Absolute Great Teacher
301 I Want to Fight for Teacher“s Glory!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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301 I Want to Fight for Teacher“s Glory!

As the league tournament got increasingly closer, An Xinhui became increasingly busy.

When the butlers of those influential and rich people came, An Xinhui could let her assistant take care of them. However, when the butlers’ masters came personally, she’d have to meet them herself.

An Xinhui had seen more people in these few days than she had seen in the past half a year. Moreover, the effect was also surprisingly good.

Sun Mo had told her not to look at money alone. She should also associate with these people as connections were more important.

Of course, the Central Province Academy wasn’t viewed in high regard as it had gone into decline, with nothing to back it up. But now, they had the giant medicine packet.

In these few days, An Xinhui had received over 30 sponsorships. Even the smallest one was one million taels.

Although Sun Mo was tapping on hunger marketing, he would still deal with different people in different ways.

As the headmaster of a famous school with a 1,000-year history, face was important to An Xinhui. She couldn’t possibly just increase the sale price when facing those extremely rich influentials.

However, the clan heads and important characters of this level were all extremely smart. They could instantly grasp things and thus provided sufficient money through sponsorships.

Therefore, on the surface, both parties could be pleased.

An Xinhui didn’t like such social interactions, but there was no helping it. Since she was in this position, she had to be responsible all the way.

However, the most troublesome thing was to deal with the 3-star or higher great teachers in the school.

There weren’t many of them, but they brought a lot of headaches.

Great teachers of their star level would definitely not put on smiles to buy second-hand giant medicine packets. They asked from An Xinhui directly.

Their reason was very simple and with righteous indignation. (I want to do research!) (God knows what a weaponsmith would want to study this for? To give weapons a soak?)

Although she knew that their reasons weren’t justified, An Xinhui didn’t dare to reject them. After all, there weren’t many top-notch great teachers in the Central Province Academy anymore.

After her grandfather failed at striving to become a saint, the Central Province Academy went into decline and couldn’t manage to get the top-notch great teachers to stay anymore. The remaining ones who hadn’t left were all on the account of her grandfather. She’d have to give them this favor no matter what.

Even though she was extremely busy, An Xinhui was very happy. It was because this meant that the school’s situation was improving and if they could rise to the ‘C’ grade this year, it’d be even better.

“No, we must definitely rise!”

An Xinhui put all her hopes onto Sun Mo and Gu Xiuxun. She hoped that they’d be able to at least get the 15th spot in the newbie competition. The teams whose accumulated points could get into the top ten could be promoted to ‘C’ grade.

This point accumulation was split into two parts, with two-thirds coming from the representative group and one-third coming from the new student group.

Last year, the representative group led by An Xinhui had had an outstanding performance, but the new student group had failed terribly. She didn’t wish for history to repeat itself this year.

After hearing An Xinhui’s explanation, Xia Yuan expressed that she understood.

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An Xinhui waited for Xia Yuan to leave before she took out the name list for the participating new students. She thought back on the records of Sun Mo’s six personal disciples.

The greater the number of Sun Mo’s students participating in the league tournament test and the better they performed, the greater his reputation would become. This was extremely beneficial to his future development.

The most important thing was whether Sun Mo’s students would be able to display outstanding performance.

The current achievements that the Central Province Academy had were all thanks to Sun Mo. Every time An Xinhui thought of this, she’d feel like she owed him a lot.

An Xinhui folded the name list and put it in her pocket. She then left the headmaster office and went out to look for Sun Mo.

The walls and corridors of the Wind King Hall were filled with spirit crystals. Strong spirit qi flowed around amongst the glimmering lights.

Sun Mo sat cross-legged, striving to reach the sixth level of the blood-ignition realm.

The bronze treasure chest that Sun Mo had received thanks to Qi Shengjia turned out to be great trash-a large pile of dark soil. However, the system had also given him a silver treasure chest.

This was awarded to him due to the increase in his prestige connection with Cao Xian. Since Cao Xian was the Myriad Daos Academy’s headmaster and a 5-star great teacher, he was considered an important character. Therefore, the reward was very good.

This time around, the papaya girl’s lucky physique erupted. Sun Mo got a Starmoon Fruit.

The league tournament was coming up and the higher his cultivation level, the better. Sun Mo didn’t wait anymore and entered the Wind King Hall. He then swallowed the Starmoon Fruit and strove to level up.

If it was a nature fruit obtained from the Darkness Continent. There was a chance of it being either fully-ripe or only half-ripe, but the rewards given by the system were always peak-grade. This Starmoon Fruit’s medicinal effect was extremely good. In addition to Sun Mo’s excellent aptitude, he leveled up successfully in merely five minutes.


Blood-colored spirit qi gushed out, dyeing the floor and walls.

“Congratulations, Teacher!” The seven students who were at the door and keeping a watch immediately offered their congratulations.


