Absolute Great Teacher
315 Sun Mo, Are You A Devil?
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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315 Sun Mo, Are You A Devil?


At this moment, Liu Mubai was completely dull and gloomy!

All the other teachers were crowding around Sun Mo, even some teachers with stars. It was because they were greatly astonished by Sun Mo’s Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands.

The students naturally had no right to get close to him, but this didn’t stop them from looking at him with admiring gazes.

Liu Mubai was too familiar with such gazes. It was because every time he appeared, the students would look at him with such gazes.


Liu Mubai looked toward the sky and took in a deep breath.

(Sun Mo, I admit that your Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands, en, if I’m not wrong about the name, is very amazing. But you don’t have the right to become my opponent if this is your trump card.)

Liu Mubai turned and looked at An Xinhui.

“Congratulations, you’ve received a total of 5,120 favorable impression points from the students.”

Sun Mo felt like whistling. There were only over 100 students present. It seemed that on average, each of them contributed over 400 favorable impression points.

However, this was normal. He had just given an impromptu lecture and then saved Shi Qiao. Most importantly, both the genie’s image and performance were too amazing.

(Have you seen a massage technique that can summon a ‘person’? No, right?)

The scene they saw today could be used for boasting over meals for three months.


“Congratulations, you’ve received a total of 1,006 favorable impression points from the teachers.”

“As you’ve broken the record, completing the achievement ‘receiving the admiration from a group of teachers’, you’re specially rewarded with a bronze treasure chest!”

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Sun Mo was very pleased. He had benefited a lot from this performance.

“Teacher, thank you for saving me!”

Shi Qiao gave three loud kowtows. Ding! Favorable impression points from Shi Qiao +1,000. Reverence (1,000/10,000).

If it wasn’t for Sun Mo, not only would he lose the right to become a member of the team and thus the chance to shine on the league tournament test, but he’d probably not be able to keep his life as well. “Stand up!”

Sun Mo smiled and helped Shi Qiao up. This was a young man who knew gratitude. When the members of the reserves team saw this, they honestly felt a little regret. Since Shi Qiao was fine, they wouldn’t have a chance to appear.

However, they then looked toward Li Ziqi’s group with envious gazes.

“It’s really good to be Teacher Sun’s personal disciple!”


When Lu Zhiruo heard that, she skipped over while beaming, hugging Sun Mo’s arm uncontrollably. Ying Baiwu didn’t say anything, but the smile on her face made everything clear. Look at all the jealous gazes of the other students looking at her!

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》