Absolute Great Teacher
312 Impromptu Speech, Sword Pointing to the Championship!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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312 Impromptu Speech, Sword Pointing to the Championship!

The Middle-Earth Nine Provinces had vast territories with abundant resources. It was said that if an eagle flew from the west to the east, it would need to spend several years flying.

Back then when Sun Mo had first entered the library, he had immediately opened up a map of the nine provinces. Their territories were even vaster compared to the prosperous peak of Ancient China. Their total size was about the entire China plus Siberia to the west and half of the Indochinese Peninsula to the South.

If the people here didn’t obtain the teleportation gate technology from the Darkness Continent, the Saint Gate wouldn’t be able to organize the league tournament. With the current traffic infrastructure, the students from the various schools would need several years just to reach the competition point.

There were a total of 108 ‘D’ graded schools. It might sound a lot, but in the perspective of the vast territories of the Nine Provinces, such a number was actually insignificant.

Some countries didn’t even have a ‘D’ grade famous school.

Tang Country was considered an extremely large country in the Nine Provinces. This was why it had quite a few famous schools within its borders. Only then would there be competition. The Central Province Academy had no way to make up for the disadvantage in terms of student supply. Hence, An Xinhui’s goal was very small. She only wanted the representative group to do their best and rank near the front. It was good as long as the new student group didn’t drop out of the first fifteen ranks!

When the results were combined, as long as they were within the top ten, they would be promoted.

“Yea, let’s hurry up and set off!”

“This time around, we must definitely get a good result!” The teachers began to smooth things over. After all, Sun Mo was still young and had a boundlessly bright future. As long as they weren’t fools, they were very willing to do him a favor.

“Why are you guys speaking like that? Why can’t my teacher lead everyone to clinch the championship?” Lu Zhiruo mumbled, feeling that it was very unfair for her teacher. Her teacher was the best teacher under the heavens, and he would definitely be able to accomplish this

When Zhang Hanfu saw how the situation was turning, he was so depressed that he almost coughed up blood. The people of his faction even pretended to be looking at the scenery and didn’t help him to speak.

This indicated that they didn’t wish to offend An Xinhui and Wang Su.

“Everyone, a man of character will do what he says. Are you guys trying to make Teacher Sun eat his words?”

Zhang Hanfu coldly snorted.

“Amazing, what an oblique accusation.”

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After Sun Mo patted the papaya girl’s head, he lifted his hand and touched An Xinhui’s shoulder, lightly pushing her away. After that, he stood before Zhang Hanfu. “I, Sun Mo, have always been a man of my words. Since I dare to say it, I would dare to comply with it!”

Their faces were filled with trepidation and disappointment.

“What are these expressions on your faces?”

Sun Mo furrowed his brows so tightly that they could crush a crab to death. “It’s very difficult to become the champion, but so what? You don’t even dream to think about it?”

“Cowards! Who among you only wishes to obtain a passable result for the competition? Step out right now and get the hell out for me!

“I don’t need cowards. I want those students who want to obtain the championship even if they have to die for it. I believe that in our Central Province Academy, we wouldn’t lack such courageous and unyielding students!”

The expressions of the students changed. There were guilt and shame but also indignance. “Teacher, my goal for coming along is for the sake of obtaining the championship!”

Zhang Yanzong spoke.

“Very good. This is why you are the team leader!”

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》