Absolute Great Teacher
304 Only the Weak Would Pray
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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304 Only the Weak Would Pray



Gasps rang out from the spectator stand. Some female students were even so scared that they covered their eyes. The three spear shadows were like venomous snakes that darted out suddenly, biting out toward Sun Mo.

“It’s a steady win!”

Watching as the spear tips instantly darting for Sun Mo’s vital spots, a proud smile broke out on Ma Sui’s face. (Sun Mo, I admit that your battle prowess isn’t bad, but you’re still weaker than me!)

The duration of their duel wasn’t long, but given Ma Sui’s experience, he had long since assessed the limits of Sun Mo’s speed. There was no way he could avoid these three spears. Therefore, he could wait to enjoy the cheers of his victory.

But at this moment, a hint of golden light flashed on Sun Mo’s body.

Invulnerable Golden Body!

Ding! Ding! Ding!

The wooden blade struck consecutively like a heavy rainstorm, drowning Ma Sui.

“What happened? Why did Teacher Sun not get hurt?”

“What terrifying defensive abilities!”

“Does any of you know the name of the cultivation art Teacher Sun cultivates?”

Noises broke out amongst the spectator stand, and quite a number of students left their seats, running toward the front row, wanting to get a clearer view.

Over ten other students looked very regretful and quickly dug out an image recording stone to film.

To speak the truth, image recording stones were too expensive and they felt that the value of this duel wasn’t fitting for the stones to be used, but they didn’t expect to encounter such a scene.

Ma Sui’s Three Dragons Emerge from the Sea was very extravagant and strange. No one knew what the hint of golden light that flashed on Sun Mo’s body was either.

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The quality of this battle was quite high!

It was a pity that Sun Mo wouldn’t let him do as he pleased.

Beauty Yu!

Sun Mo moved his body and appeared before Ma Sui with a hint of after-image, flicking his wooden blade up.

Dotting Crimson Lip.

Pa! Pa!

The wooden blade consecutively tapped on Ma Sui’s body.

“Teacher’s moves are so extravagant!”

The students were full of praise. The girls, especially, had started screaming.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》