Absolute Great Teacher
307 Sun Mo, Are You Actually A Famous Artist?
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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307 Sun Mo, Are You Actually A Famous Artist?


During this era, the thing those high officials and nobles, as well as scholars and poets, loved to do the most was to look for famous courtesans to accompany them. After that, they would recite poems and match couplets to display their elegance.

Only by doing so would one be able to display how classy they were.

Although Sun Mo wasn’t from this world, he could understand this practice. It was just like people in his world who loved to go to Starbucks and post pictures of their drinks on their social media. (Damn, did I spend so much money back then for nothing?)

“Uncle Zheng, I appreciate your intentions, but please bring them back!”

Sun Mo rejected it cleanly.

“Sun Mo, I have no ill intentions!” Zheng Qingfang could hear from Sun Mo’s tone that he was a little unhappy. He frowned as he didn’t really understand the reason. Was Sun Mo fond of guys instead?

Zheng Qingfang wouldn’t be able to imagine that Sun Mo didn’t like the behavior of treating a human being as a gift because this practice was way too common in this world.

“I understand.”

Xia He, who just walked out of the living room, was stunned. She glanced at Dong He. (Has this woman gone mad? You could become a concubine of a Zheng Clan, but you don’t want to and you’d rather stay here to be a servant?)

Honestly speaking, no matter who slept with them, as long as the person was someone from the direct line of descent, they would definitely be able to get the status of a concubine. Although their lives might not be that good, it would surely be much better than the life of a slave where everyone could order them around.

“Impudent!” Zheng Qingfang berated. With his tens of years of experience witnessing the battle of wits in the imperial court, he only needed a single glance at Dong He to determine what she was thinking

This woman wanted to use Sun Mo as a jumping board and regain her freedom!

Sun Mo was very gentle and friendly. Because of Daoist White Bird, he had obtained about two million taels, but his way of life was as simple as before.

For a slightly richer family, who wouldn’t want to buy a few serving maids for their son? However, even after Sun Mo struck it rich, he didn’t get any!

From this, one could see that if Dong He was with Sun Mo, she only needed to do a few cleaning tasks daily, and there were no strenuous activities that she had to do. If Sun Mo led students to the Darkness Continent to temper themselves, she would have a two-to-three months holiday.

If Dong He was sinister enough, she could even use Sun Mo’s fame in the future and force him to release her slave contract. After all, if a great teacher had a conflict with a slave, the one that would feel embarrassed was undoubtedly the great teacher. Dong He was badly frightened. She quickly knelt and kowtowed repeatedly.

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Bang! Bang! Bang!

Gu Xiuxun, who had been observing from the side, couldn’t help but feel compassion for Dong He when she saw this. If this girl returned, she might still be gifted to another man in the future. Since that was the case, she might as well stay at Sun Mo’s side.

At the very least, Sun Mo was a good man. He wouldn’t abuse her.

“No, I don’t dare to. What capabilities do I have? How am I worthy to stay beside Teacher Sun?”

Dong He’s voice was filled with nervousness and panic.

“Alright, stop talking nonsense. Get up, I will bring you to a place to dress your wounds!”

Sun Mo instructed. Without Zheng Qingfang’s order, Dong He didn’t dare to get up. “Teacher Sun’s words are my words too. You have to listen to him!” Zheng Qingfang berated. “This slave has remembered it!”

Dong He stood up. Sun Mo saw that her face was covered with blood due to the wound on her head

“Uncle Zheng, you are right. I do need someone to be in charge of the cleanliness here. Since that’s the case, I would be impolite if I continue to refuse!”

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》