Absolute Great Teacher
298 Qi Shengjia, You Will Lose for Sure!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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298 Qi Shengjia, You Will Lose for Sure!

The prerequisite for becoming a great teacher was to comprehend the ‘self-taught’ halo. But for some people, even after comprehending this halo, they didn’t have any intentions of developing as a teacher.

An example was Li Ziqi. She hadn’t thought of what she wanted to be in the future. But there would be no mistake to observe more students. Observing others was a kind of training as well.

The battles continued!

Li Ziqi analyzed and judged. After that, she discussed with Sun Mo in a soft voice. Lu Zhiruo also felt that she had benefitted just by listening from the side.

Gradually, more and more students gathered around Sun Mo as they listened in a focused manner.

Finally, it was Qi Shengjia’s turn.

“Quickly look, it’s that honest boy!”

Li Ziqi was filled with curiosity toward this battle. She really wanted to know how much stronger Qi Shengjia, someone with no talent, would be after receiving guidance from her teacher.

“It’s you?”

Upon seeing his opponent on the platform, Qi Shengjia was astonished. It was actually Peng Wanli? This student had once been a member of the Battle Hall. However, after being defeated by Qi Shengjia, he had lost his qualifications as a member. Also for the last test, he had drawn lots and gotten Fang Yan as his opponent because of bad luck. He had been so angered then that he had almost coughed up blood.

“Haha, it’s actually you?”

Peng Wanli was filled with joy. His gaze was filled with killing intent when he looked at Qi Shengjia. (Heavens have truly treated me kindly and know that I want to get revenge on this fellow!)

Cai Tan had said this before – if one fell, one should get back up at the same location where one fell.

Peng Wanli believed this deeply. (Today, I’m going to use the blood of this fellow to celebrate my return to the Battle Hall.)

“Stop when it’s appropriate to. It is not permitted to intentionally further injure your opponents due to malice. If there are no problems, both parties, please greet each other!”

Zhu Ting warned.

He could still remember these two!

Honestly speaking, Zhu Ting didn’t really like people like Qi Shengjia who had no talent. He felt that Qi Shengjia staying in the Battle Hall was like wasting a slot. However, he also wouldn’t permit Peng Wanli to maliciously harm Qi Shengjia. After all, the students’ lives were precious. He had to ensure this at the very least.

Because Peng Wanli had joined the Battle Hall before, Zhu Ting knew that Qi Shengjia would lose for sure.

“Peng Wanli, seventh level of the body-refinement realm. Please guide me!”

After reporting his cultivation base, Peng Wanli grew extremely prideful. He had been cultivating hard without rest through this half a year and had finally broken through, leading to an increase in his combat strength.

This was his source of confidence.

“Qi Shengjia, seventh level of the body-refinement realm. Please guide me!”

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Qi Shengjia clasped his fists.


After hearing this, those who were unfamiliar with Qi Shengjia remained indifferent. But Peng Wanli was badly shocked.

If he didn’t remember wrongly, this fellow was at the fifth level during their previous fight. Did he just improve by two levels?

“Could I have judged wrongly? Is this fellow not trash?”

Peng Wanli’s expression grew heavy, and he immediately discarded his original feelings of contempt for Qi Shengjia. He had been thinking about using a gorgeous combo to finish off this fellow, but he decided to be more cautious now.

Wang Hao’s group was even more shocked than Peng Wanli. As Qi Shengjia’s dorm mates, they naturally knew the level of his cultivation base.

Half a year ago, Qi Shengjia had merely been a salted fish at the fourth level and considered below average. But now, he actually improved to the seventh level silently… “What has Teacher Sun done to him exactly?”

Zhou Xu’s voice was filled with curiosity as well as some depression. (There was once a chance to take Sun Mo as my personal teacher, but I didn’t cherish it…)

“Enough, quickly watch the battle!”

Old Zhou roared. His expression was incomparably nervous because when the battle started, both parties attacked with explosive strength.

Arhat Subduing the Tiger!

Pak! Pak! Pak!

Peng Wanli’s palms continued blasting out, smashing, cutting, or jabbing. He attacked from all angles, aiming for Qi Shengjia. His momentum was fierce.

