Absolute Great Teacher
302 Fight for the Quota
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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302 Fight for the Quota

Sun Mo felt a little upset when he saw the little sunny egg crying, but he wouldn’t change his mind.

“Ziqi, you’re a very intelligent girl. You should understand the reason why I’m doing this!”

Sun Mo attempted to persuade her.

Li Ziqi fell silent. Of course she knew that Teacher was doing this for her own good. Firstly, even if he couldn’t guess her real identity, he could be certain that she was a member of royalty and was very doted upon.

If this wasn’t the case, Jinling’s provincial governor wouldn’t have been so concerned for her safety. The consequences would be extremely dire if anything were to happen to her.

Secondly, her motor skills were really too bad. The rules set by the Saint Gate primarily focused on testing students’ overall capabilities. There was no arena battle. Moreover, as the league tournament continued, there would usually be extensive traveling in it. The travel could be as short as three days or as long as ten days to half a month. It would be a great burden on Li Ziqi.

“Ziqi, don’t be anxious. Wait until tomorrow. You can join the Central Province Academy’s representative group then!” Sun Mo really didn’t wish for Li Ziqi to be put in danger. In this situation, the little sunny egg had the lowest survivability rate.

Li Ziqi wanted to say something, but her right leg was kicked by Tantai Yutang under the table. She threw a glance over and saw the sickly guy winking at her.

“Teacher, I understand!”

Li Ziqi had planned on continuing to contest this, but she changed what she had been planning to say.

After the meal, Li Ziqi stopped Tantai Yutang after they entered the Wind King Hall.

“What do you want to say to me?”

Little sunny egg’s tone wasn’t good.

“Although Teacher is gentle and is easy to talk to, he will definitely not change his mind on something that goes against his principles. Give it up!”

Tantai Yutang smiled.

“Go straight to the topic!”

Li Ziqi didn’t wish to waste time on talking crap. She understood that the sickly guy hadn’t approached her to speak up for Sun Mo. “Let’s think of a solution by ourselves!”

Tantai Yutang raised his brows. He liked talking to smart people. It was because he’d be able to guess the other party’s thoughts with just a few simple words.

Amongst Teacher’s personal disciples, Li Ziqi was the only one Tantai Yutang could speak like this to. He could talk to Jiang Leng as well, but Jiang Leng usually wore a dead-pan expression on his face and would generally not speak if he could help it.

Xuanyuan Po was a combat addict and his mind was filled with nothing but muscles. Lu Zhiruo was too endearingly silly, and the meaning of the conversation was often not conveyed properly. As for Ying Baiwu, she worked hard in her cultivation every day. Leisure chatting was an extremely waste of time to her.

As for the honest guy Qi Shengjia?

Hehe, Tantai Yutang didn’t talk to him. It wasn’t because he looked down on Qi Shengjia, but that it was really tiring since everything must be said especially clearly for him to understand. If some parts were omitted or skipped, he wouldn’t be able to keep up with the conversation.

Li Ziqi frowned and wore an unfriendly expression. She had guessed that this sickly guy was trying to create trouble. She was right.

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“Don’t worry, I’m also Teacher’s personal disciple and am on the same boat as him. I won’t do things that are bad for this group. I wish to join the new student group only because I’m bored and want to deal with those students from the other schools!”

Tantai Yutang shrugged.

He didn’t have much more of his life left and thus kept searching for excitement. He wanted to let the last bit of his time be brilliant like fireworks.

“You want to prove yourself as well, right?”

The sickly guy stretched out his hand.

“Sorry, I’ll deal with this myself!”

Li Ziqi only looked at Tantai Yutang’s hand and didn’t shake it. “If I can’t even handle something like joining the new student group, I’m not fit to be Teacher’s disciple!”

After saying that, the little sunny egg turned to leave!

Tantai Yutang revealed an amused expression then took out a handkerchief to wipe his hand. “Very good, I feel that you are showing some attitude as an eldest martial sister now.”

If Li Ziqi had agreed to his suggestion earlier, Tantai Yutang would have felt disappointed. He had only been testing out Li Ziqi from the beginning. Cooperation? He had never thought of that before.

After making a turn at the corridor, Li Ziqi’s countenance changed. (Pui! Trying to test me =? No way!) This guy seemed like a lunatic who didn’t care if the world was in chaos.

There was a need to think of a way to chase him away!

Li Ziqi felt that letting the sickly guy remain by Teacher’s side would bring great trouble for Teacher one day.

The next morning, the name list of the participants was announced and put up on the announcement board in front of the teaching building. The representative group was about the same as last year’s. The only highlight was that Cai Tan, who had been called Shang Zhongyong, had successfully become a participant.

“Hmmm? Isn’t Cai Tan crippled? Why is his name on the list?”

“You’re talking about old news. During the battle hall’s examinations a few days back, Cai Tan has defeated Tang Ming and rose once


“Hssss? Tang Ming? If I didn’t recall wrongly, that guy is a sixth-year student, right?” “Not only that, but he is also ranked thirteenth in the battle hall. Therefore, the quality of the battle was extremely high!”

The students started discussing amongst themselves. Those who didn’t know of Cai Tan’s uprise prior to this heard of it as well. Some students were also very curious and tried to find out the reason behind Cai Tan’s eruption.

“I heard that it was Teacher Sun Mo’s great guidance!”

“Although Teacher Sun is newly employed, if it’s him, I believe it!”

“That’s right. The God Hands is very amazing.”

The students saw that the names of the teachers leading the team included Sun Mo and Gu Xiuxun.

