Absolute Great Teacher
317 A Bad Beginning
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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317 A Bad Beginning


“Naturally, we have to stay at a location near to the White Dew Building!”

Li Ziqi walked over. Leaving aside the fact that her teacher didn’t lack money, even if he did, she could completely top it up.

Zhang Hanfu was so depressed that he wanted to cough up blood. Why would her highness always speak up for Sun Mo? He really wanted to talk back, but he didn’t dare to.

“Xinhui, let’s change a place!”

Sun Mo didn’t want to stay here.

Jin Mujie didn’t speak. She also felt that this place wasn’t suitable. If they wanted the students to stay razor-sharp, their lodging environment had to be good. If the problem was money, she didn’t mind helping to pay a portion of it! “Teacher Sun, stop being willful!”

Liu Mubai walked over. His handsome sword-angled eyebrows were furrowed. “Xinhui also knows that good lodging is necessary. However, have you considered the current financial situation of the school? Even for staying in such a place, Xinhui had to save up bitterly.” “Hehe!”

Tantai Yutang was joyful, waiting to watch a good show. Liu Mubai’s tone was like saying Sun Mo was a rich man oblivious to a poor person’s plight. No teachers would be able to endure such criticism.

“Thanks Boss Tang for your good intentions!”

An Xinhui smiled. She turned her head and instructed everyone, “Get back on the carriages, we are changing to another place!” Earlier, when Sun Mo called her, he didn’t call her ‘Xinhui’ but ‘Headmaster An’ instead. This cold intention of shoving her a thousand miles away made An Xinhui feel extremely apprehensive.

If she wasn’t obedient, the relationship between them that had warmed up after great efforts would most probably break down again.

An Xinhui’s values were just. She felt that the money in the school was earned with the help of Sun Mo. Hence, no matter how he wanted to spend them, he had the right to make the decision.

(At most, we will just spend it all. I can always continue just eating buns!) An Xinhui made her decision.

“Headmaster An, if you all leave now and aren’t able to find rooms later on, the prices of the room here will no longer be the same as what was stipulated in the agreement when you come back!”

Boss Tang threatened. “Let’s go!”

Sun Mo urged. It wasn’t early anymore. He wanted to quickly settle the lodgings and tour the White Dew City, finding a good restaurant to eat a sumptuous meal.

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“Get on the carriages, let’s move out!” After An Xinhui spoke, she glanced at Liu Mubai. “Teacher Liu, let’s go.” After hearing this, Liu Mubai’s expression changed. His lips moved but he didn’t say anything in the end. He turned and boarded the carriage. “Forget it, I will step out to resolve the issue if we can’t find any lodgings later on!”

Boss Tang initially thought they would argue for some time. But after seeing Sun Mo leaving so decisively, he felt trepidation instead.

(He doesn’t even want the deposit? As expected, he must be the direct descendant of some major characters, or he wouldn’t be so extravagant.) Upon thinking of this, Boss Tang swiftly shot a glance at his assistant.

His assistant immediately understood and left right away. The teachers and students started to board the carriages, but they would cast Sun Mo a glance from time to time and have strange expressions on their faces.

“Not even wanting the deposit? Isn’t this too generous?”

“I know that Teacher Sun has done a very good job as the logistics department head and saved a lot of money for the school. However, there’s no need to waste money like this, right?

“I feel that staying here isn’t bad!”

An Xinhui’s moral quality wasn’t bad, and she treated teachers very well. Hence, everyone was very considerate toward her. They were willing to stay in this hotel even if it wasn’t that great.

Did they really have to be so extravagant? Liu Mubai’s expression already sank. He didn’t know that Sun Mo was the one who gave An Xinhui the giant medicine packets. He thought that this money belonged to An Xinhui who had to save and scrimp for them, so he was very angry. He felt that the money had been completely wasted by Sun Mo. “Hmph, I want to see what you will do if you are unable to book any hotels.” Zhang Hanfu coldly laughed in his heart. After that, Boss Tang hurriedly brought over a stack of banknotes and ran toward Sun Mo.

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