Sun Mo activated his Divine Sight and scanned the seven students. “Other than Baiwu and Qi Shengjia, the others should continue with your cultivation. But Jiang Leng’s training must be reduced by half. And Qi Shengjia, you have injuries in your right arm and left chest. Go get them treated.”

After giving each student instructions, Sun Mo returned to the villa.

In the back garden, An Xinhui sat on the swing, looking at the sky and being in a daze.

Since Sun Mo wasn’t around, An Xinhui waited for him here. She ended up seeing things and associating them with people, and her grief gradually grew. How many months had it been since she came back to stay?

Back then, Sun Mo was thin, weak, short, and small. He would forever be lagging at the very back. Moreover, he would speak very softly and timidly.

He was worlds apart from the suave and imposing Uncle Sun.

When her grandfather had told her that Sun Mo was going to become his fiancé, to be honest, she had felt disappointed about it. After all, which girl wouldn’t wish for their husband to be a great hero?

Even if she were to take one step back, even an upright man would work!

When Sun Mo had come to school to report, it had been many years since An Xinhui saw him. However, he still had the same disposition as when he was young, like a small tail wagging behind.

How many expectations could An Xinhui have toward someone who didn’t graduate from a famous school, didn’t have experience, and wasn’t that strong?

However, An Xinhui would always listen to her grandfather’s words. Moreover, although Sun Mo wasn’t her ideal husband, it was clear that he was a docile little puppy.

A husband like this wasn’t bad either. At the very least, he wouldn’t bring trouble for her and would listen to everything she said.

Then, Zhang Hanfu had made things difficult for Sun Mo, and the latter had been thrown to the logistics department.

There were two reasons why An Xinhui didn’t help him immediately. First of all, Sun Mo was her fiancé and if he were to take a foreground position, he would definitely not receive a lot of contemptuous looks and be criticized.

When An Xinhui accepted Sun Mo into the school, she had seen his detailed information. To speak the truth, he was just a mediocre teacher. Thus, she was worried that he wouldn’t be able to withstand the pressure and challenge and would break down.

Secondly, it was because An Xinhui still had some anticipation toward Sun Mo. She wanted to see if he could reverse this perilous situation.

Thereafter, Sun Mo had brought out an astonishing performance.

If the full mark was 100, An Xinhui would give Sun Mo 1,000. He had definitely surpassed her expectations.

For a period of time, An Xinhui had been suspecting if this Sun Mo was a disguise by another person wearing Sun Mo’s skin. After all, how could a person change so much?

“Grandfather, is this the reason you chose him?”

An Xinhui mumbled. In the past, she definitely didn’t have feelings toward Sun Mo. She only had sibling love toward him. But recently, there were feelings of gratitude. “Sister An?” Why are you here?”

Sun Mo, who was standing on the balcony of his bedroom, saw An Xinhui.

An Xinhui looked up and saw the autumn sun shining down on Sun Mo’s face, causing his handsome face with distinct features to look even more handsome.

“I have something to talk to you about!”

An Xinhui smiled, and suddenly, another thought came to her mind. She might have a hint of love toward him now. En, maybe as much as a fingernail amount?

“What is it?”

Sun Mo had his hands crossed as he leaned on the balcony’s railing, looking down at An Xinhui. Hmmm? This angle wasn’t bad. He was able to see a hint of that smoothness below his fiancée’s collar.

“The name list of the participating students is out. What do you think of Lu Zhiruo?”

An Xinhui didn’t go upstairs but shared her take on this.

“I’ll go and ask her. I’ll tell you about it later on.”

Sun Mo hesitated. It was good training to be able to take part in such a league tournament. However, there was a risk of death. Moreover, if one’s results were too bad, their mental state might collapse if they were unable to withstand the pressure.


An Xinhui nodded. “Oh, right, there’s a high possibility that Ma Sui might come to challenge you. You better be prepared!”

At dinner, Sun Mo called his six personal disciples to his side.

“Xuanyuan, Baiwu, Jiang Leng, the three of you have been selected to join the new student group. Be mentally prepared for it!”

After saying that, Sun Mo looked toward Jiang Leng. “What about you? Do you want to opt out?”

Even though Jiang Leng had no prospects due to the invalidated spirit runes on his body, his battle prowess was still extremely strong for his age.

If Jiang Leng were to take part in the battle, it’d be a great contribution to the Central Province Academy. However, his exposure would increase and he would also be seen by a lot of people… “Is this your idea?”

Jiang Leng put out his hand to cover the ‘trash’ word on his forehead, looking a little nervous. He didn’t wish to be in the limelight and seen by others, but if Teacher Sun needed him, he would participate.

“Just tell me what you think. There’s no need to consider my take!”

Sun Mo smiled. “If you don’t wish to go, I’ll help you to reject Headmaster An!”

Jiang Leng was stunned for a moment before he wore a thankful expression.

In normal circumstances, any student should play a part for the school, let alone when it was a great competition where the school’s ranking would be affected.