To speak the truth, this was within expectations! There was no need to say how outstanding Sun Mo was. He was now a celebrity teacher known by everyone in the school. His God Hands were amazing, and he had a strong sense of responsibility.

Sun Mo had withstood immense pressure to expel the group of school bullies led by Zhou Yong. The entire Central Province Academy’s atmosphere had cleared up as a result of that.

There were now a lot more laughter in the school and much fewer bullying incidents. It was because Sun Mo had said that if he were to find out such incidents, the students would be expelled immediately, no reasons asked.

Moreover, the bullies’ names would be reported to the Saint Gate and notified to all famous schools who were at the ‘D’ grade or higher.

It could be said that once a student’s name was announced, their future would be ruined. They’d either have to go to substandard schools or drop out.

The price to pay was too high, and thus the students who usually liked to bully other students for fun became a lot quieter.

Only now did the students realize that it wasn’t that the school’s leaders couldn’t deal with bullying. It was just a matter of how strong their determination was.

“Last year, the new student group’s results were so bad, resulting in us not rising to the ‘C’ grade. With Teacher Sun this year, we’ll definitely be able to rise in rank!”

The students started to have some yearning for next year. Who wouldn’t want their school to be the best? Moreover, this also concerned the students’ actual benefits.

The higher the ranking of the school they graduated from, the better the treatment they would receive in the future.

Ma Sui stood outside the crowd, listening to the students’ discussions while he wore a grim countenance. Sun Mo being selected was something that everyone wished to see.

(I’m sorry, this year is my time to avenge my past humiliation. I can’t give up the spot to you!) Ma Sui turned and walked toward the teaching building


“Congratulations, you’ve received a total of +780 favorable impression points.”

The system’s notification rang and interrupted Sun Mo’s thoughts.

“Can we not have any more notifications?”

Sun Mo was speechless. The notifications hadn’t stopped since early this morning. It was as irritating as cicadas in summer.

“This is already a concluded one. If the notifications came out one by one, you’d have been deaf!”

The system explained. There’d be students who saw the announcement at any time of the day, and most of them would contribute favorable impression points. “Then just give one reminder before I sleep at night!”

Sun Mo instructed.

To speak the truth, Sun Mo felt quite happy to hear that he had received favorable impression points. After all, it represented the students’ recognition of him.

Clank! Clank! Clank!

The bell sounded and Sun Mo announced the end of the class. He packed up his teaching materials and walked out of the lecture theater.

“Teacher Sun!”

Ma Sui called out.

Sun Mo turned and saw a young man with a tall statue. His face was a little round, his features sharp yet gentle. His eyes were quite


Someone with this appearance was born to become a teacher. It was because it’d make one feel at ease, as if they didn’t carry any threat.

“You are…”

Sun Mo was surprised. “Ma Sui!”

When Ma Sui said this, he felt a little awkward. He didn’t like to snatch other people’s opportunities, but this time, he could only say sorry. “So it’s Teacher Ma!”

Sun Mo put out his right hand, but he quickly recalled that handshakes weren’t popular in Jinling’s Tang Country. People tended to cup their fists together. “Teacher Sun, I’d like to duel you for the spot in the new student group.”

Ma Sui’s attitude was very good.


Sun Mo nodded.


Ma Sui was stunned. Sun Mo agreed too quickly, causing him to not be able to finish his words.

Sun Mo’s spot in the group was practically certain. Why would he take the risk to have the duel with Ma Sui? Therefore, the latter had prepared a superior-grade heaven-tier body-refinement pill as bait, but he didn’t even need to use it…

“I know that Teacher Ma has made a huge sacrifice for this year’s league tournament, but I’m sorry, I want to contribute to the Central Province Academy as well. That’s why I won’t be giving up. Let’s duel to decide the victor then?”

Sun Mo looked at Ma Sui’s eyes, his tone sounding sincere. To speak the truth, he had some admiration for Ma Sui. When a person knew salvation and how to make up for their mistakes, it meant that this person had a tremendous sense of responsibility and was worth trusting.

Ma Sui didn’t expect Sun Mo to be so approachable. After being stunned for a moment, he felt bad. “Teacher, thank you for giving me the chance to challenge you!”


Ding! Favorable impression points from Ma Sui +100. Friendly (230/1,000).

Sun Mo was a little surprised to hear this. It didn’t start from zero?

“You have earned his admiration when you expelled Zhou Yong, beat up Yang Cai, saved Ying Baiwu, and took care of the Central Province Academy’s logistics problem.”

The system explained.

From this, it showed that Ma Sui was a good teacher with a sense of justice and responsibility!

“Then let’s head to the victory dojo.”

Sun Mo put up an inviting gesture. The two of them left and half of the people in the corridor broke into a commotion.

“Teacher Sun and Teacher Ma are going to have a duel. Let’s quickly go and take up a spot in the victory dojo!”

“We can finally get to see Teacher Sun’s martial techniques! I’m looking forward to it!”

“Is Teacher Sun good at fighting? Has anyone seen him fighting before?”.

The students were talking amongst themselves. Quite a number of them packed up their bags and ran toward the victory dojo, wanting to take a good spot. Those who had lessons to attend instantly let out aggrieved cries.

(God, why do you have to be so brutal to me?)

“Do any of you have an image recording stone? Remember to film it! I’ll offer a high price to buy it!”

The students all started to think of different ideas, with some even planning to skip classes. After all, many people wanted to see the battle of a famous person like Sun Mo.

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