Absolute Great Teacher
318 I, Sun Mo, Will Spam Money!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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318 I, Sun Mo, Will Spam Money!


“They are from Haizhou!”

An Xinhui said in a low voice.

These people were clad in blue teacher robes. At the bottom of their long robes, patterns of wavy sea waves were embroidered. Their school’s insignia could also be seen on their chest, a picture of three spindrifts.

They were the representatives from the Haizhou Academy of Wei Country.

“Eh? Isn’t it Headmaster An Xinhui? I’ve failed to pay my respects!”

The young man had been particularly attentive to the girl beside him. But after he saw An Xinhui, his eyes immediately brightened as he walked over.

“You are?”

An Xinhui naturally didn’t know who this fellow was.

The Haizhou Academy was the national school of Wei Country, and it was also something established by the royal clan. Every year, the royal clan would inject a huge amount of funds into it. However, because they were limited by their population, the quality of their students wasn’t good enough. Hence, they had been moving around the ‘D’ and ‘C’ grade many times over the years.

The overall strength of Haizhou could be considered the top three among the 108 schools in the ‘D’ grade. They would frequently be able to enter the ‘C’ grade, but their position wasn’t stable. They would be kicked back down to the ‘D’ grade after every one or two years.

There was no solution to this. There were only 72 schools in the ‘C’ grade, and the competition was exceptionally great.

Bluntly speaking, the Haizhou Academy had money, but their foundation wasn’t deep enough. The great teachers they hired were also not top-quality ones because top-graded great teachers wouldn’t lack money either. Naturally, there was one more point. The Wei Country was wealthy, but they couldn’t inject funds into the school limitlessly. They still needed to pay a portion of their income to the Saint Gate and Jin Country that was located right next to their borders.

As the saying goes, ‘treasuring a jade ring becomes a crime’. If it wasn’t for the Saint Gate acting as the mediator, the Wei Country who had a spirit stone mine would have long since been swallowed up by the larger Jin Country.

Truthfully speaking, Wei Lu didn’t feel that he was acting overboard. On the contrary, he felt that he was keeping a low profile. If not, when he revealed his identity, he wouldn’t say that he was a grandchild of the Haizhou Academy’s headmaster but a descendent of the royal Wei Clan instead.

Yes, this Wei Lu was of royal descent.

“Nice to meet you.” An Xinhui nodded. “How is Headmaster Buwei’s health recently? Has his asthma gotten better?”

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“It’s still the same old situation!”

“It’s a long story.”

Lu Wei still kept a straight face as he explained. However, the faces of those from the Central Province Academy had turned unsightly.

Wei Lu’s personality was more candid. However, the others had noticed that Wan Yanlin was pretending not to know just to make things ugly for An Xinhui.


Wan Yanlin was a princess of Jin Country, and she was very beautiful. On their way here, Wei Lu had fawned upon her and had been particularly attentive as he wanted to woo her. However, although Wan Yanlin didn’t accept him, she felt that he was as sweet as syrup and she enjoyed the feeling of being fawned upon very much.

However, when Wei Lu saw An Xinhui, he immediately abandoned her and ran over. What did this count for? However, the worst thing was… An Xinhui was prettier than her!

Although Wan Yanlin was a princess, she was completely defeated in terms of demeanor and beauty when compared to An Xinhui.

“Isn’t she just the fifth ranker on the Devastating Beauty Rankings? Wait for me to get my qualification as a great teacher next year, and I will be ranked on the Devastating Beauty Rankings too.”

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》