Absolute Great Teacher
306 A Luxurious Gif
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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306 A Luxurious Gif

Chapter t

Sun Mo brought Zheng Qingfang into the living room.

Gu Xiuxun hurriedly stood up to show her respect. Although Zheng Qingfang didn’t have much influence in the great teacher world. He was a character who could summon the wind and rain in the Tang Country’s Imperial Court.

“Teacher Gu, there’s no need to be so polite!”

Zheng Qingfang sat down and smiled. “Come over girls, pay your respects to Teacher Sun Mo!”

The two girls lowered their heads and moved forward, bowing to Sun Mo.

“Slave Xia He, Dong He, pays our respect to Teacher Sun!”

The voices of the two girls were gentle, akin to flowers in spring and the purring of kittens. “The two of you are too polite!”

Sun Mo’s smile and sunshine-like demeanor caused the two girls, who were originally filled with trepidation, to let go of a little worry in their hearts.

The two girls were very intelligent, hence, they managed to learn some things from the words of their old master. Their new owner was a teacher, not a great teacher.

The disparity of the statuses between a teacher and a great teacher was extremely great.

Also, if a great teacher wasn’t at the 3-star rank or above, how could they speak on equal terms like this with the clan lord of the Zheng Clan?

However, Dong He thought a little deeper. Old Master Zheng was a righteous individual and didn’t like to speak much or smile. He also hated to entertain guests, hence, given his status, only a relatively few people were qualified enough to be given gifts from him. And it seemed that Old Master Zheng had never given any before.

However, Master Zheng made an exception for this teacher, and he even gave these precious two girls to him.

“Being able to be a teacher whom the Old Master regards so highly, he most probably wouldn’t be too inferior, right?”

Dong He silently surveyed Sun Mo.

Leaving aside his talent and temperament for now, Sun Mo’s appearance was truly very handsome.

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If she could be with him and had to make a little sacrifice in terms of not leading a life as comfortable as now, it was still acceptable.

Xia He and Dong He, as slaves raised by the clan, their statuses were very low. Even the maids around the misses and madams would be able to scold them when they felt like it.

(You say you will be chosen as a concubine for the young master? Forget about it. Who knows if the old master might be in a bad mood one day and directly give you as a present to a deacon?) Yes, because they had capital in terms of their beauty, as long as Dong He and Xia He didn’t make any mistakes, they would not be rewarded as gifts to low-ranking deacons.

Bluntly speaking, Dong He and Xia He were objects!

Dong He was already used to being looked down upon by people. All of a sudden, when someone treated her so gently, her heart grew softer as her will shook.

Ding! Favorable impression points from Dong He +50. Prestige connection activated. Neutral (50/100).

Sun Mo curiously looked at Dong He while mentally musing at the fact that he didn’t seem to have done anything. Why would she suddenly provide favorable impression points?

“Teacher Sun, allow me!”

Dong He took over the tea leaves. At such a time, she naturally had to display her skill.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》