Absolute Great Teacher
309 Rewards from Opening Chests
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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309 Rewards from Opening Chests

“Take this banknote, go and buy whatever you need!”

After returning to the villa, Sun Mo passed a banknote to Dong He.

“Master, please rest at ease. I will definitely arrange for everything.”

Dong He’s bearing was natural and unrestrained. In the future, she would be a maid cum a butler and had to take care of her master’s everyday life.

“I’m not asking you to make arrangements for anything. You just have to take good care of yourself!”

Even though Sun Mo was rich, he had never thought of getting a servant before. It was pretty good to stay alone.

Dong He smiled. She would never go against her master verbally, but she could do so in terms of her action. This was what her mother taught her.

The master was always correct!

Dong He prepared to keep the banknote. She casually glanced at it and got frightened badly.

“A…a thousand taels?”

Dong He stuttered. This wasn’t a small sum of money. It seemed like her new master’s wealth was more than what she had imagined. She had to ask clearly or if she purchased low-quality things, she might even be despised.

“Master, may I be so bold as to ask what you usually eat for your meals?”

“I usually eat at the canteen!”

Sun Mo was speaking with Gu Xiuxun and found Dong He a little annoying. “There’s no need for you to cook for me. I would usually eat at the canteen or Ziqi would bring food over sometimes.”

“What about your clothes? Which tailor do you

go to?”

Dong He asked.

Rich people would always wear custom-made clothes and had a designated tailor.

“Two styles, one during winter and one during summer. The school will provide the clothes!”

Speaking of clothing, Sun Mo felt a little helpless. The clothes of this era had no special characteristics. Everyone was too conservative. Even prostitutes wouldn’t dare to reveal their legs. As for stockings and high-heels?

Hehe, they only existed in his dreams.

“Eh? Then how should I spend this money?”

Dong He had a dumbfounded look on her face.

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“The money is for you!”

Sun Mo warned. “Your area of activity stays on the first floor. Without my permission, you are not allowed to head to the second floor.” “Ah?”

Dong He was dumbstruck. (For me? Do you have to be so extravagant?)

“Do you understand?”

Sun Mo frowned.

“Understood, master!”

Dong He hurriedly bowed, but the shock in her heart didn’t fade. (Giving me 1,000 taels to spend however I like? Isn’t this too exaggerated? Even the young masters of the Zheng Clan wouldn’t have so much pocket money usually.) “Teacher, who is she?”

Li Ziqi came over from below. She felt a little astonished when she saw Dong He.

“A gift by Prime Minister Zheng!”

Sun Mo decided to give this girl her freedom after a while.

Given Zheng Qingfang’s status, Dong He wouldn’t dare to flee even if she got hold of her slave contract. Hence, there was basically no need to worry about her stealing the money in the villa and running away. “Grandpa Zheng is really…why would he give you a female slave? I can do everything she does!”

Li Ziqi pouted. A man and woman living together in a secluded setting, what if something happened between her teacher and this woman?

No, her teacher was a gentleman and would definitely not do anything. But would this woman seduce her teacher? After all, her teacher was very handsome, rich, and talented!

Dong He shivered from being glared at by Li Ziqi. However, she didn’t dare to display her unhappiness and hurriedly bowed.

Being able to address Old Master Zheng as ‘grandpa’ meant that the origin of this young girl was definitely not inconsequential. “This is Li Ziqi, one of my personal disciples. In the future, you also have to listen to her words.”

Sun Mo suddenly remembered that Li Ziqi was a noble as well. Leaving aside that she had no serving maids with her here, she even had to prepare meals and brew tea for him. This was simply too unbefitting for someone of her status.

“Teacher Sun, I actually didn’t know that you are a famous artist.”

Gu Xiuxun surveyed Sun Mo. “When did you become one? How about drawing a painting of me?”


Sun Mo nodded. Gu Xiuxun’s figure was healthy and beautiful. This was especially so for her small perky butt. She was very suitable to be a model.