The honest guy lowered his horse stance. With a fist and a palm, he began to block Peng Wanli’s attacks head-on.

Li Ziqi wanted to scold someone when she saw this. (Has all your previous training gone to waste? Where’s the Wind King Divine Steps teacher taught you? That’s a peerless-grade saint-tier art, yet you are not using it and chose to fight head-on with your opponent? Are you a retard?)

Sun Mo felt his teeth aching. The combat wisdom of this honest guy was far below average. His way of fighting was akin to someone who played chess according to the chess manual. He didn’t know how to adapt to the situations and wasn’t creative.

However, Qi Shengjia wasn’t defeated.

Because he was honest and didn’t know how to laze over, his basic foundations were extremely sturdy.

Peng Wanli’s Eighteen Arhats Art wasn’t bad, and a few palms were blasted into Qi Shengjia’s chest, causing Qi Shengjia to tremble. However, Qi Shengjia wasn’t pushed back at all.


This round of attack lasted three minutes until Peng Wanli started to pant heavily. His spirit qi circulation wasn’t able to catch up to his expenditure anymore. He couldn’t help but retreat and get reorganized. As for Qi Shengjia, his face wasn’t red and he wasn’t panting. Even the pain and ache from his body didn’t cause him to frown. His eyes were wide open, staring straight at Peng Wanli, afraid that Peng Wanli might launch a sudden attack.


Peng Wanli cursed. His entire person shot forth like a fired arrow. He wasn’t going to launch a flurry of attacks again, instead, he was using his movement art to circle Qi Shengjia and attack from various angles.

From the combat situation earlier, he could tell that Qi Shengjia’s strength didn’t lie in speed. If not, Qi Shengjia wouldn’t be so dumb as to stand there and block his attacks head-on.

But very soon later, Peng Wanli discovered that he was wrong.

When Peng Wanli moved, Qi Shengjia moved as well and maintained the original position of him staring at Peng Wanli. “This…”

Peng Wanli was dumbfounded. He discovered that Qi Shengjia’s speed was fast. No, Qi Shengjia’s speed vastly surpassed his, or Qi Shengjia wouldn’t have been able to reposition himself and stare at him straight every time.

This was the prowess of a peerless-grade saint-tier cultivation art.

Although Qi Shengjia wasn’t proficient in the Wind King Divine Steps yet, it was already enough for him to handle an opponent like Peng Wanli.

Hence, the two of them started to be entangled in a drawn-out battle again.

The lower-year students were all excited as they watched. As for the higher-year students, all of them had a look of disdain on their faces.

This battle exuded no sense of beauty at all. It was direct punches to the flesh, there were no techniques at all.

Zhu Ting, as one of the judges, shouldn’t have shifted his gaze away by right. But he couldn’t bear it and turned his head away to knead his forehead.

There was no solution to this. Such a boring battle was truly a sore sight to watch.

“Isn’t the battle style of the honest guy a little too simple?”

Li Ziqi sighed. Maybe, Qi Shengjia had never thought about things like the battle style. He was simply reacting to the moves of his opponent, and he had no creativity, choosing to use the most basic method to retaliate.

However, his basic foundations were indeed extremely solid.

Another three minutes passed, and Peng Wanli was so tired that he panted heavily. He couldn’t help but take a few steps back so he had the chance to rest. In his heart, he felt extremely sullen.

This fellow was using the Skywolf Fist, a rubbish-grade fist art that one could purchase from any roadside stall. Yet, why was Peng Wanli unable to defeat him?

Right now, Peng Wanli felt that Qi Shengjia was like a metal turtle, and he didn’t know how to break Qi Shengjia’s shell. Also, he had always proclaimed himself to be a genius and wanted to cleanly defeat Qi Shengjia. Now that he wasn’t able to do this, he started to grow anxious in his heart.

As for Qi Shengjia, his heart had no ripples at all.

Let alone being at the same level, even if his cultivation base was one level higher than Peng Wanli, he would always go into the fight with the mentality of a challenger. Hence, each of his moves was carefully thought out, and he would use all his strength.

As the battle passed the ten minutes mark, a thought suddenly appeared in Qi Shengjia’s mind.

“This fellow isn’t as strong as schoolmate Baiwu.”

