Absolute Great Teacher
297 Sun Mo’s Decision!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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297 Sun Mo’s Decision!

“Cai Tan is so impressive!”

Wang Hao sighed. He was most impressed with people who could climb back after they had fallen. If it was him instead, he might not be able to do the same.

“Yeah, does this fellow have something wrong with his brain? Or is it because he becomes arrogant after winning one round? He actually rejected Teacher Tang’s recruitment offer!”

Zhou Xu was so angered that the roots of his teeth felt pain. He thought that Cai Tan was wasting an opportunity. “If you don’t want it, give it to me!”

“Even if Cai Tan gave the opportunity to you, Teacher Tang wouldn’t want you!”

Wang Hao mocked his good friend. After that, he used his shoulder and bum Qi Shengjia. “Teacher Sun is over there, why are you not going over to greet him?”.

Wang Hao planned to follow Qi Shengjia when he went over so Sun Mo would remember his face.

“No, it’s fine!’

Qi Shengjia had always felt inferior. He felt that his aptitude was too low and if he stood together with Sun Mo, he would damage Sun Mo’s prestige.

“Sigh, you!”

Zhou Xu hated iron for not becoming steel. If he had such a chance, he would surely bootlick Sun Mo and sing praises to the point where Sun Mo felt so comfortable that he wouldn’t want Zhou Xu to be missing from his side.

“Eh? Quickly look! That Cai Tan is going to look for Teacher Sun.”

Wang Hao was taken aback.

The moment Cai Tan left, the students immediately parted to two sides, opening up a path for him. However, they soon discovered that he wasn’t leaving the Battle Hall but actually walked toward a young man dressed in the teacher robes.

“Who is that?”

Someone asked.

“Are you still a student of the Central Province Academy? You actually don’t know Teacher Sun?”

“You should really blind yourself and seek forgiveness!” “My heavens, so this is that God Hands?”

Sun Mo was very famous. However, it hadn’t been that long since he became an official teacher. Besides, he had even gone to the Darkness Continent for more than half a month. Hence, some students only heard of his name before and had never met him in person.

However, his appearance was truly not bad.

Just when some students were considering whether they should wait outside the door to talk to Sun Mo, they saw Cai Tan walking toward Sun Mo and actually knelt toward him.


The students were in a daze. What kind of move was this?

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Very soon, the answer was revealed.


Cai Tan knelt on the ground and prostrated himself. He then kowtowed three times with force and spoke sincerely, “Esteemed Teacher Sun, please accept me as your disciple!”

The entire hall instantly fell silent. Even the two students who were fighting on the platform involuntarily paused.

Zhu Ting lifted his brows. What was Cai Tan trying to do? After a few seconds of dead silence, an uproar immediately erupted. The sounds of discussion could be heard everywhere.

“What did I just hear? Cai Tan wants to take Teacher Sun as his teacher?”

“Eh? You also heard it? I thought that I had heard wrongly!”

“My heavens, this Cai Tang is truly outstanding!”

The students all had dumbstruck looks on their faces. What sort of plan was Cai Tan concocting?

“What madness is Cai Tan suffering from? He gave up on a 3-star great teacher and wants a 0-star teacher instead?”

A senior student didn’t understand and subconsciously spoke out. In the end, he immediately got publicly criticized.

“Oi, what are you talking about?” “So what if Teacher Sun has no stars? He has just joined the school as a teacher for a few months. Also, Teacher Sun would surely be able to qualify as a 1-star great teacher next


“Apologize. Quickly apologize!” Sun Mo had many fans. This was especially so for lower-year students. Those who attended his medical cultivation lessons were simply filled with admiration for him. Now when they heard someone doubting Teacher Sun, how could they endure it?

Those with more irritable tempers even wanted to start beating up people.


Zhu Ting roared, “Are you guys ducks? Why is it so noisy? Those who speak out of turn and create noise again can just scram the hell out for me!”

As the host and one of the judges of the test, Zhu Ting had the responsibility of safeguarding the order. Besides, there were also two 3-star teachers here today. Zhu Ting didn’t wish to get an evaluation from them stating he was useless.

The students then quietened down. They looked at Cai Tan. After that, their gazes turned to Tang Ji who was seated at the judging table. “His EQ is too low!”

Zhou Xu shook his head.

There were no problems for Cai Tan to want to take Sun Mo as his personal teacher. (However, you just rejected Tang Ji, are you not smacking Teacher Tang’s face by doing this?)

Everyone who saw this would definitely feel that Teacher Tang was inferior to Sun Mo.

“Teacher Tang!”

Jin Mujie furrowed her brows, wanting to speak up for Sun Mo.

“Hehe, Teacher Jin, you are worrying too much. I’m not that petty!”

Tang Ji wasn’t simply saying these words out of politeness. He might be a strict individual, but his heart was still quite magnanimous. Cai Tan continued kneeling and didn’t get up. Sun Mo didn’t speak as well. He simply stood there and looked at Cai Tan.

“Wow, I suddenly discovered that Teacher Sun is actually so handsome!”

“Yes, compared to Cai Tan, I feel that Teacher Sun is more graceful. Look at how deep his gaze is. It feels that there are different levels to them!”


The female students who had screamed in excitement for Cai Tan immediately abandoned him and fell in love with Sun Mo. Speaking of the level of their looks and figures, Sun Mo was a tier higher than Cai Tan.

Naturally, what was more important was their demeanors. One was a student, and the other was a teacher with Divine Sight and four powerful peerless-grade saint-tier arts. It would be strange if their demeanors were the same!

“Why didn’t I attend Teacher Sun’s class in the past? What a waste!”

One of the girls felt annoyed at herself.

“Cai Tan, I’m very happy that you are willing to take me as your teacher. I feel some pride as well. After all, this is considered a recognition from a genius!”