“That famous painting earlier is really splendid. It was a pity I won’t be able to see it anymore in the future.”

Gu Xiuxun sighed. If it was Sun Mo’s private collection, she would still be able to borrow it from him. But now that it was in Zheng Qingfang’s hands, given her status, it was impossible for her to view it again.

“Famous painting?”

Li Ziqi’s ears pricked up. She hugged Sun Mo’s arm in passing. “Teacher, don’t tell me you were drawing earlier? And the piece you created was a famous painting?”

Gu Xiuxun marveled. “Sun Mo, is there anything you don’t know?” “Giving birth!”

Sun Mo spoke.

The three girls started. They then burst out into laughter a moment later.

After laughing, Li Ziqi furrowed her brows. “Grandpa Zheng took that famous painting away?”

After obtaining an answer, Li Ziqi immediately ran out. (I have to take a look at my teacher’s famous painting once no matter what.)

(Damn, I was actually not the first one to see it and I was not on the scene too. How can this be allowed?)

When she thought of this, the little sunny egg was very disappointed. She hoped she could witness every moment of her teacher’s glory!

Gu Xiuxun came here this time for the sake of clearing the air with Sun Mo and forming an alliance. “Let’s take a look at Fan Yao’s standard first. If he’s too bad, we will make him a mere figurehead and lead the group ourselves.”

The masochist’s goal was very big. She wanted to win the championship in the new student competition.

Sun Mo agreed. He was someone eager to excel. Even if they couldn’t get the championship, they had to be in the top three at the very least.

After sending away Gu Xiuxun, Sun Mo entered the Wind King Hall. He found the papaya girl and decided to start opening his treasure chests.

The silver treasure chest Ma Sui provided was opened, leaving behind a golden-colored book.


“Congratulations on obtaining the all-inclusive comprehensive volume of the basic knowledge of the study of spirit runes. Proficiency-level: expert-grade!”

Sun Mo really wanted to curse. “Why didn’t you give it to me earlier?”

During these past few months, Sun Mo was extremely industrious and used a lot of time before he finished reading the basics. And now, he opened a ‘comprehensive volume’ about the subject?

“You can choose not to learn?”

When facing such complaints, the system directly shot back.

“Only a fool would choose not to learn!”

Sun Mo’s lips twitched. The knowledge he had learned on his own would be forgotten gradually over time. But he discovered that the knowledge gained from the system seemed capable of lasting forever.

“I want to learn it quickly!”

Sun Mo urged.

The book transformed into motes of light that flowed into Sun Mo’s head. A vast amount of information was imprinted into his mind.


“Congratulations on obtaining a basic knowledge of the study of spirit runes. Proficiency level: expert-grade!”

Sun Mo’s head ached badly. He sat up and began to memorize the new knowledge manually. However, he soon discovered a problem after that. “System, why is there so much basic knowledge?”


The Central Province Academy was once a part of the Nine Greats and had deep foundations. An example was that the books collection in their library was very extensive.

For the subject of spirit runes, every bit of knowledge about them was already categorized properly into lesson plans by previous great teachers who specialized in the study of spirit runes.

The current teachers only needed to teach according to the lesson plans and gradually expound on the deeper knowledge step by step!

However, Sun Mo discovered that the comprehensive knowledge given by the system was simply too comprehensive. The amount of knowledge was ten times more compared to the basic knowledge currently kept in the Central Province Academy. Also, some knowledge here was actually categorized by the school as mid-tier.

“Is there a mistake?”

Sun Mo suspected.

“Please take note that the system is absolutely correct. There will definitely not be any mistakes.”

The system reiterated!

“The understanding of the aboriginals from the Nine Provinces is simply too little. The knowledge web they spread out is only one-sided!”

(If you didn’t mention it, I wouldn’t have realized this.) When Sun Mo was learning in the library, he would occasionally have some puzzlement, but he wasn’t able to find an answer. But now, the basic knowledge he gained was enough to answer all his previous questions.

