Absolute Great Teacher
303 His Battle Prowess Was This Strong?
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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303 His Battle Prowess Was This Strong?


In the victory dojo’s arena, both Sun Mo and Ma Sui were standing 30 meters apart from each other.

The spectator stand was already filled with several hundred students, and more of them were coming

“If I win, please give up the spot to me. If I lose, this body-refinement pill will be yours!”

Sun Mo had agreed to a duel, but Ma Sui continued to offer his bargaining chip. He felt that this was only fair. “Teacher Ma, there’s no need to do this.”

Sun Mo frowned slightly.

“Teacher Sun, there’s no need to say anymore. My mind is made up!”

After saying that, Ma Sui stopped with the crap talk. He held onto his longspear and assumed a starting stance. “Ma Sui, sixth level of the blood-ignition realm. Please give me your guidance!”

Hearing this cultivation level, the students on the spectators stand immediately let out loud gasps.

Will 23. The failure from one year ago had cast a shadow in his heart that has lasted until today.

He excels in the Coiling Dragon Spear Art, a peerless-grade heaven-tier cultivation art. Judging from his proficiency index, he is of the expert-grade or higher and is near to the grandmaster-grade!

High potential value!

Note: Very hardworking. Sleeps only three hours daily. His degree of hard work can rank him in the top five in the Central Province Academy!

“He didn’t die from sudden death despite this?”

After seeing Ma Sui’s data, Sun Mo was a little shocked.

“Cultivators’ physical attributes are greater than you think. Moreover, he also takes medicine that recovers energy.”

The system explained.

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Sun Mo continued to browse through Ma Sui’s data and then frowned. His brows were furrowed so tightly together that they could crush a crab to death.

Sun Mo’s words had just ended when all the students took in a gasp of cold air. They did it with such a strong vigor that it felt as if the entire victory dojo was going to have all its air drawn out into a vacuum state. “What level of the blood-ignition realm did Teacher Sun say he is at?”

“Sixth level? I didn’t hear that wrongly, did I?”

“F*ck your mom, how old is Teacher Sun? 20 years old? Is he leaving any hope for others to live?”

“Hey, mind your words. Whose mom are you going to f*ck?”

The students broke into a commotion, but when they heard a guy cursing out, they immediately glared at him, having a strong urge to bash him up.

“Uhh, don’t misunderstand. It’s just a slip of my mouth!”

The guy who was stared at quickly clarified himself. “I’m also Teacher Sun’s fan, a strong fan!”

As he was too nervous, his voice broke. Ma Sui, who was in the arena, had a hint of astonishment on his face after hearing Sun Mo’s cultivation level. His expression then turned into a solemn one.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》