Absolute Great Teacher
316 This Is Sun Mo, My Fiancé!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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316 This Is Sun Mo, My Fiancé!


Ding! “Mission released. Win the bet against Zhang Hanfu and help the Central Province Academy win the newbie competition. There’ll be a mysterious reward if you succeed!”

“What mysterious reward?”

Sun Mo felt curious.

“It’s a secret!”

The system refused to reply.

“Sun Mo?”

An Xinhui called out again.

“It’s fine, I’ll be with my students. I’ll help them take care of their bodies while I’m at it!”

When cultivators wanted to use the teleportation gate, they’d be put through strict and extensive search. All the belongings they had with them would have to be opened up for checking as well. Once banned goods were found, they’d be confiscated. In serious cases, the cultivators might even be arrested and locked up for a few months. Of course, the various schools’ representatives weren’t subject to this rule. Weapons, spirit stones, spirit diamonds, various medicinal supplies and plants could be brought along by them.

It was because the schools would stand vouch for them. After all, they’d definitely have to prepare a lot of things to participate in the league tournament. They couldn’t possibly buy them all in White Dew City.

In order to assure the students’ condition, some schools might even bring along a tremendous amount of their local products such as spring water, vegetables, and fruits that were imbued with spirit qi.

Jinling City didn’t have any local specialties, well, except for the famous brothels. However, the Central Province Academy couldn’t possibly bring along a group of prostitutes to boost the participants’ morale!

The carriage creaked as it moved on the road.

“It’s said that in the past, when the Central Province Academy set off for the league tournament, many people would come to send them off!”

Li Ziqi looked out of the window and brought up how things had been a grand affair in the past.

“Our school’s popularity isn’t high anymore.”

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Tantai Yutang pouted. The rise of the Myriad Daos Academy had taken away some of the Central Province Academy’s popularity.


After Sun Mo got his affirmation, he then patted Lu Zhiruo’s head again. “Open them


After the bronze light disappeared, a time emblem and a spring water beauty medicine packet were left behind.

“Level up the Wind King Divine Steps!” Sun Mo gave it some thought then used it up.


“Congratulations, your Wind King Divine Steps’ proficiency index has risen to the grandmaster-grade!”

This was an archery technique. The league tournament would be conducted in the wilderness, and there was a high chance that it’d be useful. Therefore, it was good for him to familiarize himself with it beforehand.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》