Absolute Great Teacher
313 Amazing, Outstanding, Phenomenal!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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313 Amazing, Outstanding, Phenomenal!


The guy who had a condition was called Shi Qiao. He was a first-year student.

His spirit qi was surging explosively, and it formed a small tornado above his head that absorbed the surrounding spirit qi.

“Is he breaking through?”

The students were very surprised. This guy neither cultivated nor meditated, so why would he suddenly break through? They couldn’t understand it.

On the other hand, the teachers were very calm as they knew the reason behind it.

Shi Qiao must have been stuck at this bottleneck for a long time and was just one step away from leveling up. After hearing Sun Mo’s lecture, he was feeling agitated and filled with the impulse to kill his way in the league tournament. He was then hit by Priceless Advice and his spirit qi erupted, leading to him leveling up.

“Don’t panic. Take in deep breaths and absorb spirit qi as you usually would.” Liu Mubai immediately spoke up, “Everyone else, shut up!”

At the sight of this, Li Ziqi pouted, feeling displeased. (It was Teacher Sun’s great teacher halo that helped him to level up, so the guidance should be given by Teacher as well. Who are you to be speaking up? Hmph, this is a guy who likes to be in the limelight!)

Agility 7. I want to fly even higher! Endurance 8. Born from a village in the mountains, physical strength is my forte.

Will 6. I want to make a name for myself, I want to earn money, I want to live a successful life.

Potential value: High.

Note: Excel in hunting. If thrown into a forest, there’s no need to be afraid of him dying from hunger. He can become an outstanding hunter in the future.

Sun Mo continued to read when a row of red numbers suddenly appeared. Note: This student has been bitten by a gold-ring snake before, causing thrombosis to form in his vascular walls. If his blood flow accelerated, it might brush off the thrombus from the vascular walls and bring them to the heart.

Additional note: Excitement and agitation can cause the blood flow to accelerate. Therefore, try to avoid matters that can cause such emotions, such as having sex.

“He is only 12 years old. What does he know about having sex?”

Sun Mo rolled his eyes.

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However, he had great recognition of the Divine Sight’s abilities. The proficiency index of this skill had reached the ancestor-grade. Not only could it list out the information on the target, including their strengths, flaws, aptitude, and hidden threats, but it could also automatically analyze and provide the best solution.

With a flash, Liu Mubai blocked Sun Mo’s path. Although he didn’t say a word, his meaning was clear: don’t disturb him.

In Liu Mubai’s view, Sun Mo was probably upset that his limelight had been taken away, and he wanted to do something about it.

“Move away! I’m trying to help him!”

Sun Mo frowned. He didn’t like how Liu Mubai conducted himself in such a lofty manner.

That gaze made Sun Mo feel as if he had returned to his days as a student. After the results for the mid-year examinations in his second year of high school were out, the one who was ranked first in class used the same lofty gaze to look at Sun Mo, who was placed second.

That gaze seemed to say, (See that? You’ll never be able to surpass me!) Of course, Sun Mo had turned the tables around during the college entrance examinations. Although he wasn’t ranked first in his grade, he was first in class. That arrogant guy had performed below expectations, and his results turned out to be horrible. Sun Mo then heard that the guy studied for another year to retake the examinations, but it was no longer something that Sun Mo was concerned about.

The surrounding teachers and students looked over, wearing stunned expressions. What were the two of them planning to do?

“Help him?”

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》