Through this half-a-year, Qi Shengjia had been training in the Battle Hall. He would occasionally also go into the fray and spar against them.

This was especially so for these recent few months. He had entered the Wind King Hall for cultivation and even received guidance from Sun Mo. He would spar frequently with Ying Baiwu, leading to his strength rising rapidly If he didn’t depend on his higher cultivation base, and if they only used their moves, Qi Shengjia wouldn’t be able to defeat Ying Baiwu. If it wasn’t for his mental state picturing himself as a challenger, he would have been beaten badly so many times that a shadow might appear in his heart.

But now when he fought against Peng Wanli, he realized that it felt very relaxed. Hence, he was a little more confident!

“Maybe…I can win?”

Qi Shengjia didn’t dare to be sure.

However, the two 3-star great teachers already saw the result.

“His talent is a little inferior, and he is a little foolish. But he is extremely hardworking!”

Tang Ji sighed in admiration. He loved hardworking children.

“Yeah, his basic foundations are really solid. His training load is definitely not less than eight hours per day!”

Jin Mujie sighed.

If it was an ordinary student, they would surely not be able to take it and might injure their bodies. However, Jin Mujie remembered that this young fellow seemed to have a good relationship with Sun Mo. Hence, Sun Mo would definitely use God Hands to maintain his condition.

“What a pity!”

Tang Ji shook his head.


Jin Mujie sighed. Talent was ultimately the factor that determined a person’s upper limit. And as for hard work, it determined a person’s lower limit. Qi Shengjia was limited by his talent. Despite him doing his utmost and putting in all his effort, his future achievements wouldn’t be high.

No matter how good one’s foundations were, that was still the basics. It was impossible to increase one’s combat wisdom doing that. If it was others with his movement and power, they would have crushed Peng Wanli long ago.

Twenty minutes passed. Peng Wanli was as tired as a dead dog. His mouth was wide open as he panted heavily. As for Qi Shengjia, his breathing was steady.

“Just attack!”

Li Ziqi truly couldn’t bear to watch on anymore. (Your opponent is already in this state, yet you are still so cautious? Do you have a brain or not?)

Qi Shengjia was worried that this was a psychological trap employed by Peng Wanli. Hence, he didn’t dare to be anxious and continued to fight solidly. After that, the deadlock persisted for another ten minutes.

“What the hell are you guys doing? Quickly determine who’s the victor!”

“My heavens, can you guys quickly get off the platform?”

“Are you going easy on him? He’s already so tired, why are you not attacking?”

The spectating students started scolding. The fascination level of this battle was already ordinary at the start, yet it dragged on for thirty minutes? Who could bear to watch it?

Peng Wanli’s expression stiffened, and he started to feel embarrassed. Hence, his punches couldn’t help but become weaker due to his anxiousness and haste.

As for Qi Shengjia, he was used to the contempt and scoldings of others, hence, he didn’t care. His eyes were staring straight at Peng Wanli as he fought steadily and surely.

“My heavens!”

Upon seeing this scene, several students cried out in grief. (Are you guys going to spend the whole day fighting?)

Zhu Ting glanced at the judging panel. His meaning was simple, should they declare this as a draw? If this continued, the reputation of the Battle Hall would be damaged.

But at this moment, Peng Wanli made a mistake. After all, he was truly tired after fighting for so long “Oh no!”

Peng Wanli grew anxious. “Chance?”

Qi Shengjia’s eyes brightened, but due to his cautiousness, he didn’t act immediately.


Sun Mo covered his eyes with his hands. He wanted to leave already.

“Is this fellow a retard?”

Peng Wanli was dumbfounded. (You didn’t even want to grab the chance to win?) However, he rejoiced a moment later and warned himself not to make any more mistakes.

However, fatigue wasn’t something determination could disperse. The weary Peng Wanli made another mistake and revealed a huge opening

This time around, Qi Shengjia erupted forth with a shout and punched out.


Blasts of wind were generated from the punches. Spirit qi flooded the area and transformed into over ten sky wolves. The wolves howled as they lunged toward Peng Wanli.

Skywolf Hunt!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Peng Wanli did his best and blocked three of them. However, he was soon engulfed by the other wolves whose attacks were like a tempest.

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