!”

Ruan Yun teased and thought of Sun Mo’s expression when he had been talking to her by the lake. He had worn a pained, regretful, and pitiful expression, but there was no abhorrence nor despise… This was a good teacher who could consider a student’s future.

As for Sun Mo’s capabilities, Ruan Yun had no doubt at all. He was only 20 years old and had Xuanyuan Po and Ying Baiwu under his wing. Given their capabilities, it wouldn’t be a problem for them to get into the Greencloud Rankings. Therefore, it would be easy for Sun Mo to become a 2-star great teacher. Even if those two couldn’t work, there’d still be Cai Tan.

Ruan Yun then recalled how Sun Mo could discern the scent of her perfume with just a whiff. This was definitely an incredible feat.

“Cai Tan, Teacher Sun is a lot more amazing than you think!”

Ruan Yun exclaimed. She then let go of Cai Tan and slapped him hard on the back, urging, “Don’t just stand there. Go take him down while the atmosphere is still heated up!”

Ruan Yun added another line in her heart. (Teacher Sun has great future potential. If you don’t enter under his wing now, you’ll definitely regret it in the future.)

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》