It was like mathematical theorems. When you only learned ten of them, there would naturally be some problems you couldn’t answer. But if you learned twenty, not only would you be able to solve the questions, but you would even have more than one way to solve them.

And as he continued to revise his knowledge, Sun Mo discovered that there was a minor portion of knowledge that didn’t exist in the school’s library. He wondered if the Central Province Academy didn’t collect this knowledge or if the other schools similarly didn’t have it as well?

If the other schools also didn’t have it, the price of this comprehensive volume would be inestimable.

“I really wish to get the mid-tier and high-tier comprehensive volumes of the study of spirit runes!”

Sun Mo sighed. Such a feeling was like choking on a bone. It felt extremely uncomfortable.


The system seemed to transform into a caring elder sister. The merchant store appeared, and the shelves were filled with books.

(Basic outline to Alchemy)

[A thousand unique applications to medical herbs]

[Decipher of Rare Weapon Refinement Materials]

(Mid-tier knowledge of an outline to study of spirit runes]

Sun Mo’s glance swept through everything. After that, he felt like drooling. He truly wanted all the books here. However, he fell into a daze after seeing the price. Each book cost at least 20,000 to 30,000 favorable impression points. The cheapest was also priced at 10,000 favorable impression points. “Knowledge is priceless. Also, after obtaining these books, the knowledge within would immediately become yours.”

The system explained.

Sun Mo nodded. That was true. Although these books were elementary-grade books, it would let him improve a lot.

“Seems like I have to work harder to earn more favorable impression points!”

To Sun Mo, the value of a great teacher halo was still higher. Hence, he decided to temporarily forget about these books. He wanted to save 50,000 points to purchase the (Complete Focus] halo first.


“Congratulations. Because your prestige connection with Zheng Qingfang has been upgraded. A silver treasure chest is hereby awarded. Please continue to work hard!” “Congratulations. Because your prestige connection with Dong He has been upgraded due to her respect and admiration, you are hereby awarded 1x black-iron treasure chest!”

Sun Mo patted Lu Zhiruo’s head and instructed the system, “Open them!”

The black-iron treasure chest was opened first. A bronze-colored glow appeared.


Sun Mo whistled, it was a time emblem!

As for the second treasure chest, a lover protection lotion was opened. It was actually a little disadvantageous given the quality of a silver treasure chest. However, humans must learn when to be content.

Sun Mo hesitated. He didn’t use the time emblem to upgrade the proficiency level of the Wind King Divine Steps. He decided to save it for an emergency instead. After that, he took stock of his inventory. There was still a purple-colored mysterious treasure chest that had yet to be opened, as well as over a hundred lucky chests.

“Let’s open ten first to calm my nerves!”

In the end, he opened nine clumps of darkness soil and a packet of darkness fertilizer.


Sun Mo grew depressed. Indeed, without Lu Zhiruo, he wasn’t able to open anything given how unlucky he was.

Time flowed by swiftly.

At 9 a.m., on the 26th of November.

The representative groups from the Central Province Academy set off.

The school didn’t stop lessons, and there were also no send-off ceremonies. This was a request by An Xinhui. She didn’t want this matter to disrupt the precious time of students.

In the past, the tradition of the Central Province Academy was to wear the school uniform. However, this time around, the representative groups were wearing orange-colored cultivation attires and black boots made from wolf leather. Also, the design of the uniforms looked strange. Hence, everyone was discussing this. “I heard that the uniforms were designed by Teacher Sun?”

“They look so strange but are comfortable to wear. It’s also convenient to move our limbs.” “The words ‘Central Province’ on the left chest feel so tyrannical. But isn’t that a little arrogant?”

One of the students mumbled. Usually speaking, only famous schools who were qualified to represent a province would put the name of the province on their attire.

In the past, the Central Province Academy did have the qualifications. But now… If they weren’t able to get good results, they would definitely lose face.

“If you don’t even have this bit of confidence, you can leave the group now!”

Ying Baiwu retorted, feeling very unhappy when she heard this. These people actually dared to doubt her teacher’s design. This must absolutely not be permitted!

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》