Sun Mo was definitely protective of those close to him to be able to reject An Xinhui in consideration of his student’s feelings.


Favorable impression points from Jiang Leng +50. Friendly (850/1,000).

“Zhiruo, what do you think of this?”

Sun Mo looked toward the papaya girl.

“Huh? Can I go too?”

Lu Zhiruo, who was feeding the spirit qi roaming dragon, was stunned. (Can I get a spot as well even though I’m so stupid?)

“Yes, as long as you’re willing!”

Sun Mo drank his porridge slowly.

“Teacher, is this considered pulling the strings to get in by the back door?”

Tantai Yutang interjected.

“Zhiruo is a spirit controller and she also has the spirit qi roaming dragon. Why can’t she


Sun Mo asked.

“I’ll go!”

Hearing Sun Mo’s high recognition of her, Lu Zhiruo wore a solemn expression. She swore in her heart. (I’m going to join the new student group. I want to perform well in the league tournament test and bring glory to Teacher.)

As for whether she’d be in any danger or if she’d become famous… The papaya girl hadn’t thought of it at all. “There’d be the risk of death!”

Sun Mo reminded.

“I’m not afraid!” Lu Zhiruo patted her chest. “Little Loachie will protect me!”

When Little Loachie, who was munching on fruits, heard that, it immediately looked up and let out a few cries. However, its black appearance and the fruit scraps all over its face weren’t convincing at all.

If it wasn’t because they knew of its true identity, they wouldn’t even be in the mood to stew it into a soup. It was just too ugly.

“Elder Martial Sister, can you not say the latter half?”

Tantai Yutang sighed. “Why?”

The papaya girl was perplexed.

“It sounds a lot less impressive.”

Tantai Yutang thought, (You patted your chest quite hard, so I thought that you’d say to leave everything to you. But, you were just thinking of relying on little loachie!)

“I should be next, right?”

Li Ziqi straightened her body. Tantai Yutang was a sickly person and definitely wouldn’t be selected. Then she, as the eldest martial sister, was left. (Hmph, as expected, I’m the apex.)

But at this moment, Sun Mo just told them to eat up and then lowered his head to drink his porridge. He didn’t seem to have any intention of talking to her.


The little sunny egg was stunned. What about her being the apex? (You don’t seem to have included me in your consideration?)

Li Ziqi waited and realized that Sun Mo wasn’t planning on saying anything even though they were already halfway into the meal. She couldn’t hold it in anymore and kicked Tantai Yutang, who was next to her.

Tantai Yutang turned.

Li Ziqi threw him a look.

“Are your eyes hurting?”

Tantai Yutang pretended as if he didn’t understand.

“Your eyes are the ones that are hurting!”

Li Ziqi was infuriated. This guy was really unreliable. She then looked toward Xuanyuan Po. (Forget it, other than fighting, there’s nothing else in this combat addict’s head.) There was no way that he’d understand her glance and thus she blinked at Lu Zhiruo.

(Help me to ask!)

Li Ziqi wanted some face. She couldn’t possibly be the one asking if there was a spot for her, could she?


The papaya girl turned her head and blinked like Li Ziqi had done.

Li Ziqi blinked again.

“Eldest Martial Sister, are your eyes not feeling well?”

The papaya girl was very worried. “Do you want me to accompany you to have them checked out?”

(To hell with them not feeling well!)

Li Ziqi was almost driven to death. She had no choice but to turn to look at Ying Baiwu.

She then realized that the stubborn girl had her head lowered and was having her meal. Her chopsticks were moving very fast. Raising her head? That was nothing like that. The dining table was like a battlefield. It was more important to fill up her stomach first.

(Martial Junior Jiang, I can only rely on you now!)

Li Ziqi looked toward Jiang Leng.

Even though Jiang Leng always wore a dead-pan expression, as if he wasn’t concerned about anything, he had a warm heart and was meticulous. He had long since noticed Li Ziqi’s small actions.

When the little sunny egg looked toward Jiang Leng, he spoke up.

“Teacher, isn’t there a spot for Ziqi?”

(What Ziqi? You should be calling me Eldest Martial Sister!)

When Li Ziqi heard his term of address, her beautiful lips twitched. (Forget it, in consideration of your help, I won’t make a fuss over it this time around.)

Sun Mo raised his head and looked over.

Li Ziqi immediately sat up solemnly, sipping on the rice porridge. However, her ears were standing up, like that of a rabbit’s that had noticed an approaching ferocious beast.

“We’ll pass on Ziqi!”

Sun Mo sighed in his heart. Li Ziqi had a good brain, but the league tournament was more about physical battles. Her motor skills were too bad and that was her greatest shortcoming.

If Li Ziqi were to take part, her death rate would definitely be higher than Lu Zhiruo’s.

“What do you mean pass on it?”

Li Ziqi felt aggrieved. (Am I that bad? I also want to fight for Teacher’s glory!)

Pata! Pata!

Li Ziqi’s tears dropped into her bowl of porridge.

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