Sun Mo spoke.

“No, Teacher Sun, you are too humble. If it wasn’t for you, I would still be trash now. You are the one who gave me a new life!”

Cai Tan quickly interrupted Sun Mo’s words.

The spectating students all revealed looks of enlightenment on their faces. No wonder Cai Tan wanted to take Sun Mo as his teacher. So, his current rise was attributed to the good guidance of Teacher Sun!

The majority of the students didn’t understand the meaning in Cai Tan’s words, but the members of the Battle Hall, especially for members in the front rankings like Zhu Ting, were deeply stunned after they heard this.

The Cai Tan from half a year ago was truly insignificant. They had sparred with him before. To put it unpleasantly, even a dog could have defeated him.

What had Sun Mo done exactly to make Cai Tan rise again?

Zhu Ting was ultimately a top student. His judgment was quite accurate and he could tell that Cai Tan had undergone a transformation.


Favorable impression points from Zhu Ting +5. Neutral (35/100).

“So this is the case.”

Tang Ji was enlightened. Jin Mujie surveyed Sun Mo with curiosity. (So you are actually so outstanding?)

“Your words are too exaggerated. Even without me, other teachers would still guide you. I only met you due to fate.”

Sun Mo didn’t feel proud because of this. This was merely something in the job scope of a teacher.

“Teacher Sun, not bad!” Yang Ji revealed a smile. He didn’t like youngsters who loved to show off their brilliance, proving that they were at the top of the world.

“Teacher Sun, can you please accept me?”

Cai Tan was an intelligent person, hence, he could sense a hint that something was wrong. “You might feel you want to take me as your teacher now due to the gratitude you felt and the sense of joy that comes from finally winning after such a long time. I don’t wish for you to regret this decision in the future!”

Sun Mo stared at Cai Tan’s eyes and solemnly continued. “I hope you will consider this again a few months later after your emotions calm down!”

Cai Tan was startled. It was actually because of this reason?

“Teacher is so gentle!”

The little girls erupted forth with favorable impression points. Cai Tan was once the leading character of the third-years. If there were no accidents, he would be able to return to the peak again. Accepting such a genius student would definitely be of great advantage to the career of any teacher. However, the first thing Sun Mo considered was Cai Tan’s situation… “Teacher Sun is the role model of our generation!”

Tang Ji praised.

Favorable impression points from Tang Ji +50. Prestige connection unlocked. Neutral (50/100).


Jin Mujie didn’t find it strange. She knew that in Sun Mo’s heart, the students would always be number one.

Ding! Favorable impression points from Jin Mujie +30. Friendly (410/1,000). “Teacher!”

Cai Tan was anxious now.

“Get up!”

Sun Mo smiled and stretched his hands out to help Cai Tan up. “You are only 15, why are you in such a hurry? Also, even if I’m not your personal teacher, you can always seek me out if you run into a problem.”


Even though he had defeated Tang Ming and tasted the wonderful taste of victory again, Cai Tan didn’t feel joy. He was sobbing instead. Being able to receive teacher’s guidance…he was truly too fortunate!

“Alright, go and enjoy your victory!”

Sun Mo patted Cai Tan’s back. “Ruan Yun, accompany him well!”


If it wasn’t for her already having Cai Tan, she felt that she would surely fall in love with Sun Mo. She was truly bowled over by Sun Mo’s charisma.


Favorable impression points from Ruan Yun +100. Friendly (400/1,000). “Teacher, you are too stylish!”

Li Ziqi mumbled. She felt that if it was her in Sun Mo’s position and she encountered a genius student like Cai Tan, she would definitely accept him right away. “Aiya, how would Teacher lack students?”

Lu Zhiruo felt that her eldest martial sister was worrying too much. In the future, her teacher would surely have students everywhere. “It’s over. I think I would surely have no chance at all!”

After seeing this scene, Zhou Xu despaired. Even someone like Cai Tan who was the number one in his year had no way to easily join Sun Mo’s entourage. As for Zhou Xu, he probably wouldn’t have a chance in his life. Qi Shengjia’s expression grew extremely unsightly. A few days ago, he had made a vow. If he could win the battle today, he would beg Teacher Sun to accept him. But now, his confidence was completely crushed.

“I’m just trash and I’m truly too greedy. I should be thanking the heavens and earth since I am able to obtain teacher’s guidance. Yet, I’m actually fantasizing about taking him as my personal teacher? Qi Shengjia, you are nothing but a fart!” Qi Shengjia loathed himself.

Li Ziqi noticed that the gazes of the students in the surroundings became much warmer when they looked at her teacher. They didn’t dare to be so impudent any longer.


“Congratulations on helping Can Tai find his confidence back. You are hereby awarded with 1x silver treasure chest!”

A silver chest landed before Sun Mo’s eyes.


“Congratulations, you have obtained a total of 2,130 favorable impression points. Please continue to work hard!”

Sun Mo was very surprised. He knew that many people were looking at him so he definitely must not laugh and had to maintain his expression. However, he truly felt very happy. He managed to earn over 2,000 favorable impression points.

It seemed that he had to do more of such things in the future.

Some challengers merely came here today to test their luck. However, all of them started to put in all their effort now.

They knew that a 3-star great teacher definitely wouldn’t have them in their eyes, but it wasn’t too bad if they could impress Teacher Sun!

Hence, the intensity-level of the test was immediately pushed up by one level.

Sun Mo started to train his judgment skills. He started to observe the students and form his deductions before activating Divine Sight to verify and compare.

“Ziqi, stop thinking about spirit runes. You should start to observe the students participating in the test too!”

Sun Mo instructed. He didn’t forget that Li Ziqi had comprehended the self-taught halo. She could already be considered as a teacher!

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》